AS IT HAPPENED: 'Secret ballot' judgment is reserved

2017-05-15 19:50

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng thanks all legal representatives for their arguments in the protracted "secret ballot" case brought to the Constitution Court by the United Democratic Movement (UDM).

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15 May 19:50
The Chief Justice thanks the legal experts for their arguments. He says judgment is reserved 

15 May 19:49
Mogoeng jokes that Mpofu has more energy now than in the morning when he made his first argument 

15 May 19:47
UDM leader Bantu Holomisa, also in the courtroom, is listening to Mpofu's argument attentively 

15 May 19:45

15 May 19:42
Mpofu says, since we have twelve political parties, the country only needs twelve MPs, and not 400 as is the case now

15 May 19:38
Mpofu: In a multiparty system, it is difficult for MPs to be "spineful", "whatever the opposite of spineless is"

15 May 19:33

15 May 19:31
Mpofu says it's the job of the court to interfere when there are disputes 

15 May 19:30
Mogoeng asks if parliament shouldn't be left alone to make its own decisions, without being influenced by the ConCourt

15 May 19:27
Mpofu says irrespective of those conditions there would be a situation where a secret vote would be needed like now, with Zuma.

15 May 19:27

15 May 19:25
Mpofu asks if there is a need for secrecy when voting a President into office, why should it be treated differently when he "needs" to be voted out? 

15 May 19:22
He argues that he will use "effectiveness" and "absurdity" approach in his argument. 

15 May 19:20

15 May 19:19
He says he used the "mischief approach" in his earlier argument 

15 May 19:18

15 May 19:17
Mpofu promises Mogoeng that he'll not mention the word "discretion" 

15 May 19:13
Mpofu starts with his argument. He asks for 20 minutes

15 May 19:12
The Chief Justice is asking how do we interpret the rules of Parliament. 

15 May 19:06
Mogoeng asks how will the system all MPs to vote without their names reflecting on how they voted. 

15 May 19:04
Mogoeng jokes that he was Semenya's roommate. Court bursts in laughter 

15 May 19:00
Mogoeng asks if it will not be an unnecessary encroachment to ask the ConCourt to force to Speaker to enforce the secret ballot 

15 May 18:55
Semenya: I don't know whether there is a risk

15 May 18:53

15 May 18:53
What is the risk to the executive and party to secret voting? Asks Justice Cameron

15 May 18:52

15 May 18:50

15 May 18:50

15 May 18:48

15 May 18:47

15 May 18:46

15 May 18:46
Semenya argues that an open vote cannot hold the executive to account - "It's a far reaching conclusion"

15 May 18:45

15 May 18:42

15 May 18:41
Moegoeng says in the instance of a vote of no confidence, the president doesn't want to go

15 May 18:40

15 May 18:39

15 May 18:38
Semenya says a secret ballot to elect the president only happens when there is more than one candidate

15 May 18:37

15 May 18:33

15 May 18:32

15 May 18:32

15 May 18:32

15 May 18:31
Semenya argues for transparency, saying that even judges may argue that their names on judgments might put them at risk

15 May 18:30

15 May 18:29
Semenya shows a lot of confidence

15 May 18:28

15 May 18:27

15 May 18:27
Next up to face the court is Ishmail Semenya

15 May 18:26

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