AS IT HAPPENED: I can't prove contamination says #VanBreda DNA expert

2017-10-19 09:29

Witness for the defence Dr Antonel Olckers has faced tough cross-examination on the stand over forensic data in the ongoing trial of Henri van Breda in the Western Cape High Court.

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19 Oct 13:27

19 Oct 13:15
Court adjourns until 09:30 on Monday, October 23

19 Oct 13:14
Defence has no further witnesses for today

19 Oct 13:12
Olckers is dismissed

19 Oct 13:12
Johan Smit: This is simply a brilliant chess game between the state and defence. Love it!? - YouTube Comment

19 Oct 13:06

Minor controversy as Olckers doesn't read 23 samples  

She apologises  

"I didn't count them," says Olckers

19 Oct 12:57

19 Oct 12:52

19 Oct 12:52
These samples Olckers judged to be scientifically valid

19 Oct 12:51

19 Oct 12:50

Desai: Which 23 samples?  

Olckers reads them out, naming who in the Van Breda family they refer to  

19 Oct 12:44

19 Oct 12:44

19 Oct 12:42

19 Oct 12:41

19 Oct 12:41

19 Oct 12:41

19 Oct 12:36

19 Oct 12:33
Olckers: I can't prove that there was cross-contamination

19 Oct 12:26

19 Oct 12:26

19 Oct 12:25

19 Oct 12:24
Much easier for Olckers now that Combrink is examining her

19 Oct 12:24

19 Oct 12:03

19 Oct 12:03

19 Oct 11:43
Courts adjourns until 12:15

19 Oct 11:42

19 Oct 11:41
Olckers declines to answer the question

19 Oct 11:35

19 Oct 11:10
Court takes tea adjournment while Olckers considers her statement

19 Oct 11:08
Olckers makes her point under cross examination

19 Oct 11:07

19 Oct 11:04

19 Oct 11:01

19 Oct 11:01

19 Oct 11:00

19 Oct 11:00
Jenna van Woerden: How long is this trial still going to? go on for? Roughly? Should we have ruling / sentencing before next year? - YouTube Comment

19 Oct 10:58

19 Oct 10:58

Desai reduces Olckers: Have you worked in a forensic laboratory?  

Olckers: No my lord

19 Oct 10:56

19 Oct 10:55

Olckers graduated in 1989, have worked "my entire life" in molecular biology.

Ran molecular biology courses since being at the University of Pretoria

19 Oct 10:53
Olckers defends her lack of practical experience

19 Oct 10:51
Olckers says in 18 years she has never been asked to write a report

19 Oct 10:47
Siobhan O'Connor: This is the strategy by the defence - because Otto was so clear and accurate this witness needs to drag out her explanation in an effort? to discredit the state. - YouTube Comment  

19 Oct 10:44

19 Oct 10:44

19 Oct 10:43

19 Oct 10:42

Galloway: Why did you not do your own analysis of the samples?  

Olckers: I put that to counsel, what they did with that I don't know  

Agrees that analysis was not part of her mandate

19 Oct 10:40

Galloway: In summary, because the laboratory did not follow certain SOPs, it means the result in scientifically invalid  

Olckers agrees

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