AS IT HAPPENED | Malema: We don't support the death penalty

2019-09-05 12:22

EFF leader Julius Malema is giving a press conference.

EFF leader Julius Malema.

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05 Sep 14:25
Malema: "When people name and shame on social media, even when there are no facts we ought to be a bit considerate. We are at a crossroads; women are angry and in a very justifiable way. So talk fair, facts it might not be necessary now. We are dealing with a very sensitive situation now, and how we handle it we ought to be very sensitive. And we just call upon our sisters to continue speaking out, and speaking truth to power, and it can only be truth to power if it's true. They don't need us, we can't tell them how they're going to wage their struggle against a war which is declared against them."

05 Sep 14:16

Referring to Daily Maverick:

05 Sep 14:15

When asked about poll results showing sentiment around the EFF and Malema dropping, Malema says he's not worried.

05 Sep 14:08

05 Sep 14:07

05 Sep 14:06
Malema: "What is the right time to [charge me]? Because if crime is committed we must charge!"

05 Sep 14:05
Malema, speaking on his firearms case: "I think they have taken a decision to charge me."

05 Sep 14:04

Malema makes mention of Alice Cooper, who posted her experience at the same post office where Uyinene Mrwetyana was attacked. Cooper detailed how she faced apathy from police when she went to report that the man who is alleged to have attacked Mrwetyana allegedly tried to get her to come to the post office after hours.

"Even when people volunteer [information and evidence] they still reject it. Our police must take full responsibility for this mess. And there should be consequences for all those police who she mentioned in her Facebook status who were reluctant to help her. Action must be taken against them."

05 Sep 13:58

Malema says he believes he will be charged as a warning statement "effectively" means he will be charged.

05 Sep 13:43

05 Sep 13:38

On his own legal woes:

05 Sep 13:37
Malema: We need a system that is self-correcting, so if we send you to life we are able to say 'No it was a mistake, it was a miscarriage of justice'. We are able to sue the government and compensate you, and go after the real perpetrators.

05 Sep 13:33
Malema says justice in South Africa is expensive and doesn't allow all to afford proper legal representation.

05 Sep 13:32
Malema makes the example of wrongful convictions and being unable to overturn convictions once someone is put to death.

05 Sep 13:31
Malema: We don't support death penalty. Anyone who says we must bring death penalty must bring scientific evidence of where death penalty has succeeded in reducing crime. We must not be emotional here and start taking wrong decisions which are going to victimise all of us.

05 Sep 13:28
Malema: We went to Constitutional Court on Nkandla, on the speaker, without the permission of the Public Protector [at the time].

05 Sep 13:27
Malema: [Cyril Ramaphosa] is dodgy. He does everything Zuma style. He has replaced Zuma.

05 Sep 13:26
Malema addresses the Public Protector's decision to withdraw her Constitutional Court bid. He says they don't take instructions from the Public Protector.

05 Sep 13:25
"We need quality, permanent, well paid jobs."

05 Sep 13:23
Malema: There ought to be a reason why you overlooked the locals. It's not xenophobia. Our brothers in Nigeria, in Zambia, in Namibia, everywhere else they have got the right to work here in South Africa, in the same way they have the right to work in their own countries but preference will always be given to locals, including amongst South Africans themselves.

05 Sep 13:20
Malema uses the example of opening a restaurant in Polokwane and not employing people from the local area first (or at least giving them preference). When you do bring people in from outside the area, they will be hated by the locals.

05 Sep 13:18

05 Sep 13:17
Malema: The rand is strengthened by black on black violence. When the blacks are killing each other the rand gets excited. Who owns the rand? Who owns the capital? Why are the owners of capital disaffected by what is happening amongst fellow South Africans ... because violence should affect all of us, including the markets.

05 Sep 13:13

05 Sep 13:12
Malema says the private sector, "white monopoly capital", must take full responsibility for "this mess we are faced with".

05 Sep 13:10

Malema says "white people" are the owners of the means of production.

"When you say private sector, it's a polite way of saying white people. There [are] no foreign nationals in government. Those cleaners, those DDGs, those senior managers, those DGs are not foreign nationals. There is no government that employs foreign nationals. It is the private sector. Simply put, it is white people who prefer foreign nationals over South Africans."

05 Sep 13:05
Turning his attention to the xenophobic violence, Malema says: "There is no one who takes a job from South Africans. No one. They are being offered jobs, they don't take."

05 Sep 13:05

Malema says the country's courts and judges aren't welcoming to victims.

"Let the court be a welcoming environment for victims of gender-based violence."

05 Sep 13:03

Malema: We want to act and we must be empowered so that we can act decisively. We have even removed people from our lists to Parliament with such criminal records and allegations, [where] there was prima facie evidence.

The EFF leader calls on people to provide evidence and/or case numbers.

05 Sep 13:00

Malema says the party acts swiftly when claims of its members being involved in sex or physical abuse incidents are brought to the organisation.

05 Sep 12:57

Malema wants the courts to make it more difficult for bail to be secured.

05 Sep 12:56

The EFF leader says victims aren't taken seriously when they report abuse and rape perpetrated by relatives or people they know. They're taken more seriously when it's committed by strangers.

05 Sep 12:53

Malema says police officers are "lukewarm" in dealing with complainants and aren't welcoming.

05 Sep 12:52
Malema: The government is reluctant to deal with the issue of gender-based violence because it has not introduced radical changes when it comes to dealing with matters of gender-based violence, from reporting to investigation to prosecution and ultimately the matters being heard by the judiciary and judges.

05 Sep 12:46

05 Sep 12:46

Malema also comments on Finance Minister Tito Mboweni's 77-page discussion document on stimulating the economy.

05 Sep 12:44

05 Sep 12:43
Malema: It's impossible for a poor person to be the cause of the poverty of another poor person. The battle must be taken to the real people who control our lives - the ANC government and big business - [who] have failed to make our economy grow, create jobs, defeat poverty and unemployment.

05 Sep 12:40

Malema turns his attention to the current wave of xenophobic violence and its causes.

05 Sep 12:39
Malema says the EFF's legal team will make contact with Mrwetyana's family after this weekend's funeral for the young UCT student.

05 Sep 12:36

05 Sep 12:35
 Malema says the Post Office, as a "responsible employer", should've known about Mrwetyana's alleged killer's past. The man has a previous criminal conviction and once faced a rape charge, which was later withdrawn.

05 Sep 12:30
Malema announces that the party has established a legal team, to be led by Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi. The legal team will take action against the Post Office and the minister of Communication, as Uyinene Mrwetyana's alleged killer works for the Post Office.

05 Sep 12:27

EFF leader Julius Malema kicks off the briefing by reading a statement.

05 Sep 12:23

ANALYSIS | Sanef vs EFF: Unpacking the proceedings

The South African National Editors' Forum's (Sanef) Equality Court case against the EFF continued for a second day in the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria

05 Sep 12:23

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