AS IT HAPPENED | Show of force or show of unity? EFF top six elected unopposed

2019-12-14 09:22

The EFF's second national people's assembly is taking place at Nasrec in Johannesburg this weekend, as the party

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15 Dec 00:35

15 Dec 00:34

15 Dec 00:31
It's unclear what caused the incident.

15 Dec 00:30

15 Dec 00:30

News24 saw two women being wheeled away by security guards and what appeared to be medics.

Bystanders could be heard asking why the women had "pepper spray" used on them.

14 Dec 23:48

14 Dec 23:46
The top six is perfectly balanced between 3 males and 2 females.

14 Dec 23:45

14 Dec 23:41
That's it for today. Tomorrow's programme will focus on the election of the Central Command Team and the start of commissions.

14 Dec 23:41

Mente performs her first task as chairperson.

She's called to tell the delegates what the rest of the programme will be.

Mente says delegates can go to dinner now and the programme will resume tomorrow morning at 9am.

14 Dec 23:36

Journalists gather around the new leaders.

Tselane hands over to the new chairperson Veronica Mente.

14 Dec 23:35

Delegates break out in song.

Dali Mpofu goes up on stage to congratulate the new leaders.

Godrich Gardee does the same.

14 Dec 23:33

Tselane now changes his stance.

He decides to declare the results.

President - Julius Malema

Deputy President - Floyd Shivambu

National Chairperson - Veronica Mente

Secretary general - Marshall Dlamini

Deputy SG - Poppy Mailola

Treasurer general - Omphilo Maotwe

The top six goes up on stage.

14 Dec 23:30

Tselane says his team will generate results slips and will only announce the results OFFICIALLY tomorrow morning "as per the programme".

That's a mere formality.

14 Dec 23:29
Tselane: All six positions remain uncontested.

14 Dec 23:28
No more nominations for treasurer general.

14 Dec 23:24

14 Dec 23:23

The position of treasurer general is next.

A delegate from Klerksdorp nominates Omphile Maotwe.

She accepts.

The cheers ring out.

14 Dec 23:20

Tselane notes two hands.

A delegate from the West Rand suggests "closure".

Tselane says he only wants delegates who are nominating.

Another delegate from Sedibeng nominates Hlengiwe Mkhalipi, but she declines.

14 Dec 23:18
Tselane confirms Mailola's nomination has crossed the threshold.

14 Dec 23:17

It looks like Mailola's nomination has met threshold.

If it goes to pattern, no other person will have nomination approved for this position.

14 Dec 23:16

Poppy Mailola is nominated for the position of deputy secretary general.

She accepts nomination.

Delegates cheer loudly.

14 Dec 23:12
Seems all is going "smoothly" for those deemed to be Malema's preferred picks.

14 Dec 23:11

Collin Shai is nominated for the secretary general position. He declines.

14 Dec 23:09

Tselane announces that Mashego's nomination hasn't met the threshold.

Delegates scream in jubilation.

Another delegate rises - he proposes "closure".

Tselane notes that there are still hands up.

14 Dec 23:07
It looks close, but Mashego's nomination may not get the 30% backing.

14 Dec 23:05

Mashego is asked if the accepts the nomination.

She says she accepts.

The scrutineers jump into action.

14 Dec 23:04

Dlamini's nomination crosses the threshold.

Delegates are hear shouting, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

A delegate rises to "close" the nomination.

Tselane checks one last time if there are any more nominations.

One delegate rises. Naledi Chirwa nominates Mandisa Mashego.

14 Dec 23:03

14 Dec 22:59

Marshall Dlamini, said to be a Julius Malema favourite, has been nominated as secretary general.

Dlamini says he is "available".

Now the scrutineers will establish if Dlamini's nomination meets the 30% threshold.

14 Dec 22:57

14 Dec 22:57
Member Betty Diale declines nomination for the position of chairperson. This means Mente is effectively the new EFF chairperson.

14 Dec 22:55
Mpofu is nominated for the chairperson position but he declines the nomination.

14 Dec 22:55

Veronica Mente is nominated and accepts for the position of national chairperson.

14 Dec 22:45

Tselane says Mpofu hasn't crossed the threshold.

A roar erupts.

This means that Mpofu's nomination won't stand.

Another delegate lifts his hand. Proposes closure on the nomination.

No other nominee, so Shivambu is effectively the deputy president.

14 Dec 22:41
Tselane and his team now checking whether Mpofu has met the threshold for his nomination to be approved.

14 Dec 22:39
Mpofu announces he is available.

14 Dec 22:38

Tselane confirms Shivambu has crossed the threshold.

A delegate has a hand up. Menzi Nduma from the Eastern Cape nominates Dali Mpofu for the position of deputy president.

14 Dec 22:35
It seems Shivambu's nomination will be approved.

14 Dec 22:34

14 Dec 22:32

Floyd Shivambu is nominated for the deputy president position. He confirms he is "available".

Tselane asks his "scrutineers" to check if 30% of delegates will support the nomination.

14 Dec 22:30
This effectively means Malema will stand unopposed and is certain to stay on as the party's president for the next five years.

14 Dec 22:30

A delegate from Mpumalanga stands up, only to say she closes the nomination.

Tselane confirms that it looks like there is no other nomination for the position of president.

14 Dec 22:29

Tselane asks if there is any other nomination for the position of president.

Tselane points to a hand, and asks that the person be given a mic.

14 Dec 22:28
Tselane: Mr Julius Malema has crossed the threshold [for his nomination to be approved].

14 Dec 22:26
The position of deputy president will be next.

14 Dec 22:21

Tselane says a nomination needs to get 30% support for it to be approved.

It's clear Malema's nomination is widely supported.

14 Dec 22:20

A delegate from Limpopo nominates Julius Sello Malema for the position of president. The nomination is met with claps.

Malema accepts the nomination. Delegates clap and holler.

14 Dec 22:16
A simple majority is needed to win. In other words, 50% plus one.

14 Dec 22:16

If there are only 35 names nominated for the Central Command Team (and provided it meets the gender parity threshold) then the members will be considered duly elected.

The same goes for the top 6 positions - if there is only one name nominated by delegates that person is considered duly elected.

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