AS IT HAPPENED: Rudi's body was moved, says blood spatter expert

2017-09-11 09:33

Henri van Breda's murder trial resumed in the Western Cape High Court with the testimony of a blood spatter analyst.

News24 journalist Tammy Petersen will be reporting live from court. Follow her here:


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11 Sep 15:27
Court adjourned. 

11 Sep 15:24
Blood stains on the white socks show that it was in close proximity to blood sources coming from Teresa and Rudi, says Joubert

11 Sep 15:19
Spatter suggests the grey shorts were in close proximity to Rudi and Martin when force was applied to the blood source of those victims.

11 Sep 15:15

11 Sep 15:05
Rudi's blood had time to clot before he was moved, time passed before his upper body on the bed was disturbed, says Joubert.

11 Sep 15:05
Blood stain pattern suggests Rudi was moved through the pool which resulted in the creation of swipe and wipe patterns.

11 Sep 15:03
Blood stain pattern suggests Rudi was grabbed or moved from bed over carpet between beds towards the door.

11 Sep 15:01
A number of stains that were most likely made by EMS personnel based on scene and pictures, says Joubert. 

11 Sep 14:59
Joubert says Sgt. Kleynhans, who was first on scene, told him that Marli moved her right arm after hearing Kleynhans make SOS call.

11 Sep 14:56
Galloway: blood at the bottom of the floor was from removing Marli. Botha objects but he will deal with it in cross examination.

11 Sep 14:55
Joubert interviewed Sgt Kleynhans and Jonkers, two first responders

11 Sep 14:49
Blood samples found on top and sides of Henri Van Breda's socks - 9 from Rudi, 1 from Martin, 1 from Teresa and 2 from Henri.

11 Sep 14:47

11 Sep 14:43

Livestream below:

11 Sep 14:42
Possible urine stains on the grey shorts.

11 Sep 14:42
Blood clot on the grey shorts, most likely created by contact between blood source and grey shorts. No DNA indication.

11 Sep 14:34

11 Sep 14:31
Stains found on Henri's shorts: five stains belong to Rudi, 9 to Henri, 5 to Martin, 3 mixed samples. None belonged to Marli.

11 Sep 14:25

11 Sep 12:48
Court breaks for lunch. Back at 14:15.

11 Sep 12:47
Grey shorts had multiple spatter blood stains on the front.

11 Sep 12:44
Joubert identified possible blood swabs removed from the axe handle and the axe blade. One swab containing possible blood removed from axe handle close to the blade. 

11 Sep 12:40

Joubert is now going through all the exhibits and evidence bags he received.

11 Sep 12:38

11 Sep 12:35
Blood clot observed on knife under Rudi van Breda's bed, blood clot observed on side of Rudi van Breda's bed.

11 Sep 12:32
Splatter blood stain on wall in Henri and Rudi's room. Impact angle 51 degrees, stain suggests impact.

11 Sep 12:28

- Spatter blood stains on shelf in passage way, circular, average impact. Angles 33.6 degrees, projection position mechanism. Probably created as result of object in motion. Marli's blood. 

- Non spatter on the side of Rudi's bed, lateral movement visible, classified as swipe stains. Created as result of blood stain on a hand swiping the bed, Rudi's blood. 

11 Sep 12:20

- Wall adjacent to wall of boys bedroom: cant define mechanism, suggests impact or projection. Teresa's blood.

- Spatter on wall/door frame droplet may be result of projection.

11 Sep 12:17

Spatter stains on staircase wall. Linear, probably caused by blood bearing object striking staircase wall. Rudi van Breda's blood.

Rudi and Maritn's blood in spatter on another part of wall.

11 Sep 12:15
Non splatter blood stain in their bedroom. Contact stain, created by Rudi or a hair like object covered in the victims blood.

11 Sep 12:13
Non splatter blood stains on the floor of Rudi/Henris bedroom. Complex splatter. Blood clots present in blood stains, Rudi's blood.

11 Sep 12:08

- Spatter on wall next to Rudi. Elliptical, impact spatter pattern. Probably force applied to blood source on the bed, creating a impact spatter pattern. Rudi's blood.

- Henri's blood found bedroom carpet. Swipe stain (indicating movement).

11 Sep 12:03

 - Headboard spatter suggests impact possible. Created by force applied on blunt force which resulted in spatter of small droplets. Henri's blood.

- Wall spatter against the wall, probably caused by bloody object. 

- Spatter on bedroom wall, possibly caused by projection

11 Sep 12:01

- Non spatter on cabinet on first floor, irregular shape, no recognisable pattern. Probably made by blood stained fingertips of EMS personnel while assisting Marli van Breda.

- Spatter on tile floor in front of Henri's room. Elliptical. Impact spatter. Probably caused by force applied of something travelling through the air and resulting in impact.

- Spatter on bedroom door.

11 Sep 11:54

Interpretation continued - stains identified were:

- Non-spatter on tile floor on first floor passageway. Regular shape stains, from source object. Classified as pattern transfer. Probably created between a EMS stretcher and tiled floor.

- Spatter on tiled floor of first floor, drip. Probably blood dripping from a moving object.

- Spatter stain on front aspect of cabinet in passage. Classified as an impact spatter pattern. Probably a result of force applied.

- Non spatter on front of cabinet in passage. Described as irregular shape and no recognisable pattern. Swipe patterns. Probably created between blood stained object and surface. Marli's blood.

11 Sep 11:54

Interpretation continued - stains identified were:

- Spatter stains on the staircase, circular and linear, classified as a drip. blood result of a source of motion. 
- Blood spatter stain on Teresa Van Breda right leg. Random.
- Blood spatter on buttocks of Teresa, circular shape, dripping form a moving object in this area.

11 Sep 11:49

Interpretation continued: until 30 January 2015, stains identified were:

- Non spatter on tile floor at front door entrance, regular shape, recognisable stain, probsbly created from blanket of EMS and dropped onto the tile floor.

- Carpet in front of staircase leading to bedroom. Irregular margin, randomly distributed blood drops. Probably created from blood dripping from first floor onto carpet from first floor

- Spatter on kitchen door, eliptical stain, not possible to find the mechanism responsible. No DNA could be obtained from that sample.

11 Sep 11:48

Interpretation: until 30 January 2015, stains identified were:

- Non spatter on tile floor at front door entrance.

- Transfer blood stain, suggests contact. Probably created of contacted from object onto tile floor.

- Non spatter on tile floor at front door tile, regular shape, no reconcilable pattern.

- Transfer blood stain. Probably created between object and tile floor, resulting in transfer.

11 Sep 11:46
He documented the stains and patters by photos and sketches.

11 Sep 11:46

Our livestream is back up! 

11 Sep 11:45
All blood stains on the bedroom wall and floor and bedrooms belong to the victims.

11 Sep 11:44
All reddish brown fluid at scene was consistent with blood.

11 Sep 11:44
On 27 January 2015, he was requested by Col Benecke to go to a crime scene at 12 Goske Street to analyse blood.

11 Sep 11:44

Joubert reads out his statement.

11 Sep 11:42
Court resumes from a short tea break.

11 Sep 11:18
He explains the various factors which would play a role in how long it takes blood to dry. Room temperatures, air etc are all a factor.

11 Sep 11:05
Joubert now going through different blood pattern types.

11 Sep 10:59
Joubert is explaining what he has read and studied to aid him in completing the analysis.

11 Sep 10:52
Joubert giving a basic introduction into blood spatter analysis and operating procedure.

11 Sep 10:47
Joubert explains blood stain pattern analysis can provide info on how crime committed. Blood has a fluid response to external force.

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