AS IT HAPPENED | Malema remains the man in charge as EFF closes second elective conference

2019-12-16 12:34

Newly reelected EFF president Julius Malema will deliver his closing address at the end of the party's second elective conference in Johannesburg on Monday.

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16 Dec 17:07
Malema wraps up his address, wishing delegates well, urging them to be safe on the roads and to spend enough time with their loved ones because they are going to work hard to grow the party next year.

16 Dec 17:03

Well, what do you make of this?

16 Dec 16:59

Malema turns his attention to eSwatini and its king.

"One many with many wives acts like he is God in Swaziland."

16 Dec 16:57

16 Dec 16:50

Malema takes another dig at the media. He tells delegates not to believe what the media writes about the Limpopo body being disbanded.

16 Dec 16:49

COMMENT: Malema takes a dig at Dali Mpofu in congratulating the Eastern Cape delegates for growing their representation - despite having "no support from leadership".

Mpofu, who is from the Eastern Cape, was first tasked with mobilising support in his home province. Deputy President Floyd Shivambu was later sent in to rescue the situation ahead of May's elections.

16 Dec 16:46

16 Dec 16:44

16 Dec 16:40

16 Dec 16:39
Malema says if the school is not built in five years, delegates shouldn't re-elect any of the top officials.

16 Dec 16:38

16 Dec 16:37

Malema suggests the school could be named after Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and be based in Alexandra.

He says the party will look as far as Zimbabwe for teachers.

"Why must Oprah come and build a school in our country?"

16 Dec 16:35
Malema: We must build a private school that is owned by the EFF. A private school. And we must be judged like Crawford. Like Curro ... We are going to build a school in this next five years and children will go into that school will study free of charge. It is going to be for poor children ... We must go and take the poorest of the poor. I don't understand why Patrice Motsepe doesn't have a school. I don't understand why Robert Gumede doesn't have a school.

16 Dec 16:33

16 Dec 16:32
Malema: We are hungry for education. Decolonised education taught to us by people who look like us.

16 Dec 16:30
Malema: Ramaphosa, I want to tell you now; that even if you release Kanya Cekeshe, you are not our friend for what you did to the people of Marikana. You are not our friend because you want to sell the assets of our people.

16 Dec 16:30

16 Dec 16:28
Malema: We still hope that all of those who have criminal records emanating from #FeesMustFall, that those criminals will be cancelled and they too will continue to enjoy their freedoms because they were fighting for a just cause.

16 Dec 16:27

16 Dec 16:22
Malema: There is a lot we can learn from each other as Africans. Also you dont travel. Get a passport, travel the continent and see how beautiful this continent is. Realise the many opportunities that are there in Africa.

16 Dec 16:21

16 Dec 16:20

16 Dec 16:17

Malema says Godrich Gardee, former secretary general and who declined nomination for the Central Command Team, will lead a body of EFF parties on the African continent.

COMMENT: Is this why Gardee declined nomination?

16 Dec 16:15

16 Dec 16:14

16 Dec 16:13
Malema: Continue to report the way you want to report about us. It is your right to call us all types of names, to write anything you want to write but it is equally our right to disagree with you.

16 Dec 16:12

Malema turns his focus to xenophobia, linking it to white monopoly capital.

16 Dec 16:04
Malema: There is no one who won here. The EFF won here.

16 Dec 16:03
Malema: Don't go to church and thank God for these positions. They are not yours. Thank God for your degree ... Once you do that you are personalising it. Because when we take back our seats you are going to cry like a baby. I don't care who did that. I don't care if it was a male cadre. I don't care if it was a female cadre.

16 Dec 16:01

16 Dec 16:00
Malema: The banks are the enemy of our people.

16 Dec 16:00

16 Dec 15:59

Malema says the EFF will fight eNCA to the death.

"My Twitter following is bigger than eNCA. We don't need eNCA ... SABC we need. Don't worry."

The EFF leader compliments Newzroom Afrika, saying it is hard but fair.

16 Dec 15:57

Malema claims eNCA withdrew because he mentioned the Ruperts, claiming the Johan Rupert exerted pressure on the channel to leave.

He says eNCA didn't withdraw in solidarity with Daily Maverick and AmaBhungane.

16 Dec 15:55

Malema castigates President Cyril Ramaphosa, and warns him not to sell any state assets to "the Ruperts and the Oppenheimers".

