OVERVIEW: 'It's not even a good lie,' says 'Krugersdorp killer' about witness testimony

2018-11-29 10:06

Cecilia Steyn, Zak Valentine and Marcel Steyn are on trial for the murder of 11 people.


Murder accused Cecilia Steyn is seen during the ‘K

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29 Nov 15:17
Court is now adjourned until tomorrow morning.

29 Nov 15:15
"The theme of my tattoos fall under" the dark and the light, Marinda says.

29 Nov 15:14
Marinda has a "I love witches" quote tattooed on her arm, after reading and watching all the vampire and witch books and movies.

29 Nov 15:11
Marinda refuses to show her tattoos to the court as she claims it is private.

29 Nov 15:10
"My arm is basically saying I'm a child of God," Marinda says.

29 Nov 15:06
Marinda goes into details about the rest of the tattoos she has on her body, referring to the Bible and to God for the meaning behind certain tattoos.

29 Nov 15:01
Marinda states Zak used a fake ID because he planned on faking his death and creating a new identity but did not have a plan to follow through.

29 Nov 14:58
Adv Roberts refers to Marinda's tattoos of a spider she has on her neck and ear.

29 Nov 14:51
Adv Roberts states that Cecilia claims to be a 42nd Generation witch from Egypt. She has Egyptian symbols tattooed on her body.

29 Nov 14:45
Her eye colour would change based on which personality is present.

29 Nov 14:44
Marinda describes C's personalities. There are little ones and there are grown up personalities.

29 Nov 14:39
Marinda describes "the little ones" who are not themselves at times.

29 Nov 14:35
Marinda says her father described her and Cecilia as "damned witches who dance around fires".

29 Nov 14:34
Marinda says her father did not approve of her friendship with Cecilia. 

29 Nov 14:33
"Now it is three years later and I am not always sure why I did things," Marinda says regarding the killings.

29 Nov 14:30
Marinda describes Cecilia as her daughter, mother, and sister because of the various roles she played in her life. 

29 Nov 14:29
Marinda says she associates with Ruth, she is the one making the promise that she will always be there and never leave.

29 Nov 14:27
Adv Roberts refers to Ruth and Naomi in the Bible.

29 Nov 14:20
There was no paperwork or evidence with the money and loan from Marinda.

29 Nov 14:15
Adv Roberts moves on to the loan Marinda Steyn agreed to give Zak to invest and "turn it into millions".

29 Nov 14:10
Marinda describes how Cecilia was taking care of Marcel, Cecilia had lung problems and was very sick. It had nothing to do with satanism or spirits.

29 Nov 14:07
Marinda describes how she would get rid of evidence by cutting it up and flushing it down the toilet, or dumping it so that it can not be traced back to her.

29 Nov 14:02
Marinda denies knowing anything about two firearms.

29 Nov 13:53
"Did you shoot him at close range?" Adv Roberts asks. Marinda describes the distance, about 1.5 to 2 metres.

29 Nov 13:51
The pathologist report indicates that he died from the gunshot wounds.

29 Nov 13:51
He was put in the bath, but was still alive at the time, according to Marinda.

29 Nov 13:50
McGregor's cellphone was in Marinda's hand and it was used to transfer money into her account.

29 Nov 13:48
Adv Roberts says Marinda gave McGegor hope that he would live.

29 Nov 13:46
Marinda describes how she used cellotape or duct tape to bind his hands behind his back. She can not remember whether it was duct tape or cellotape, but it was difficult to bind him.

29 Nov 13:44
She hid the pistol away so that she would not be linked to the McGregor murder.

29 Nov 13:44
Marinda says she used the pistol to shoot McGregor and then hit the pistol away.

29 Nov 13:43
Marinda describes the difference between a revolver and a pistol.

29 Nov 13:43
The court is back in session and Marinda Steyn is on the stand.

29 Nov 13:00
Court adjourns for lunch to 13:30

29 Nov 12:56

Marinda says Leroux is lying about him looking after Cecilia.  

"It's not even a good lie"

29 Nov 12:54
I made sure Marcel never got involved in anything, says Marinda

29 Nov 12:46
Marinda says she was never aware that Leroux gave Marcel an ATM bank card to draw money

29 Nov 12:44
There is no evidence that Marcel was at an ATM drawing money, says Advocate Johnson

29 Nov 12:43

Marinda says she took valuables from victims  

"The only things we were supposed to keep were the bank cards to draw money."

29 Nov 12:32

Marcel was studying for her matric exams.

She studied a lot because she studied when I didn't see and when I did see, says Marinda

29 Nov 12:24
Marinda says her daughter was writing her matric exams and Marcel would not have been involved in the crimes

29 Nov 12:21
Marinda denies ever taking her daughter to a murder scene

29 Nov 12:21
Leroux was first involved in the murder of Jarrod Jackson in 2015

29 Nov 12:20
Marcel Steyn was two years younger than Leroux

29 Nov 12:15
Advocate Sharon Johnson now questions Marinda Steyn

29 Nov 12:14

Marinda says there were no witches and children or associations with Satanism in the group.  

Nel reads a document which contradicts Marinda's evidence

29 Nov 12:07
Marinda studies her diary, but claims that she can't remember the details of why she made some entries

29 Nov 12:01
Marinda insists that all witnesses who testified that Cecilia had spiritual powers were lying

29 Nov 12:00

Nel accuses Marinda of colluding with Cecilia on presenting her evidence.  

Marinda denies it

29 Nov 11:58
I'm a Christian again, says Marinda

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