AS IT HAPPENED: Only one axe found in Van Breda house, Sgt Appollis tells court

2017-08-16 09:58

During the Van Breda murder trial, investigating officer Marlon Appollis told the Western Cape High Court that a different axe to the one previously decribed in court was found at the crime scene.

News24 journalist Tammy Petersen is reporting from court. Follow her here

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16 Aug 10:58
Blood spatter expert, Captain Marius Joubert, will testify on Monday.

16 Aug 10:57

16 Aug 10:56
Court adjourned, postponed to August 21

16 Aug 10:56
Domestic worker says axe always in the pantry. There wasn't another one there, Appollis says.

16 Aug 10:53

Appollis says there was no other axe on the scene.

He didn't find one at the scene. If there was another axe they would have found it.

16 Aug 10:51

Axe: Reade Jahn said when he had previously been to the house, the axe had a black head.

Said he didn't recognise it because it's green. He identified it when there was blood on it and it looked black.

16 Aug 10:51

Side gate was closed, a key was hanging from it. It was closed, but need the key to unlock.

Key permanently there.

16 Aug 10:50
Desai asks about the axe in evidence. Only axe on premises? It's the only one found on scene by CSI team. Only one axe. No indication of another.

16 Aug 10:49
Cross examination complete.

16 Aug 10:47
Refers to paragraph where she says on 10 February she received an evidence bag with a hair sample involving Marli.  May last year he gave a statement in which he says was a control hair sample delivered by a Sergeant Alexander. Correct, Appollis says.

16 Aug 10:45

16 Aug 10:44
Botha refers to WO Nel's statement. She testified yesterday and received the forensic samples.

16 Aug 10:44
Past cases involved employees of transport companies, domestic workers, another was allowed access.

16 Aug 10:43
De Zalze case where person's cheques were stolen. He says he doesn't know how the culprit gained access.

16 Aug 10:42

Old cases at De Zalze in past 12 years referred to:

Less than 20% of incidents, the cases were solved or a suspect was arrested. Most are unsolved. Yes, Appollis, most were reported for insurance purposes.

16 Aug 10:40
Dirt removed on Tuesdays at De Zalze. 12 Goske Street dirt wasn't removed that day? Appollis says he wasn't there that day, he was with Marli.

16 Aug 10:39
Appollis says Henri gave body build, length, of alleged suspect. Appollis says one would be surprised how one could find a suspect with minimal information, even if dressed in balaclava and gloves.

16 Aug 10:37

Botha: You wouldn't know if the person my client described knew or didn't know the family?

That's correct, Appollis says.

16 Aug 10:36

Three statements from people who had been at De Zalze that night/morning being referred to.

Botha says two of the people say they are bus drivers, the other a newspaper delivery man.

16 Aug 10:34
Advocate Botha cross examining.

16 Aug 10:34
She doesn't have any recollection of the incident, as far as he knows.

16 Aug 10:34
Appollis didn't interview Marli as she was in a coma for a long time.

16 Aug 10:31

16 Aug 10:27
Henri's statement gives a description of the suspect. Did you try to find someone with that description? No information recieved, despite exploring all avenues, he says.

16 Aug 10:27
Looked at all possible suspects, people previously arrested on estate's fingerprints analysed, no matches.

16 Aug 10:27

Similar investigation into family's cellphone records. Looked for threatening messages, only found James' message out of the ordinary, saying he wished he could kill her whole family or along those lines, Appollis says.

16 Aug 10:25

James Reade-Jahn, Marli's friend, was also asked for his alibi that day.

Appollis says he got the cellphone records and message history of his, discovered a conversation between him and Marli. He had been at his home that night and had gone to school the next morning.

16 Aug 10:25

After the case was reported, they located all the family's access cards with Dolf Van der Merwe, Martin's friend, and the Reade-Jahns. Others were in Van Breda vehicles.

All those who accessed the estate early that morning had been traced and gave statements.

16 Aug 10:23

He was mostly responsible for cellphone records, assembling the docket.

He also looked at security of De Zalze.

16 Aug 10:22

16 Aug 10:21

On the day of the incident, he was at the scene. He was briefed to handle everthing surrounding Marli at the Stellenbosch Mediclinic.

He spent most of the day at Stellenbosch Mediclinic until she was transferred to Vergelegen Mediclinic.

16 Aug 10:19
He was part of a team that handled the case, along with Constable Matho (original investigating officer).

16 Aug 10:19
He is a detective.

16 Aug 10:18
He is stationed at Stellenbosch SAPS, and has been a policeman for 14 years.

16 Aug 10:18
He is the investigating officer in the triple murders.

16 Aug 10:18
Sergeant Appollis takes to the witness box.

16 Aug 10:10

16 Aug 09:59

16 Aug 09:59

Van Breda defence zooms in on unsealed evidence bag

One of the evidence bags containing a DNA swab taken from a shower in the Van Breda house was not sealed when received by the SAPS forensic laboratory, the Western Cape High Court heard on Tuesday.

Warrant Officer Lorraine Nel, who accepted the exhibits from investigators, confirmed that exhibit 117 had arrived in a sealed evidence bag, but that the individual box had not been sealed, as required.

According to the results, the DNA was found to belong to Henri, Rudi and Teresa van Breda.

An H-stick was used to check for the possible presence of blood, but Nel conceded that it was possible for it to give a false positive by household products such as bleach.

16 Aug 09:59


AS IT HAPPENED: Presence of blood in shower under scrutiny in Van Breda trial

The Van Breda trial has continued into day 33 of the proceedings in the Western Cape High Court where forensic expert Warrant Officer Lorraine Nel has given testimony to DNA samples handed over as evidence.

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