AS IT HAPPENED | Herman Mashaba resigns as mayor of Joburg

2019-10-21 09:52

City of Johannesburg mayor, Herman Mashaba has resigned his position.

City of Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba

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ANC statement on Herman Mashaba



The ANC Greater Johannesburg Region is not shocked by the resignation of Herman Mashaba as Mayor of our once great City.

Mashaba's resignation has very little to do with the election of Helen Zille as the DA's Chairperson. His resignation is informed by the dire financial crisis that he has plunged the City of Johannesburg into. He has over time been able to get away with lies about the financial affairs of the City.

Mashaba is running away from the soon to be exposed truth that the City of Johannesburg is broke and may not be able to finance the day to day basic costs of providing water and electricity to Johannesburg residents including paying salaries to staff.

Mashaba has always said he is there through the will of the people but he resigns due to party political matters that have nothing to do with the city.

Mashaba is a sore loser; he is not a democrat. Just because he lost a battle in the party; he throws his toys out of the court.

Mashaba is an attention seeker who was going down anyway. He needed an "honourable" exit and Zille's election is a perfect excuse.

21 Oct 10:43
Maimane says they intend to continue with the coalition they have in Johannesburg. Tweet from @lizTandwa

21 Oct 10:42
#HermanMashaba: Some member of the DA caucus in JHB have suggested that we prioritize the needs of suburban residentsabove providing dignity to those forgotten people who remain without basic service for 25 years. Tweet from @lizTandwa

21 Oct 10:38
"You are a hero to me," says Maimane

21 Oct 10:37
Maimane thanks Mashaba and says that they remain friends

21 Oct 10:35
"I respect Herman Mashaba's decision," says Maimane

21 Oct 10:34
"We joined politics because fundamentally we could bring change," says Maimane

21 Oct 10:33
#HermanMashaba: I cannot reconcile myself with people who fail to realize that we have a patriotic duty to unseat the ANC and save our country before its too late. Tweet from @lizTandwa

21 Oct 10:32
Maimane says Mashaba worked to develop the City of Johannesburg

21 Oct 10:31

21 Oct 10:31
Maimane says he considers Mashaba a friend and comrade

21 Oct 10:30
"Today is a difficult day," says Maimane

21 Oct 10:29
Mashaba thanks Mmusi Maimane, who begins his remarks

21 Oct 10:29

21 Oct 10:28

Serving as the Mayor of Johannesburg has been the toughest job anyone can take, says Mashaba.  

"I leave with my head held high."

21 Oct 10:26
I will not be able to see some of these programmes through to their end, says Mashaba of programmes he has initiated

21 Oct 10:25

21 Oct 10:25
#HermanMashaba says the DA has been the most difficult to deal with on this coalition. Tweet from @lizTandwa

21 Oct 10:23
Clinics are open late into the night, roads have been repaired, substance abuse facilities have been delivered, says Mashaba

21 Oct 10:22
#Mashaba listening to him I actually remember how this man has not had an appetite for DA politics, often just didn’t pitch at their events or was there for a short while. Tweet from @tshidi_lee

21 Oct 10:21
Mashaba goes through his achievements as mayor

21 Oct 10:20
Herman Mashaba resigns from the DA. Resigns as mayor effective 27 November. Tweet from @MandyWiener

21 Oct 10:19

21 Oct 10:18
I will no longer serve as a DA councillor, says Mashaba

21 Oct 10:18
Mashaba says: It is not in my nature to wait for people to push me out

21 Oct 10:16
In every way, the DA has been the most difficult partner, says Mashaba

21 Oct 10:16
Mashaba says some members of the DA want to prioritise the needs of suburban residents

21 Oct 10:13

21 Oct 10:12
"I'm a liberal and I've devoted my life to the free market economy," says Mashaba

21 Oct 10:11
Mashaba says he believed in Mmusi Maimane's vision

21 Oct 10:10
Mashaba begins his comments

21 Oct 09:56

21 Oct 09:53

DA review report: Agreeing to EFF support in Joburg, Tshwane 'was a mistake'

The DA will have to reflect on its relationship with the EFF, with which it has tenuous informal partnerships in the cities of Johannesburg and Tshwane.

21 Oct 09:52

Herman Mashaba: Walking away from Johannesburg would be the DA's biggest mistake

Joburg's multi-party co-operation is not something that should be a source of trepidation, it should be celebrated. It is almost certain that the future of South African politics will be linked to coalition governments, writes Herman Mashaba.

21 Oct 09:52

21 Oct 09:52

Mashaba calls press conference: Mayor to resign, sources say

Just hours after the election of former leader Helen Zille as the new DA federal council chairperson, it seems Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba will follow through on his promise to step down if the DA is taken over by "right-wing elements", three party sources have said.

21 Oct 09:52

Mashaba to brief the media amid resignation speculation

City of Johannesburg mayor, Herman Mashaba is expected to tell the nation whether he is staying put or resigning as the city's number one resident.

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