OVERVIEW: Why Mosiuoa Lekota insisted to address Cyril Ramaphosa in #SONADebate

2019-02-13 19:01

Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota put up a fight in Parliament to personally address President Cyril Ramaphosa, accusing him of selling out ANC leaders during the 1970s.

ICYMI: 16 quotes that made MPs roar, laugh and sigh during day 1 of the #SONADebate
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13 Feb 19:09

Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota on Wednesday accused President Cyril Ramaphosa of selling out ANC leaders who he was detained with during the 70s.

Members of Parliament, for a second day, were responding to Ramaphosa's State of the Nation Address.

Just as Lekota took the podium, he was told by stand-in speaker Thandi Modise “honourable Lekota, the president just stepped out, you can continue”. 

However, Lekota responded: “Madam speaker, shouldn't I wait for the president? I would like... I would like...”

“No, no honourable Lekota, now you are wasting your time,” interjected Modise.

“No, no, no. The president addressed me when he was here on the podium. I want the president because I want to answer some of the things he said to me. He called me by name. He called me by name.”

Modise reminded Lekota that the president could step out and return, adding: “If you do not exercise the 4 minutes allocated to you, you will forfeit it.”  

A Cope MP then suggested that an ANC speaker address the House and then allow Lekota to respond when the president returns, but this was turned down. The EFF initially said Lekota was holding the House to ransom, but later volunteered to give him 8 minutes of their time. This was also turned down.

"This issue of selling out is very important,” EFF leader Julius Malema said.

Watch the clip

“Last week the President was on this spot here when he invited me, among others, to join him. I don't know to what trip," said Lekota.

“I do want to say to the president today, I was a bit puzzled that you introduced Rooseveld in all that you spoke about. I'd like to say we must come back to South Africa because I was never in the United States to struggle, we struggled here," he said.

“And I do want to say to you Mr President that we were invited on a trip of struggle by the preeminent leader of the students of our time - the late Steve Biko - who said to us we must fight the struggle.”

Lekota recalled that Biko said: "In case of danger, or living conditions that threaten human life, we must accept life for what it is or not at all." 

He said about two years later in about 1974 some ANC members were detained. “[Y]ou, with us in detention, when it was difficult, you wrote to the special branch, that we put communist ideas in your head. In doing so, you condemned us, to the special branch,” Lekota told Ramaphosa.

“I say this to you because the special branch rewarded you as they always reward their victims and they sent you home and we headed to Robben Island.”

Lekota said he won't join Ramaphosa on the trip he suggested. "I will not join you because you made your choice then and I made my choice."

Watch how day 2 of the SONA debate unfolded:

13 Feb 18:31

13 Feb 18:19

13 Feb 18:18

Now is the time to vote for change. Now is the time to vote for a government that has the urgency to deliver immediate services to our people.  

Now is the time to vote for government that gets stuff done, the right way, on time and within budget.  And that government, is a DA government.

13 Feb 18:17

Fellow South Africans, every election cycle the ANC pleads for more time in government to deliver on the promises they have consistently failed to deliver for the last 25 years.  

It is as if they have somehow woken up to the realisation that service delivery only takes place during election year.  

There is no doubt you will see more ribbons cut now. You will see more PR stunts of hand over of keys to the elderly. And of course, you will receive more food parcels.  

You should ask them: where were they for the last 25 years when you were suffering.

13 Feb 18:16

The National Health Insurance Fund is not the solution for our crumbling public health system. It is a shortsighted attempt to nationalize health care.  

Where we govern, we are investing billions to improve our public health infrastructure and enhance universal access to health care.  

The DA Western Cape Government has spent over R3.8bn since 2009 to build world-class hospitals in Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain. We are widening access to primary health care to poor communities in areas   where such services didn’t exist before.

13 Feb 18:13
All these realities reflect the daily battle for survival for many poor black South Africans.   They don’t have patience or time to “watch the space” anymore.  In fact, they are sick and tired of “watching the space.”

13 Feb 18:13

Mr. President last week you implored us to “watch the space” in your calculated attempt to serenade us into believing your empty promises.  

Mr. President how much longer Mrs Christina Maake from Mandela Park in Modjadjiskloof  “watch the space” to stop competing with livestock for water at their local river?  

