OVERVIEW: 'We only have political power, not economic power' - Zuma to supporters outside court

2018-07-27 13:30

The case against Jacob Zuma, which sees the former president facing charges of fraud, corruption, money laundering and racketeering, has been provisionally postponed until November 30. Zuma addressed supporters outside court afterwards.


(Courtesy of SABC)

Jacob Zuma addresses hundreds of supporters

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27 Jul 13:31

27 Jul 13:26

Zuma: "We are going to vote next year, right? Let's convert this support into real power." 

Zuma thanks the crowd and breaks out into his familiar song, "uMshini wami".

27 Jul 13:24

Zuma: "Us, as Africans, we like to accept things as they are. White people came in their ships, oppressed us and took our land and economy. It's not God that decided on that."

27 Jul 13:23

Zuma: "We like fighting amongst ourselves... let this same support be in the votes." 

"Freedom is not complete as we only have political power, not economic power."

27 Jul 13:21

Crowd to Zuma: "We vote for you!" 

Zuma: "We still need the majority to correct the things that have not been corrected... Don't say you won't vote because you don't like a certain person. There's nothing wrong with voting for Mngxitama. Vote for him, he wants to fix things."

27 Jul 13:19

Zuma: "I know it was cold last night, but you were here to show that you will protect anyone. I am strong. You can see that. I am not weak. You can see that I am really strong..." 

"I don't need to be asked to campaign. I have a full right of campaigning for the organisation. I want the organisation to win with the two-thirds majority."

27 Jul 13:15

Zuma: "South Africa is now free. We've gone past the time when people were arrested for no reason and no action was taken."

27 Jul 13:11

Zuma: "I wish to thank all organisations and the ANC for showing that no one in South Africa would be killed by lions while they are there."

27 Jul 13:10

Zuma: "I want to thank you all once again because it shows that you want justice. Even the pastors that are supporting me. Just because I am being charged doesn't mean I am guilty, until the court says so. I am grateful that they are courageous even though they are being attacked. I won't say who attacks them because they are not here."

27 Jul 13:04

Zuma: "I thought I should give you that picture because it's important to have it."

27 Jul 13:01

Zuma: "The prosecutor was saying he is ready to argue the case. He was asked how he's ready if he says he still wants to add a charge... There are also a lot of documents that must be studied." 

"The judge said he agrees with the defence that the case should no longer be argued and postponed for them to come give reasons. If they continue to argue, it won't be a fair case. My lawyers are confident that they will win this case... they are not scared of the case. My lawyers say it should just end."

27 Jul 12:57

27 Jul 12:55

Zuma: "They say they are not playing now. A case can't take this long. In law, there's a big English phrase used - 'Justice delayed, is justice denied'..." 

"It was said this case should end and not be trialled. They will provide reasons for why it won't bring justice now and it should end."

27 Jul 12:53

Zuma: "The prosecutor said he was ready to proceed with the case, but said there's another charge he will put against Number 2, meaning the indictment is incomplete..." 

"I have new lawyers. It's big lawyers that are referred to with big names that I don't know."

27 Jul 12:51

27 Jul 12:49

Zuma: "This case does not end. It is always here."

27 Jul 12:48

Zuma greets chiefs, leaders, newly-elected leaders in the province, and also "my supporters". "Thank you to all the pastors that have been praying for me." 

"I still have a cold, it has not gone away," says Zuma. 

Zuma talks about the case... "When we appeared in Durban, the judge decided that we move to Pietermaritzburg. We didn't start at 9 as usual. Today we started at 10."

27 Jul 12:42

Zuma himself finally takes the microphone and starts off with a song.

27 Jul 12:41

27 Jul 12:37

27 Jul 12:35

27 Jul 12:35

27 Jul 12:34

KZN ANC chairperson Sihle Zikalala on stage: "We are here to support former president Zuma. Some think that one day they'll see him going alone, being abandoned. They report lies about us. We were with him in 2005 and then 2006. We are still with him even now."

"We are supporting him in our personal capacity. He fought for the people's freedom." 

27 Jul 12:31

27 Jul 12:30

On stage: "We plead that everyone that comes here, pray for Zuma. Some come here with a different agenda. Come here to encourage. Pastors come and pray as we support Zuma..." 

"We are not scared of anyone. I was never a member of Mandela, Mbeki, Zuma or Ramaphosa's ANC. I've always been a member of the ANC. We should never be members of the people. That's where the problem starts."

27 Jul 12:25

A pastor thanks the supporters that came out from Limpopo last night, and the crowd breaks out into another song.

27 Jul 12:24

Nkosentsha Shezi from RET Champion on stage: "We are here because Zuma stood for land expropriation without compensation... We've seen in the media it's being reported that he has lost support in KZN. But we stand by him." 

"We are standing to support any black being prosecuted. We are supporting Duduzane. How can he be treated the way he was treated?"

27 Jul 12:08

27 Jul 12:06

On stage: "If today's court appearance was a soccer match, then Zuma would've scored one and white monopoly capital zero. But because Zuma belongs to the people, we are giving the people one, and white monopoly capital zero." 

"Afriforum is killing our people on the farms."

27 Jul 12:04

The BLF's Andile Mngxitama now on stage: "Are you scared of them?" 

Crowd responds: "No, we are not! We want them!" 

27 Jul 12:02

On stage: "We want our land back, but our problem as blacks is that we fight against each other. We have to unite. White people and Afrikaners never fight against each other. It's not that they don't have differences, but they put them aside."

27 Jul 12:00

Sphelele Nzimande, on stage: "Zuma stands for the people of South Africa on the ground, and not white monopoly capital, hence the prosecution."

27 Jul 11:58

27 Jul 11:55

27 Jul 11:50

Those gathered on stage have welcomed Zuma with much fanfare, and prayers have now started on the main stage. "Some give us bad looks because we go along with Zuma... But we will never stop praying for him. We will forever walk with him."

27 Jul 11:44

27 Jul 11:36

27 Jul 11:36

27 Jul 11:34

WATCH: Zuma due back in court on November 30

27 Jul 11:25

Zuma is now expected to address the hundreds of supporters gathered outside the court.

27 Jul 11:18

27 Jul 11:17

Justice Madondo asks Zuma to stand: "Your matter is provisionally adjourned to the 30th of November 2018, in this court. You are required to attend court on that day and you will be released as before on your own recognisance. I'm sure you know what will follow if you don't attend court."

27 Jul 11:16

Justice Madondo: "I also think at least a three-month period will be sufficient, which means that the defence will be allowed to file this application on or before the 16th of November 2018."

27 Jul 11:13

Justice Madondo says four weeks, or even six weeks, may not be enough time for the defence team to prepare adequately.

27 Jul 11:09

27 Jul 11:08

Justice Madondo: "Every trial in terms of law must be fair."

27 Jul 11:06

The judge now responds to all arguments brought by Downer, Hellens and Katz. Deliberating on the issue of how much time needs to be granted for Zuma's new legal team to prepare adequately, since they are not "conversant" with all the aspects of the case.

27 Jul 11:01

Hellens makes another glib reference to the "Stalingrad tactics" used by Zuma's former legal team, and assures the court he has no intention to do the same.

27 Jul 10:56

Downer makes reference to a "Stalingrad tactic" that was employed, and then abandoned, by Zuma's legal team. Says they are thankful they decided to abandon it.

27 Jul 10:53

Downer responds to allegations that a "section 5(1)B", as referenced by Zuma's defence, does not exist.

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