AS IT HAPPENED: You think we are fools - Malema hits out at Gordhan

2018-07-05 11:07

EFF leader Julius Malema has briefed media as he explained EFF policy and announced that the party was joining forces with Contralesa.

EFF leader Julius Malema.

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05 Jul 13:43
The EFF is about crushing white supremacy and privilege, says Malema

05 Jul 13:42
We are the enemies of eNCA because we challenge Ramaphosa - Malema

05 Jul 13:40
We don't derive our relevance from the media, says Malema

05 Jul 13:35
#EFF Malema: Zuma has himself to blame, says the former leader allowed himself to be used "We are not going to allow Pravin here" insists Gordhan is more dangerous

05 Jul 13:34
#EFF Malema: You must know Pravin's group is more dangerous than Zuma. Zuma's group they didn't know what they were doing. Just stealing little money. Malema adds Zuma is bankrupt "He has nothing, not even a year and he is out"

05 Jul 13:32
The SARS rouge unit existed and Pravin was aware of it, Malema insists

05 Jul 13:30
Trever Manual, Maria Ramos and Pravin Gordhan are dangerous, says Malema

05 Jul 13:28
You think we are fools! - Malema about Pravin Gordhan

05 Jul 13:26
#EFF Malema says Gordhan does as he wishes "Doesnt take boards or CEOs to the deployment committee"

05 Jul 13:26
#EFF Malema says regional conferences are going smooth. Only incident in Tshwane "I have said there is no need for a DC, those who were throwing stones they have defined themselves outside of the organisation. No need to expel them, they have expelled themselves

05 Jul 13:20
#EFF Malema on VBS want all those involved in stealing money be arrested

05 Jul 13:17
Malema: We support BRICS. It is very important to create alternative platforms particularly when it comes to markets.

05 Jul 13:16

05 Jul 13:10
#EFF Malema: our people sympathise easily with victims. Says once Tom Moyane is seen as a victim people will rally around him. Also says Ramaphosa will result in Zuma becoming a hero

05 Jul 13:10
#EFF Malema says if Ramaphosa was a powerful and capable leader he should have zoned in on #SASSA issue "Instead of blaming Ramaphosa we say its sabotage" accusing a journalist of saying this debacle defined as sabotage by a journalist

05 Jul 13:09
Malema: I was called by journalists from Tiso BlackStar asking us to open a union for journalists. We are fighting injustices for everyone, even for the journalist that write negatively about us.

05 Jul 13:02

05 Jul 12:59
#EFF Malema: Separate justice from emotions

05 Jul 12:58
#EFF Malema says beyond the ethics code, they must also provide for themselves & their families "We might wake up tomorrow & Dali will be representing Zuma. there is nothing we can do about it"

05 Jul 12:57
#EFF Malema says they fight with Dali Mpofu a lot, they didn't want him to take on the Gareth Cliff case and he did it anyway. Remembered the past debate over Cliff when the Moyane came up and let it be

05 Jul 12:55

05 Jul 12:55
#EFF Malema: journalists once they have taken sides they are politicians. They must be treated as politicians

05 Jul 12:54
#EFF Malema: No problem with Indian people at all but racism will never be tolerated, especially when it comes to people who should be on our side

05 Jul 12:54
#EFF Malema: we have nothing against Indians, nothing at all but when Indian racism shows its ugly head we will point at it

05 Jul 12:53

05 Jul 12:52
Malema on Mazzotti: He never paid my tax. Mazzotti's contribution to the EFF is on record - it is no secret , but he has never paid my tax.

05 Jul 12:45

#EFF Malema says he supported Gordhan because he is inspired by justice. "I will not allow injustice to happen even to my enemies"

Now explaining why they are defending Tom Moyane "double jeopardy" but says Moyane has to go, he defended kleptocracy

05 Jul 12:42

05 Jul 12:40
#EFF Malema says some of them must be called to the SARS commission. "SARS is being used as a political weapon

05 Jul 12:40
#EFF Malema says touching Gordhan means dying politically. " I became corrupt when I challenged Pravin's appointment" adds stupidly, he had scandals

05 Jul 12:36
#EFF Malema after attacking enca, says the EFF seeks no favour. "We never engage with you (journalists) at night." He says they seek no favours from us... He is going back to the journalists

05 Jul 12:33
eNCA is a political party, says Malema   They sell Ramaphosa as their president

05 Jul 12:31
Malema attacks media house for creating impression of violence at land hearings

05 Jul 12:30
#EFF Malema: DD actually saved Gauteng, not Paul Mashatile. Says the Deputy president is an activist. Praises him for sending bakkies to assist the province.

05 Jul 12:29
Malema praises David Mabuza as an "activist"

05 Jul 12:28
#EFF Malema says the ANC has no activists who realise when quick intervention is needed. Says there are no activities, no activists, no political conscience, says they are elitists in the ANC

05 Jul 12:27
#EFF Malema: no longer activities in the ANC, no longer activists in the ANC. They are all leaders. Even a mere councillor fights to be on stage. They are all leaders

05 Jul 12:27
#EFF Malema says the ANC doesnt take the land hearings seriously, its leaders not there. Journalists approach leaders of the opposition because they are there. Also accuses the ANC of not caring about the issue being debated

05 Jul 12:25
In a process to amend the Constitution, the ANC leadership has not taken the process seriously

05 Jul 12:24
#EFF Malema seems to agree with the view that ANC deserves its proportional coverage. Says EFF gets its 6% plus more cause its on the ground

05 Jul 12:24
#EFF Malema: when the ANC is in crisis and thinks its losing votes cause its not covered a lot is a misdiagnosis, he says. Malema says the EFF has many programmes while the ANC doesn't. Launches into Zizi Kodwa, says he wont focus on Pule Mabe

05 Jul 12:24
Media covers the EFF because the EFF does activities, says Malema

05 Jul 12:23
#EFF Malema & his leadership collective responding now

05 Jul 12:23
We want the land nationalised

05 Jul 12:21

05 Jul 12:17
#EFF Malema says the EFF will make its submissions to the SABC inquiry on the 17th of July

05 Jul 12:16
#EFF Malema on the SABC now, says the internal commissions are welcome developments.

05 Jul 12:15
#EFF Malema says the in-sourcing of workers in the Joburg Council was due to the EFF placing that motion in council. Says the campaign was part of its 7 cardinal pillars that governments must be able to deliver their own services & functions.

05 Jul 12:14
#EFF Malema on the public healthcare campaign, says they have demonstrated in more than 300 public healthcare facilities

05 Jul 12:13
#EFF Malema now on elections: we are hard at work preparing for the removal of these selfish and corrupt kleptocrats. Says they will have a workshop, to start working on their manifesto

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