Mr President, how much longer must Thulasize Mcwango in Msholozi informal settlement in Mbombela “watch the space” to have their homes electrified?

How much longer must Tlangelani Mabunda from Mninginisi Village in Giyani “watch the space” for a clinic in her area so they don’t travel more than 10kms to their nearest one?

13 Feb 18:12

The DA's Solly Malatsi is now on:

Mr President last year you stood on this platform insisting that you had seen a contract between your son, Andile Ramaphosa, and Bosasa over the R500 000 donated to your family trust.

Today you have written to the Leader of the Official Opposition refuse to release the same contract you claim to have seen following his PAIA application.  This is not the behavior of someone who has nothing to hide.  

It is now clear that between you, your son and Bosasa someone is hiding something.   Mr President, I challenge you to release that contract when you come to this podium tomorrow. I challenge you to answer honestly once and for all. If you fail to do so, we will see you for who you are. A President who choose to cover up when confronted with an opportunity to be transparent.

13 Feb 18:07

The president said, “Starting this year, free higher education and training will be available to first year students from households with a gross combined annual income of up to R350 000.”

Is this achieved? No.

13 Feb 18:07

In SONA 2018, the president said,: "The Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Delivery Initiative programme will complete all outstanding projects by the end of the next financial year.”

Was this achieved? No, is it on track no.

13 Feb 18:06

In SONA 2018, the President said: “In the next three months, we will launch a huge cancer campaign similar to the HIV counselling and testing campaign that we launched”.

Did the president do that? The answer is now.

13 Feb 18:04

We want to recommend that you should allow a judicial commission to investigate your involvement with the special branch because these allegations are not coming for the first time.

Perhaps to clear the air because we cannot have a President that has questionable rations with the apartheid special branch.

13 Feb 18:03

It is utter opportunism, infantile and unprincipled to want to exonerate yourself from the collective failures, incompetence, cowardice, and degeneration in the 9 years Zuma was a President.

Those who do so are not different from Bruno Mtolo, JS Moroka, and who when things were difficult, compromised the struggle at critical moments.

13 Feb 18:01
KwaZulu-Natal became the first Province to conclude the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the DTI on the implementation of the Black Industrialists Programme in KZN.

13 Feb 18:00

13 Feb 17:54
Let us refrain from chauvinistic breast-beating; but let also not underrate what we have achieved in establishing a stable and progressive democracy where we take freedoms seriously; in building national unity in spite of decades and centuries of apartheid and colonial rule; in creating a culture in which we increasingly respect the dignity of all.

13 Feb 17:53
Honourable House Chairperson, on the 10th of May 2004 former President Mandela made his last address to this very august house as part of celebrating the first decade of freedom.

13 Feb 17:53
South Africa is indisputably far better than it was before 1994. Working together, we remain on course to restore the dignity of all citizens and to reverse the centuries of underdevelopment, poverty, unemployment, and inequality.

13 Feb 17:53
In forums which are not public, the WC government is always represented by MEC Mbombo. Yet on public platforms like this, you felt a black woman like her is not fit to represent you.

13 Feb 17:53

The opposition is busy telling lies and claiming victories. They claim that the WC is leading in terms of job growth yet StatsSA lists the Gauteng as the leading province.

Lekota speaks about corruption yet he forgets that he was charged and had to pay a large fine for failing to declare his interests in the wine industry.

Winde lies that they are helping us launch Operation Khulisa in KZN. There is no such.

13 Feb 17:46

13 Feb 17:38

13 Feb 17:38

13 Feb 17:26
Tomorrow is the 14th of February and we are reminded of the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. We remember Karabo Mokoena, Zolile Khumalo, Susan Rohdes, and countless others who died at the hands of the people they loved.

13 Feb 17:25
We support the recommendations of the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities for a national audit and registration of all places of worship.

13 Feb 17:24
We welcome the appointment of the new National Director of Public Prosecutions, Advocate Shamila Batohi. We remain confident that under her leadership the prosecution of sexual offences will place at the centre the needs of victims and survivors.

13 Feb 17:24
The live broadcast of the case against Omotoso has allowed citizens to witness what victims of sexual offences go through under cross examination. It presented an opportunity for us to revisit our court processes in order to protect women.

