LATEST: Gerrie Nel leaves NPA to ensure equality before the law

2017-01-31 14:50

NPA advocate Gerrie Nel has said his decision to quit was to ensure that all South Africans were equal before the law.


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31 Jan 17:02
WATCH: Gerrie Nel: "I'm a prosecutor at heart."

31 Jan 16:13

Before Oscar Pistorius, there was Jackie Selebi, and Brett Kebble.

The prosecutor in all these high profile cases was advocate Gerrie Nel.

31 Jan 15:49

31 Jan 15:48

31 Jan 15:47
Presser concludes with a light mood

31 Jan 15:45
Kriel says private prosecutions can serve as a watchdog to impact on corruption

31 Jan 15:44
Nel says there is no criteria yet. Not a parallel justice system

31 Jan 15:43

31 Jan 15:42

31 Jan 15:41
Kriel says you’re bound to make enemies as a watchdog organisation

31 Jan 15:40

31 Jan 15:40

31 Jan 15:39
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31 Jan 15:38

31 Jan 15:37
Nel will investigate the perception of selective prosecution at the NPA

31 Jan 15:36
Nel keeps his options open in terms of which cases they will tackle

31 Jan 15:35

31 Jan 15:34

31 Jan 15:33
Nel says he has a “clean slate” in response to question on whether he has met Paul O’ Sullivan

31 Jan 15:31

31 Jan 15:30
Nel says his team will continue his work at the NPA

31 Jan 15:30

31 Jan 15:29
Nel says anybody can approach the office for cases, not only Afriforum members

31 Jan 15:29
Nel playing his cards close to his chest – won’t talk about charges against President Jacob Zuma

31 Jan 15:28

31 Jan 15:27
“It’s not only corruption matters” - Nel

31 Jan 15:26

31 Jan 15:25
Nel says he hasn’t discussed his move with colleagues 

31 Jan 15:24
Afriforum to take on corruption cases not taken by the NPA

31 Jan 15:22
Nel says they will take cases at local level

31 Jan 15:21
Private prosecution is expensive; Afriforum will fund it

31 Jan 15:21

31 Jan 15:20
Nel says 24 hour notice was because he “knew” he had to do it immediately

31 Jan 15:19

31 Jan 15:18
Nel says his path never crossed that of Shaun Abrahams

31 Jan 15:17
Nel says he is happy in his DPP office. “I’ve taken this decision because it’s a brilliant new concept.”

31 Jan 15:16
Afriforum asks for donations

31 Jan 15:15
Nel hints that a team will help him – no decision on who will fill it yet

31 Jan 15:14
Nel is excited to be part of something new

31 Jan 15:13

31 Jan 15:13
Nel has a much softer demeanour than when he was making Oscar cry in court

31 Jan 15:11
No questions about political agenda – “I have no political agenda”

31 Jan 15:10
Everybody should be equal before the law. Nel concerned about selective prosecutions

31 Jan 15:09
This wasn’t a sudden decision, says Nel. It wasn’t easy, I’m a prosecutor at heart

31 Jan 15:08
Gerrie Nel looks a bit apprehensive as he makes his comments

31 Jan 15:07
We are not ashamed of the fact that we do take on issues important to Afrikaners. Most of the work we do is in the interest of all South Africans

31 Jan 15:06
Hiring of Gerrie Nel is a clear message to government officials: You are not above the law

31 Jan 15:05
We share the feelings of many South Africans that we are tired of corruption

31 Jan 15:04

31 Jan 15:03
Gerrie Nel will start work on February 1

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