AS IT HAPPENED: 'Blood ran like a waterfall' - Van Breda paramedic

2017-05-09 09:38

The Van Breda murder trial continued at the Western Cape High Court for the day 8 of the proceedings.


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09 May 14:47

09 May 14:45

Galloway says they had a third witness but the interpreter hasn't arrived. Court will resume at 10am tomorrow.

09 May 14:44
Botha says Henri doesn't know who brought him the dog.

09 May 14:43
Koegelenberg says he recognises Henri, although he is older.

09 May 14:43
Koegelenberg cross examined.

09 May 14:42
Koegelenberg did not treat Henri.

09 May 14:42
 If I get to a scene, I dont look around. I go to do the job I came to do, he says.

09 May 14:41

State now points out bloody footsteps on stairs.

Paramedic says it is their footsteps when they were helping the injured person.

09 May 14:36
This was one of the worst incidents I had ever seen in my 39 years experience.

09 May 14:34
Moving [Teresa's] dead body, blood ran like a waterfall down the stairs.

09 May 14:33
Policeman took photos of the scene before we assisted.

09 May 14:33
I went and collected our equipment, carried her down the stairs, put her on a drip and took her to Stellenbosch Mediclinic, where I handed her over to Dr Potgieter.

09 May 14:32
I assisted the young lady, and told my partner one was also not breathing, only the other.

09 May 14:31
He gave me a hand signal indicating that the persons had died.

09 May 14:30
I went to the first two victims, and my colleague went to the other two.

09 May 14:29
I turned around and saw one of the victim was still alive.

09 May 14:29
Policeman took us in, told us to follow him. He took us up the stairs and came upon the two victims. He told us there were another two. Saw them in the bedroom.

09 May 14:29
He saw one patient outside, at the door. He was sitting there, he had a dog with him.

09 May 14:28
When we got there, the policeman showed us what was going on. He took us into the house at number 12  [Goske Street]. He told us to go look at what was going on because everything "was deurmekaar".

09 May 14:27
On 27 January 2015, received call at 07:40 and responded to "serious assault" at De Zalze. Police met them there.

09 May 14:25
Next witness is paramedic Christiaan Koegelenberg. In 2015 he worked for Stellenbosch EMS. 39 years of service.

09 May 14:23

READ: CCTV contradicts security testimony in Van Breda murder case.

CCTV footage of numerous unlogged comings and goings at the upmarket De Zalze estate were played in the Western Cape High Court on Tuesday, contrary to earlier testimony that it had been ''quiet'' the night Henry van Breda's parents and brother were murdered.

09 May 14:09

09 May 13:45

09 May 12:56

Court adjourned for lunch. Back at 2pm.

The next witness: the ambulance responder.

09 May 12:49
Van Breda house didn't have a house alarm.

09 May 12:49
Rossouw says she was aware that Botha and the defence were outside the estate at the time that the photos were taken last weekend. They were observed through the cameras.

09 May 12:46

09 May 12:44

09 May 12:40
Galloway questioning Rossouw. Rossouw says she knows Pietersen.

09 May 12:38
Former security manager Jaco Pietersen then requested additional technical cameras, Botha says.

09 May 12:38
In May 2013, video showing a man ostensibly armed with a panga trying to gain entry, but was caught by a guard.

09 May 12:34
 Newsletters sent by the homeowners association contained emergency numbers. Henri said he had never read it.

09 May 12:33
In September 2014,  a home near Goske Street was burgled, Botha says.

09 May 12:30
In 2014, Rossouw says a authorised visitor walked in while homeowners were there, grabbed a purse and ran off. This is the only incident she says she knew of.

09 May 12:28
Rossouw says she cant answer if before she started working there.

09 May 12:28
At De Zalze, 191 crimes reported between 2002 and 2012, of which 35 incidents a suspect or suspects were identified - less than 19%, Botha said.

09 May 12:23
Botha explains how one would be able to slide into the property through here, as the mesh covering it isn't electrified.

09 May 12:23
Desai says only a midget would be only to get through there. But height of the first electrified wire is 25cm, Botha says.

09 May 12:18

09 May 12:17
Photo taken last weekend of the pump house showing gaps in the fence. Rossouw says it had been fixed.

09 May 12:14
Another photo of a pillar between the contractors' and main gate. Someone looking form the outside to the fence. No camera there at the time. Botha says its wouldn't be difficult to get over.

09 May 12:13
Photos taken in 2013 of guards sleeping at the gates part of evidence handed up b Botha.

09 May 12:04
Rosouw says there are many  animals on the surrounding farms and area.

09 May 12:04
State advocate Galloway says the video was given to defence and State indicated that they had not yet seen it when it was handed over.

09 May 12:01
It seems there are three hours missing from this footage.

09 May 12:00

An animal - ostensibly a buck - can be seen in the infrared camera footage. First on one side of the fence, then on the other.

Botha admits that he doesn't know if it's the same one, but questions how - if it was the same one - the alarm wasn't triggered.

09 May 11:56
Rossouw says she told the court she had assigned two people to check for footprints, cut wires, and signs of anything suspicious.

09 May 11:54
Further down is the airfield.

09 May 11:48
Moving to the thermal camera showing the section leading to the Spier gate.  Adjacent to this is the vineyards.

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