AS IT HAPPENED: State cross examines witness on safety at De Zalze in #VanBreda trial

2017-10-25 10:58

The murder trial of Henri van Breda has continued in the Western Cape High Court where the defence has presented their fifth witness,a former security manager at the De Zalze Estate in Stellenbosch.


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25 Oct 14:41
Court adjourns until October 30.

25 Oct 14:38

25 Oct 14:37

25 Oct 14:32

25 Oct 14:32
Galloway concludes cross-examination.

25 Oct 14:31

25 Oct 14:29
There has to be a sign if you say someone gained access to estate, Galloway says. Pietersen says he noted where it was possible.

25 Oct 14:28

25 Oct 14:26
There are no cameras inside the estate, only perimeter, Pietersen says.  

25 Oct 14:23

25 Oct 14:22
*Court resumes*

25 Oct 12:59
Court adjourns for lunch, Galloway to continue cross-examination when court resumes.

25 Oct 12:48

25 Oct 12:39
Pietersen says if camera doesn't see you, alarm will alert to presence. Thermal camera can already spot someone 20m from fence.

25 Oct 12:38

25 Oct 12:37
"Estate security officer Edgar Wyngaard, the night shift commander on January 26, 2015, previously testified that they had good security infrastructure and strict protocols."

25 Oct 12:34

25 Oct 12:32
Galloway says witnesses who testified say they felt safe at De Zalze. Pietersen says perhaps previous incidents not communicated. 

25 Oct 12:30

25 Oct 12:26

25 Oct 12:23
Sees this as exceptional circumstances. Galloway asks why he has footage.Pietersen says deleted original footage. Had bits, pieces. 

25 Oct 12:22

25 Oct 12:22
Pietersen explains estate security manager's position. Managing and overseeing security operations. 

25 Oct 12:18

25 Oct 12:18
Defence concludes questioning.

25 Oct 12:16
Another photo showing contractor's gate. One could possibly get over it, Pietersen says.

25 Oct 12:14

25 Oct 12:11
Pietersen says he could see panga in the man's hand. Judge Desai says he can't see it. Pietersen recorded it on phone from screen. 

25 Oct 12:09

25 Oct 12:07
Video clip from May 2013 being played. Shows footage of man supposedly armed with panga.

25 Oct 12:00

25 Oct 11:54
Guards responded and didn't immediately see the gap? Correct, Pietersen says. Difficult to spot due to background.
Guards responded and didnt immediately see the gap? Correct, Pietersen says. Difficult to spot due to background.

25 Oct 11:52

25 Oct 11:49
Pietersen says 5 incidents occurred during his tenure. In one, person gained access underneath Spier gate, fiddled with camera.

25 Oct 11:47

25 Oct 11:46
Pietersen says 20cm gap covered by rocks. Another space before electric fence starts, says 40cm gap, he points out. 

25 Oct 11:44

25 Oct 11:43
Airfield gate had anti-dig foundation. Stops people, animals from digging underneath. Limited to residential, farm boundaries. 

25 Oct 11:36

25 Oct 11:35
Pumphouse near R44 easy to climb and gain access to De Zalze before barbed wire installed, Pietersen says

25 Oct 11:32

25 Oct 11:29
Photos taken by Pietersen while employed at De Zalze. Showed typical damage to fence caused by the river. 

25 Oct 11:28

25 Oct 11:25
Bridge at Kleine Zalze river was also a concern as it allowed public access to restaurant and guest house, Pietersen says.

25 Oct 11:24

25 Oct 11:20
Lists all the camera types and its positions at the time of his employment.  

25 Oct 11:18

25 Oct 11:17
Adv Botha asks him about insufficient camera coverage, with only 35% of De Zalze's fencing under surveillance.

25 Oct 11:14

25 Oct 11:13

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