The EFF says the party and its members are prepared to defend their stance with their bodies.

16 Dec 15:54

16 Dec 15:53

Julius Malema is now delivering his closing address.

He makes mention of the possible release of Fees Must Fall activist Kanya Cekeshe and AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo soon.

16 Dec 13:35

Regarding banning the advertising of alcohol, Commisar Delisile Ngwenya: We are at a crisis point.

The social transformation commission wants to push for the banning of alcohol advertisements.

Ngwenya says she doesn't think banning alcohol adverts will lead to job losses.

"The EFF stands for job creation."

16 Dec 13:29
Thembi Msane: White people must also advocate for Pan-Africanism. EFF doesn't make distinction based on race.

16 Dec 13:25

The plenary is expected to deal with matters around members (or former members) who were expelled.

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi says the commissions briefing needs to wrap up as the delegates need to deal with "disciplinary matters".

16 Dec 13:20

EFF officials are answering questions about discussions in four commissions:

- Social Transformation Commission

- Media, Communications and Battle of Ideas Commission

- International Relations Commission

- Economic Transformation Commission

16 Dec 13:06

16 Dec 12:53

Meet the top EFF command

Julius Malema will lead the EFF for another five years, after he was re-elected, unopposed as party president this weekend. Floyd Shivambu will again serve as his deputy, after he was also re-elected unopposed. 

Godrich Gardee was replaced by Marshall Dlamini as secretary-general, who was carried onto the stage by his fellow delegates.Mpumalanga's Poppy Mailola was elected as his deputy.

Veronica Mente will serve as chairperson, and Omphilo Maotwe as treasurer general.

16 Dec 12:53

A delegate from the floor suggests the party produces policies on xenophobia and "the African perspective".

Malema gets up to speak after the delegate.

16 Dec 12:53

'I am not a dictator. I'm a hard worker, I come from nothing'

Malema has ferociously denied claims that he is dictator in the EFF, adding that he is where he is because of hard work. Malema was responding to questions by journalists that he had surrounded himself with individuals who do not challenge his authority.

 "My simple thing of being elected unopposed or being elected unopposed is very simple, I work very hard. I don't take anything for granted. You give it to me, I will work on it and perfect it. I pay attention to the smallest detail. I know everything that is happening in this conference, even if you want to hate me you will come to accept... I am not a dictator, I am a hard worker. I come from nothing."

Malema added that it was his detractors and those who couldn't defeat him in conferences that had perpetuated this narrative. 

16 Dec 12:53

Malema calls on 'left forces' to unite and defend SOEs

Malema has called on all "left forces" to join hands in defence of state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

"Imagine a march of the EFF, Numsa, AMCU AND Saftu? Let us come together. 2020 is going to be a year of action. The left forces (should) unite at the picket lines. The first one to defend is Eskom.

"No one is going to sell Eskom under our watch. We call on anyone to join us in defence of the SOEs," he said.

16 Dec 12:53

Malema lashes delegates

Malema has launched a scathing attack on the conduct of delegates at the party's elective conference. Malema was responding to some of the questions launched by representatives of various branches across the country.

Malema said some of the issues raised by delegates did not warrant a comment. Among the issues that irritated the commander-in-chief was repeated complaints of the party's security personnel, known was the Defenders of the Revolution (DOR).

16 Dec 12:53
Delegates are in Hall six discussing resolutions and adopting them.

16 Dec 12:53

Malema reacts to a delegate from Eastern Cape who seems to have "a problem on the EFF's stance on borders".

He says it's politically naive to say "you to decolonise society and at the same time you wants borders".

Malema says colonisers created borders, "Africa never had borders".

The leader says delegates shouldn't get emotional when they are unemployed and foreigners have jobs. "There is no one who took anyone's jobs."

16 Dec 12:53
Malema: "If Somalian people are flourishing in townships with shops they must share the tips. How do they do it? How can we join one another and protect each other to grow as black people, as Africans? If that is what you are saying then we agreeing. So we ought to agree we must not see them as a threat - a threat is white monopoly capital which must be crushed and the shops must be given to all Africans irrespective of where they come from. An African brother and sister who is succeeding is not an enemy, especially in South Africa, especially in the continent, especially in the diaspora."

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