OVERVIEW: 'Krugersdorp killer' Marinda Steyn says she wanted to kill

2018-11-28 10:19

Cecilia Steyn, Zak Valentine and Marcel Steyn are on trial for the murder of 11 people.

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Murder accused Cecilia Steyn is seen during the ‘K

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28 Nov 19:37
A convicted murderer gave chilling evidence in court on Wednesday regarding the role she played in the murders of 11 people by an alleged satanic cult in the Krugersdorp area.

28 Nov 15:07
Court is adjourned until tomorrow.

28 Nov 15:05
Roberts has no further questions

28 Nov 15:03
Steyn says nobody was allowed to be alone with Cecilia

28 Nov 14:57
Steyn denies any knowledge of satanism and supernatural powers, saying it is fictional

28 Nov 14:41
We bound him and searched the house, Steyn says

28 Nov 14:40
Steyn says she panicked and shot him twice

28 Nov 14:38
Roberts moves on to the McGregor murder

28 Nov 14:30
Steyn claims lies were told about her and events in court

28 Nov 14:20
"We weren't supposed to kill them" - Steyn

28 Nov 14:19
Steyn says certain things did not go according to plan

28 Nov 14:18
Details on how Zak and Steyn planned their attack emerge, Zak went "berzerk" 

28 Nov 14:10
Court is back is session. Marinda Steyn is still on the stand.

28 Nov 13:00
Court adjourns for lunch

28 Nov 12:58
I told Zak to stop because I wanted to kill this man, says Marinda

28 Nov 12:56
Marinda says herself and Zak scouted an address in Honeydew in their planning for a murder

28 Nov 12:53
Marinda says Cecilia was never mentioned as part of the plan

28 Nov 12:51
Marinda says she advised them how to get away with the crime

28 Nov 12:50
Marinda says Zak wanted to kill Natasha because she had an anti-Christ chip in her hand

28 Nov 12:40
Cecilia was a type of person to which people gravitated, says Marinda Steyn

28 Nov 12:38
There was no structure; no leader, says Marinda

28 Nov 12:37
The group was not a ministry, says Marinda

28 Nov 12:35
Marinda says Cecilia "really knows God"

28 Nov 12:32
Cecilia has at least four personalities, says Marinda

28 Nov 12:31
Marinda says Cecilia changed her cap and was a "totally different person"

28 Nov 12:30

Marinda says Cecilia Steyn has DID  

"But she doesn't really like talking about it"

28 Nov 12:28
Marinda says accused two suffered from agoraphobia

28 Nov 12:22
News24 previously reported that Marinda Steyn is a former teacher and has been sentenced to 11 life terms and 115 years in jail for her part in the murders.

28 Nov 12:19
Marinda Steyn is called as the next witness

28 Nov 12:19
Roberts says no further questions

28 Nov 12:17

Roberts: You were the mastermind of this whole operation  

Steyn: It's not true  

28 Nov 12:14
Steyn says Ria Grunewald was jealous and that caused the break-up of the relationship

28 Nov 12:13
Steyn says it's got nothing to do with the charges against her

28 Nov 12:12
Advocate Gerrit Roberts challenges Steyn that witnesses' testimony differed from hers

28 Nov 12:02
Steyn denies that she ever performed a baptism, despite witness evidence

28 Nov 12:00
Steyn collected knives "over a period of time" she says

28 Nov 11:56
I grew up with physical abuse, says Steyn

28 Nov 11:55
Steyn says she can't remember trauma from an early age. Adds that she doesn't want to answer the question

28 Nov 11:53
Steyn testifies about her medication

28 Nov 11:16
Court adjourns for tea

28 Nov 11:15
Steyn says Zak Valentine did the foreign currency trading

28 Nov 11:13
They didn't complete any paperwork

28 Nov 11:12
Steyn says her husband took out loans to trade forex

28 Nov 11:06

Krugersdorp Killers: Court hears how one woman's revenge plan turned into an organised crime syndicate

What initially began as one woman's pursuit for revenge, turned into an organised crime syndicate, the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg heard on the second day of the trial of the so-called Krugersdorp killers.

28 Nov 11:05
News24 previously reported: The court previously heard that Cecilia had a fallout with Overcomers Through Christ (OTC) leader Ria Grunewald and as a result, she formed her own ministry, Chosen by God. The ministry's main purpose was to avenge Grunewald.

28 Nov 11:05
Steyn says she was in a sexual relationship with a woman - she was a dominant partner

28 Nov 11:01
Steyn says she experienced spirits entering and leaving her body, but can't remember

28 Nov 11:00
"I was losing a lot of blood" – Steyn testifies

28 Nov 10:52
Steyn admits she was a member of the SACP and ANC Women's League

28 Nov 10:50
Patience is something I need to learn, says Steyn

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