OVERVIEW: 'That money did not reach my account' - Mrwebi on allegations of receiving R10 000 from Bosasa #Mokgoroinquiry

2019-02-20 10:13

Suspended special director of public prosecutions advocate Lawrence Mrwebi has responded to his detractors and accusers after taking the stand for the first time at the Mokgoro inquiry in Centurion. Nomgcobo Jiba is set to testify on Thursday.

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20 Feb 15:04

Mrwebi is done with his testimony. The inquiry adjourns until tomorrow at 09:00.

Jiba will testify tomorrow. 

20 Feb 15:02
"That money did not reach my account"

20 Feb 15:02

20 Feb 15:01

Rib: Did you ever meet Mr Mti?

Mrwebi: I know Mr Mti as the accused in this Bosasa matter...I have never had any relationship with him.

20 Feb 14:58
Mrwebi says Lepinka did not again become part of any brief relating to Bosasa. Mrwebi says his last involvement with Bosasa was in October 2013.

20 Feb 14:54

20 Feb 14:50

Email addressed to JL:

Draft racketeering draft sheet was requested from Lepinka.

Mrwebi explains the context of the email. 

20 Feb 14:47

20 Feb 14:46

Jackie Lepinka was the private secretary of Mti while employed at Correctional Services.

Mrwebi confirms this and elaborates on her duties.

20 Feb 14:39
Jiba allegedly received R100 000, Mrwebi R10 000 and Lepinka R20 000 every month. All three have denied the allegations.

20 Feb 14:38

20 Feb 14:38

ICYMI: Around 2011 Bosasa had already devised a plan to bribe top prosecutors Nomgcobo Jiba and Lawrence Mrwebi through former prisons boss Linda Mti and his one-time secretary, Jackie Lepinka who as it happened, was at the time Jiba's personal assistant.

20 Feb 14:36

Now dealing with Agrizzi allegations:

Agrizzi has indicated receiving NPA documents, Rib says.

Goes further to elaborate on the bribes received from former prisons boss Linda Mti.

Mrwebi says he is aware of allegations.

20 Feb 14:33

20 Feb 14:31
Mrwebi says in April 2015 they went on trial - when the matter was called upon the State applied for a postponement -  the question from the magistrate was why the postponement? 

20 Feb 14:28

20 Feb 14:27

Documents were kept in storage spaces.

"There were cameras, and security. Conveniently on the day the documents were romoved, the cameras were not working. "

At the time, security was also not present. "He/she was not there," Mrwebi says.

These documents are still missing.

20 Feb 14:24
Mrwebi returned from Durban on the Monday. His safe was sealed. Although he had the key, he could not access the safe. Sensitive documents in relation to ongoing investigations were taken. 

20 Feb 14:22

Mrwebi: "Then I decided to go home and pray" after his office was raided. Upon his return the next day, the office was clean and "top secret documents" in a safe were not taken.

"There was not even a pin in my office."

20 Feb 14:20

23/6/2014 - Letters by Hofmeyr:

Letter received by Mrwebi, responded that he has no representations to make in the letter.

Another letter from Hofmeyr followed thereafter about Mrwebi's prosecution.

Mrwebi confirms receiving both letters and responding respectively.

20 Feb 14:08
Mrwebi: the decision in the matter (Mdluli matter) was that investigations must conitnue and once that is done the matter must be re-enrolled.

20 Feb 14:05

20 Feb 12:58
Lunch break. To resume within an hour.

20 Feb 12:45

Rib: Do you know general Mdluli?

Mrwebi: I know general Mdluli by reading about him on newspapers.

"I have no reason to favour anybody when I take a decision. The fact that the person might be hated does not influence my decision."

20 Feb 12:44

20 Feb 12:42
"I have no reason to favour Mdluli. Bring the evidence, let's apply the law."

20 Feb 12:40
Mrwebi: My knowledge up to now is that general Mdluli has not been prosecuted on those corruption charges. 

20 Feb 12:40

20 Feb 12:37
Breytenbach also believed that the representations were handed to Mrwebi so that he would deal with the withdrawal of the Mdluli matter.

20 Feb 12:36

20 Feb 12:35

Mrwebi says adv Bretenbach asked for a forensic report. "I said that is a good idea," he says. 

Mrwebi says they came to the conclusion that the matter should be provisionally withdrawn.  

20 Feb 12:35
Mrwebi: My view, looking into law, only limited numer of people who could have access to information. Breytenbach even suggested forensic report. It was a lenghty discussion. We came to conclusion that matter must be withdrawn.

20 Feb 12:34

20 Feb 12:33

ICYMI: Mokgoro inquiry: Mzinyathi forced to withdraw charges against Mdluli

North Gauteng Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Sibongile Mzinyathi has told the Mokgoro inquiry that he was pushed into a corner and forced to agree to the provisional withdrawal of charges against former Crime Intelligence boss Richard Mdluli.

Mdluli was facing charges of fraud, theft and corruption for allegedly pillaging the Crime Intelligence slush fund.

But the charges were withdrawn in 2011.

20 Feb 12:30
Mrwebi said Mdluli was not implicated at all. At some point, we might have to consider using co-accused against him.

20 Feb 12:30

Mrwebi says they went through the merits of the case.

"Mr Mdluli is not implicated in the fraud case. This R90 000 we are talking about in terms of the shorfall he was going to pay - all these transactions were done by his co-accused," he says. 

20 Feb 12:28

20 Feb 12:27

Meeting with Breytenbach and Mr Mzinyathi. They didn't agree with decision that he took. 

Mrwebi: I did not go much into merits of the matter, we then went through it, discussed the matter. My initial view, we got a bit very sensitive. Security environment being dealt with. 

20 Feb 12:20

20 Feb 12:16

Mrwebi says there was no evidence in the Richard Mdluli docket to say he had knowledge of any transactions.

The transactions relates to Mdluli's BMWs.

20 Feb 12:14

20 Feb 12:13

Mrwebi: I was not being respected because I had not received the report. I had to write a reminder that I requested to receive the report.

The response strangely did not address the matter. The response rather said 'we cannot entertain this', but not telling me why. It was not helpful to me. I requested it again, thereafter it was provided.

20 Feb 12:10

20 Feb 12:05

On reports to conviction records/ evidence displayed on screen:

Mrwebi: Documents prepared under my supervision up until 2016 at least.

20 Feb 12:01

20 Feb 12:00

Rib: Are you directly involved in ever High Court matter?

No chair. The prosecutor decides on strategy.

20 Feb 11:57

Chair: Do they report annually to working group?

Mrwebi: Quarterly, 4 times a year. 

20 Feb 11:56
Mrwebi clarifies that SA not part of motherbody of OECD, only working group.

20 Feb 11:55

Mrwebi on OECD presentation: We presented training and actual evidence of who we were training. 

Rib: The report was brought out before 2018?

Mrwebi: Quite correct

Rib: How do you feel about OECD criticism?

Mrwebi: Unfair criticism, objective evidence points to the contrary. 

20 Feb 11:52

Rib: It stated that after (Chris MacAdam) left, under your leadership, was that SA was left a mess.

Inadequacies now being read out.

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