AS IT HAPPENED #CrimeStats: We are on duty; things are going to change - Mbalula

2017-10-24 08:56

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has presented the past year's crime statistics to Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Police.

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24 Oct 14:35

#CrimeStats: Western Cape is the murder centre of South Africa

The Western Cape is home to a third of the country’s police stations where the most killings have been recorded and it's also home to South Africa’s longstanding murder capital - Nyanga.

24 Oct 14:20
Mbalula concludes the press conference

24 Oct 14:18
We are on duty; things are going to change, promises Mbalula

24 Oct 14:16

24 Oct 14:15

24 Oct 14:14

Policing must go back to basics  

Detect the crime before it happens - Mbalula

24 Oct 14:13

24 Oct 14:12
They [criminals] must never have an opportunity to have fun - Mbalula

24 Oct 14:11
"Our approach in the fight against crime is combative and smart policing," says Mbalula

24 Oct 14:10
Mbalula says criminals have too many rights

24 Oct 14:08
Mothiba: We are calling upon our people to report crime

24 Oct 14:05

"Don't buy stolen goods"  

Police General Mothiba says that the market for stolen property contributes to crime

24 Oct 14:03

Police General Mothiba: We made a mistake when we removed the specialised units  

We are busy reviving those units

24 Oct 14:02
Police call on media to publish names of wanted suspects

24 Oct 14:01

24 Oct 14:01

24 Oct 14:00

24 Oct 13:54

24 Oct 13:48

Mbalula says parents should take responsibility  

"We must say to parents: 'Look after your kids'  

"Kids get killed by the people they trust" - Mbalula quotes the Courtney Pieters murder

24 Oct 13:46

24 Oct 13:45

24 Oct 13:45
Mbalula says that there is no distinction for political murders - "it is 'murders'"

24 Oct 13:41

Mbalula holding court with the media  

Generating laughs from journalists

24 Oct 13:39

24 Oct 13:38

24 Oct 13:38

24 Oct 13:37

24 Oct 13:37
Mbalula says he's only been in the ministry for five months

24 Oct 13:36

24 Oct 13:35

Mbalula says the police ministry needs stability  

Talking up for him to keep his job  

"Nobody's entitled to his position" - on Cabinet reshuffles

24 Oct 13:33
We need to change perceptions about the work of the police - Mbalula

24 Oct 13:32

Mbalula: We can't allow statistics to be used as a political tool  

On farm murders  

24 Oct 13:29

One of the things our stats must address is conviction rate  

We need to collaborate with Correctional Services - Mbalula  

24 Oct 13:28

24 Oct 13:26
We can't report on crimes not reported

24 Oct 13:25
Police General Mothiba seems more relaxed facing the media

24 Oct 13:22

Mbalula gets a laugh when he is asked about being reshuffled  

"Never" Mbalula interjects

24 Oct 13:18

24 Oct 13:18
We need to put our ideas into practice, Mbalula tells the media

24 Oct 13:17
Mbalula: We are not in the business of being too argumentative

24 Oct 13:15

Crime stats: Hard Livings gang singled out in Parliament as threat to Cape Town residents

The Hard Livings gang, which has strongholds in several Cape Town suburbs, got special mention from Police Minister Fikile Mbalula on Tuesday when he released the annual national crime statistics in Parliament.

24 Oct 13:13

24 Oct 13:12

24 Oct 12:57
Syndicate at our borders compromise national security, says Mbalula

24 Oct 12:55
We have to review our crime prevention system, says Mbalula

24 Oct 12:51
Public order policing training now three weeks as opposed to two days

24 Oct 12:50

Flying squad numbers going down  

Reduction in personnel and vehicle budget

24 Oct 12:49
Unfounded cases are false cases, says Police General Mothiba

24 Oct 12:44

24 Oct 12:41
"We must never give an impression that there are certain things we are running away from," says Mbalula on the farm murder statistics

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