13 Feb 17:23
We pay tribute to Cheryl Zondi and other young women for their bravery and courage in the face of a brutal and uncaring judicial procedure.

13 Feb 17:23
Mr President, your exemplary leadership in the fight against gender-based violence must be emulated by other leaders in government, civil society and the private sector. Gender-Based Violence must become a household debate.

13 Feb 17:22

13 Feb 17:18

13 Feb 17:18

13 Feb 17:17
As women we have made significant strides in ensuring that we are better represented and have a VOICE in parliament, in the judiciary, in cabinet, in the public service, and in society at large. The percentage of women in cabinet increased from 11% in 1994 to 48% in2018

13 Feb 17:17
Women were systematically excluded from the social, political and economic spheres under a racist, sexist and violent Apartheid regime. Women’s lived experiences differed according to race, geography, economic status and educational levels.

13 Feb 17:17
You (the DA) must watch the space. You will never have the power to mobilize popular vote like the three women you got rid off had. Your days are numbered.

13 Feb 17:16
It is the struggles and suffering of women led by Charlotte Maxeke, Mama Albertina Sisulu, Sophie de Bruyn, Mama Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa, Phila Ndwandwe, Nomkhosi Mini, Dulcie September, Cecilie Palmer and many others who ushered in the rights and freedoms for women that are in our Constitution. This freedom not only benefitted the millions of Black women but also White Afrikaner and English speaking women, and LGBTQIA+ Communities.

13 Feb 17:15
We have Chapter 9 institutions that were established to protect human and women’s rights. We have a vibrant civil society that ensures gender equality principles are mainstreamed in all institutions.

13 Feb 17:15
South Africa’s democracy is founded on the Constitution which gives the three arms of the State: the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature the power to eradicate patriarchy.

13 Feb 17:14
I stand here today representing the interests of fifty one percent of the population of South Africa. The struggles waged by women over centuries have ensured that we have made important strides towards our national goal of a non-sexist society.

13 Feb 17:14

13 Feb 17:14

13 Feb 17:06

We are under the astute leadership of the President of Salga, who also serves as the President of United Cities and Local Government. I represent the local fraternity of our country.

I'm a living testimony that we are living and enjoying the right of life, dignity and liberty.

As organised local government, we must start by acknowledging the massive progress that we have made over the past 18 years of our democratic dispensation. This includes the provision of basic services to so many of our people.

It further includes the rapid development and quality of infrastructure, the increased mobility investment in social amenities and massive progress in financial management and institutional resilience.

This is highlighted clearly in the 2017 StatsSA non-financial census of municipalities, which confirms the numbers of consumers receiving services from our municipalities increased in the provision of sanitation, electricity, water and solid waste.

3.6 million indigents benefit from this. They receive 6 kilolitres of water for free, 50 kilowatss of free electricity. This is meant to benefit the poor.

Municipalities are under extreme cash flow constraints with over 123 municipalities collecting less than 80% on a monthly basis. The aggregate municipal consumer debt amounts to R158 billion.

13 Feb 17:04

13 Feb 17:04
We will start opening them officially from March or April. Four (4) Ideal clinics in Vhembe District of Limpopo and four (4) in Gert Sibande District of Mpumalanga are now under construction at a very advanced stage.

13 Feb 17:03
We have already completed the building of eight (8) such clinics in the OR Tambo District of the Eastern Cape. They are Lusikisiki, Lutubeni, Sakhela, Genqwe, Maxwhele, Nolitha, Ukanga and Lotana.

13 Feb 17:03
To improve our clinics, we have decided on the model of an Ideal Clinic. Among other characteristics of an Ideal Clinic, is the type of infrastructure – it has to be state-of-the-art.

13 Feb 17:03
At any rate Mr President, you did not say NHI will just be implemented and completely ignoring the improvement of quality of care. This is because NHI and improvement of quality of the public health system are not mutually exclusive.

13 Feb 17:03
We are not like some organization which last week was excited for realizing for the first time in its history, that black people do actually exist and have a right to the economic pie of the country.

13 Feb 17:03
We are a Movement of All – All South Africans – the poor, the rich, black, white, brown, yellow, the employed, the unemployed, the young, the old, the healthy, the sick, the rural, the urban, and all other citizens who reside within the borders of our country.

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