AS IT HAPPENED: Forensics brought into question in #VanBreda trial

2017-10-18 09:52

Witness for the defence Dr Antonel Olckers faced tough cross-examination in the stand over forensic data in the ongoing trial of Henri van Breda in the Western Cape High Court.

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18 Oct 14:26

Court is adjourned until 09:30 tomorrow morning. 

18 Oct 14:24

18 Oct 12:26

"I see no reason why this evidence can't be introduced at this stage," Judge Desai says, after there is some discussion about additional evidence being brought into question. 

Court adjourns for all parties to examine these documents more closely over the lunchtime break. 

18 Oct 12:19

18 Oct 12:14

"Foreign peak can't be explained." Dr Olckers says neither she nor Lt Col. Otto can state what it is. 

18 Oct 12:12

18 Oct 12:12

18 Oct 12:07

18 Oct 12:05

18 Oct 12:03

Olckers says she stated that it was unclear. 

18 Oct 12:02

18 Oct 12:02

18 Oct 12:02

18 Oct 12:01

Desai: "What is effect?" 

Olckers: "It could be a very low-level profile which is present of which we see only this one peak." 

18 Oct 12:00

18 Oct 11:59

18 Oct 11:55

"There could be a low-level mixture present in the samples."  

Olckers says she can't be sure what it is

18 Oct 11:53

Foreign peaks means that there is an unexplained peak  

What does that mean? Asks Judge Desai  

I can't answer that, says Olckers

18 Oct 11:52
Foreign peaks present in the profiles not mentioned in state report to the court - Olckers

18 Oct 11:51

18 Oct 11:51

18 Oct 11:50

18 Oct 11:50
David Beetlebox - Why doesn't Olckers go to the States and tell them their forensics is not up to European? standards. - YouTube Comment

18 Oct 11:48

Locus (plural: loci) is a term used for the DNA markers that are tested and reported on your DNA Testing results. 

On each report there are generally 16 markers displayed, 15 of which are used to help determine your DNA Test results.  

In the case of a DNA Paternity Test, the alleged father must match at least one of these numbers at each of the 15 markers. 

Without matches at each position he may be excluded as the biological father of the child. Having the biological mother included with each DNA test will strengthen the results of your test.

18 Oct 11:46

Desai: Are you suggesting there's something wrong with SA's fingerprint system?  

I'm not a fingerprint expert, I cannot testify to that, Olckers answers

18 Oct 11:45
Judge Desai says 7-point fingerprinting is still used in SA

18 Oct 11:44

Olckers says more loci used for DNA analysis is better  

Compares to fingerprint matching

18 Oct 11:38
Olckers answering questions from prosecutor Advocate Susan Galloway

18 Oct 11:36
Day 48 of the Henri van Breda murder trial continues with Dr Antonel Olckers under cross examination

18 Oct 10:59
Court adjourns to give Olckers time to find the correct reference in her files

18 Oct 10:58

18 Oct 10:58

18 Oct 10:57
Olckes says she is losing her voice, declines an adjournment invitation

18 Oct 10:56

18 Oct 10:55
Olckers will not commit herself to whether her findings compromise the FSL findings

18 Oct 10:54
David Beetlebox - But Otto got optimal results according to lab tests to go arguing over point over a microgram or SOP not followed by the book is just defence trying to make out SAPs forensics to be invalid. - YouTube Comment

18 Oct 10:52
Susan Arnold - Lady in front of his advocate not the middle one is my daughter's sister in law - YouTube Comment

18 Oct 10:50

18 Oct 10:49

18 Oct 10:47

18 Oct 10:45

18 Oct 10:43
Galloway sounds quite frustrated now

18 Oct 10:43
Combrink jumps to object after having a number of discussions with counsel

18 Oct 10:42

18 Oct 10:40
Triecia Naudé  - I Googled Dr? Olckers and her experience working in a lab is not impressive. Academia and admin yes. Lt Col Otto however is working daily for how many years with evidence. My 5c - YouTube Comment

18 Oct 10:39

18 Oct 10:36

18 Oct 10:36

18 Oct 10:35

18 Oct 10:34
Olckers says she would have stopped these samples at qPRC stage

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