AS IT HAPPENED: 'Mistakes' over time of death in Rohde case

2017-10-19 09:30

The Western Cape High Court has adjourned after murder accused Jason Rohde’s counsel, Graham van der Spuy, told the court how Dr Akmal Coetzee-Khan had allegedly made mistakes during forensic investigations.


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19 Oct 16:00
Matter postponed until Tuesday

19 Oct 16:00
Graham asks that the matter be postponed until next Tuesday 

19 Oct 15:45
Graham: we have noticed up to five mistakes in Khan's methodology. Factors such as room temperature, body mass index not taken into account.

19 Oct 15:44
Khan said there is a 95% probability that she passed away at 05:40 with a 5% chance it falls outside of that time.

19 Oct 15:41
Khan: I should've provided the whole range from 02:00 until 08:00, and not provided the mean time

19 Oct 15:38
Graham: All 50 of your forensic cases have been done wrong - all 50

19 Oct 15:36
Graham: experts say that the remedy is to avoid the use of mean values in the time of forensic work 

19 Oct 15:34
Khan: I would agree that my evidence relating to the time of death is incorrect

19 Oct 15:33
Graham: do you understand in how many times you have made this mistake? Do you understand the consequences

19 Oct 15:33
Graham makes a point about a mistake about the death occurring at 5:40 with a 95% accuracy

19 Oct 15:32
Graham: Do you, Khan, understand that you are wrong? Khan says he understands that he might have.

19 Oct 15:32
Graham questions Khan's forensic report. Khan refuses to answer a question relating to cause of death

19 Oct 15:11

19 Oct 15:09

19 Oct 14:42

19 Oct 14:42

19 Oct 14:36
VD Spuy justifies line of questioning saying that pathologist strongly suspected foul play, but Rohde had no material injuries.

19 Oct 14:35
VD Spuy says that somebody who is being strangled will fight back, but Jason #Rohde had no injuries. "of significance".

19 Oct 14:35

19 Oct 14:34

19 Oct 14:34
Extract from Susan Rohde's mom, Diane Holmes' affidavit on how she her daughter got inner thigh bruise (Jenni Evans, News24)

19 Oct 14:33
Extract from Susan Rohde's mom, Diane Holmes' affidavit on how she her daughter got inner thigh bruise (Jenni Evans, News24)

19 Oct 14:26

19 Oct 13:03

19 Oct 12:45

19 Oct 12:40

19 Oct 12:33
Susan Rohde's core temperature was taken from her ear (28.8). Pathologist said he was told not to do a rectal temperature becuase of possible assault.

19 Oct 12:32

19 Oct 12:31

19 Oct 12:11

19 Oct 12:11

19 Oct 12:05

19 Oct 11:55

19 Oct 11:54
We're back again after the court tea break. Defence's Van der Spuy still grilling Western Cape government pathologist Akmal Coetzee-Khan.

19 Oct 11:14

19 Oct 11:13
On Wednesday, Advocate Graham Van der Spuy held up middle finger at pathologist Coetzee-Khan as they discussed that it starts in small joints and jaw.

19 Oct 11:12

19 Oct 11:01

19 Oct 11:00
The defence is trying to tear down Coetzee-Khan's autopsy - wants to know why no histopathology (biopsies) was done. 

19 Oct 10:58
State witness Dr Akmal Coetzee-Khan previously suggested that Susan Rohde may have been a victim of "battered woman syndrome".

19 Oct 10:47

19 Oct 10:43

19 Oct 10:39

Susan Rohde bruised so easily that, when she was younger, she was investigated for leukemia, which was negative.

Defence challenging abuse theory. 

19 Oct 10:37

19 Oct 10:37

19 Oct 10:37
Pathologist says possible that injury could be from handstand. But in BWS (battered woman syndrome) they don't often say what really happened.

19 Oct 10:35
Susan Rohde's mom said she had family condition of thin skin which bruised easily.

19 Oct 10:35

19 Oct 10:35

19 Oct 10:27

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