AS IT HAPPENED: ANC's Geoff Makhubo replaces Mashaba as new Johannesburg mayor

2019-12-04 16:00

The votes have been counted and the results are in. Geoff Makhubo is the new executive mayor of the City of Johannesburg.


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04 Dec 18:05

04 Dec 17:20

Geoff Makhubo: Joburg’s tainted mayor-in-waiting

Makhubo is a divisive figure. Although popular among ANC branches, there are serious questions about an estimated R30m that his company received from Regiments Capital, a firm deeply implicated in state capture.

AmaBhungane exposed the payments last year. They detailed how Makhubo's firm, Molelwane Consulting, was given a 10% cut of a controversial contract Regiments received to manage the City of Johannesburg's sinking fund, a large kitty used to provide for future liabilities.

One of Molelwane's - and thus Makhubo's - deliverables was to "maintain … strategic relationships" with the City.

04 Dec 17:14

Addressing the media after Makhubo was voted in as mayor, the DA's Mike Moriarty said ''I feel very disappointed that there are councillors that saw fit to vote in somebody who is thoroughly compromised with allegations of corruption. 

''We all know about the R30 million contract that he profited from, from the City of Johannesburg, it's the residents of Johannesburg money that went there and some of it even while he was MMC for Finance.

"If that is the indication then we say well everything that we've been saying about the ANC is true. They are mired in corruption and incapable of self-correcting and unfortunately, these people have been returned to office and will now resume looting as they did prior to Herman Mashaba taking over in 2016,'' said Moriarty.  

He continued that, ''we think it's a very sad day, not only for Johannesburg, but Johannesburg is the engine of the economy of South Africa. It's a sad day for South Africa.'' 

04 Dec 17:02

04 Dec 17:02

Deputy president of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Floyd Shivambu, addressing media after the ANC's Geoff Makhubu was voted in as mayor of Johannesburg, said ''clearly some in the Democratic Alliance went to vote with them [the ANC] to get the fifty per cent plus one which otherwise they did not deserve to get.''

''So we are noting that the DA has participated in establishing or reestablishing a corrupt government here in the City of Johannesburg and we are going to continue as opposition and expose the corruption that the ANC has obviously engaged in. So that is our stance in terms of the recent outcomes,'' said Shivambu. 


04 Dec 16:44

Newly elected mayor of Johannesburg Geoff Makhubo, speaking to News24 prior to his election on Wednesday, said that he will spend his first days in office focusing on visible service delivery.

An impassioned Makhubo told News24 that he wanted to improve the experience of Johannesburg citizens.

"Robots must be working, taps filled, grass must be cut, as you walk into Johannesburg there must be cleanliness. That's the focus on my first 100 days. It's the look and feel of Johannesburg. There will be other transformation programmes that must be introduced," some of these he admitted will be a continuation of Mashaba's projects.

04 Dec 16:33
Da Gama says Makhubo, "the new mayor", will have the opportunity to decide whether to appoint his MMCs or for council to continue with the quarterly report.

04 Dec 16:32
Jubilant ANC councillors and members singing and chanting "Unity" in council following Makhubo's victory.

04 Dec 16:27

04 Dec 16:25

04 Dec 16:15

04 Dec 16:14

REMINDER: These are the council seat numbers BEFORE the sitting of council today.

- ANC: 121 seats (Secure 122 in 2016 but one councillor has since died.

- DA: 103

- EFF: 30

- IFP: 5

- AIC: 4

- Six parties hold one seat each

04 Dec 16:08
IEC officials are now counting the votes. If no candidate is able to secure a 50% plus 1 victory in this round the councillors will vote in round two, with the candidate who secures the least number of votes eliminated.

04 Dec 15:55

04 Dec 15:48
Voting has come to an end. The process of counting the votes will begin shortly. 

04 Dec 15:48
REMINDER: As there are 3 candidates this could go to round two IF no candidate scores an outright victory, i.e. 50% plus one. If it goes to round two of voting, the candidate who garnered the least number of votes in round one is eliminated.

04 Dec 15:45

04 Dec 15:42
More than 230 councillors have now cast their votes. 

04 Dec 15:29
More than half of the 267 councillors have voted. Musa Novela, the EFF's candidate, has just been called up to vote.

04 Dec 15:27
We are now in the "Ns".

04 Dec 15:22
There are two IEC voting booths in the council chambers. The vote is being administered by the IEC. We are still in "Ms". Voting in alphabetical order by surname.

04 Dec 15:18

04 Dec 15:17
Councillors are still voting. One by one.

04 Dec 15:09

04 Dec 14:41

04 Dec 14:37
Voting is underway. 268 councillors will vote for their preferred candidate.  

04 Dec 14:18
Council is back in session, and voting will be commencing soon. 

04 Dec 14:07

04 Dec 13:03

04 Dec 12:59
Councillors will now go on lunch. Voting to resume at 14:00. 

04 Dec 12:58
Speaker Da Gama hands over the names of the three nominees to the IEC to print the ballots.

04 Dec 12:57

04 Dec 12:52

04 Dec 12:49

04 Dec 12:49
267 is the number of councillors present today at the sitting. 

04 Dec 12:45

04 Dec 12:42
If we don't succeed today: If only two candidates remain after elimination process, and they receive same amount of votes, a further meeting must be held within seven days.

04 Dec 12:37
Councillors are now going through the procedure.

04 Dec 12:36
Asked about his meeting with the EFF, Magashule says: "Good meeting! We agreed to engage and we have engaged, and we have adhered to our positions as the ANC & EFF. We have agreed there is a need for us to engage because we are in politics ... 

04 Dec 12:33

04 Dec 12:32
Magashule: We have engaged all political parties just to ensure that there is stability in the municipality. 

04 Dec 12:32

04 Dec 11:27
EFF questions the legal opinion obtained by the speaker.

04 Dec 11:14

04 Dec 11:13

04 Dec 11:09
Da Gama: presents the legal opinion which states that if there is more than one candidate there must be a secret ballot. The rules also state that in each round the candidate with the least votes will be eliminated.

04 Dec 11:08

04 Dec 11:06

04 Dec 11:05

04 Dec 11:05
EFF's Musa Novela says they disagree with the legal opinion. The speaker now attempting to clarify... says agreement says out of 269 councillors, 50 + 1 is majority, that would be 136. He doesn't complete his thoughts, Novela interjects.

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