AS IT HAPPENED: #OscarPistorius is a broken man - Roux

2017-11-03 09:57

The State has appealed the jail sentence imposed on Oscar Pistorius in the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein.


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03 Nov 12:44

Masipa failed to give compelling reasons to deviate from longer sentence for Oscar, SCA hears

Judge Thokozile Masipa failed to put forward substantial and compelling reasons why she deviated from a minimum sentence of 15 years when she sentenced Oscar Pistorius for Reeva Steenkamp's murder, the Supreme Court of Appeal heard

03 Nov 12:38
Judgment reserved, Justice Bosielo congratulates parties on their preparation

03 Nov 12:37
Justice Bosielo says the appellant court should interfere even when it would have imposed a different sentence

03 Nov 12:36

03 Nov 12:36

Johnson says there is a lack of admission  

Justice Bosielo: I don't think those arguments are valid

03 Nov 12:34
Justices are not giving anything away on which way they are leaning

03 Nov 12:33

03 Nov 12:32

03 Nov 12:32

03 Nov 12:31

Johnson returns to the remorse argument  

"We still remain in a quandary"  

03 Nov 12:30

03 Nov 12:29
The NPA's Advocate Johnson responds

03 Nov 12:28

03 Nov 12:28

03 Nov 12:27

03 Nov 12:25

Roux: Oscar is a broken man  

He's tormented for the rest of his life

03 Nov 12:24

03 Nov 12:23

Key line from S v Malgas:  

If any court referred to in subsection (1) or (2) is satisfied that substantial and  compelling  circumstances  exist  which  justify  the imposition of a lesser sentence than the sentence prescribed in those subsections, it  shall  enter  those  circumstances  on  the  record  of  the proceedings and may thereupon impose such lesser sentence.

03 Nov 12:22

03 Nov 12:22

03 Nov 12:20

03 Nov 12:19

03 Nov 12:19

03 Nov 12:18
Roux once again references S v Malgas

03 Nov 12:17

03 Nov 12:17
"Judge Masipa went through a very difficult time" - Roux

03 Nov 12:16
Roux argues that Judge Masipa conducted a "proper exercise of discretion"

03 Nov 12:14

03 Nov 12:14

03 Nov 12:13
Roux: Oscar Pistorius is a sacrificial lamb

03 Nov 12:12

03 Nov 12:11

03 Nov 12:11

03 Nov 12:10

03 Nov 12:09

03 Nov 12:08
Here is the case State v Malgas that has been quoted

03 Nov 12:06

"Someone he did not want to kill.  

"Was he prepared to kill the intruder?"

03 Nov 12:05
Roux argues for Judge Masipa's thinking in handing down sentence

03 Nov 12:04

03 Nov 12:03

Tanya Koen, speaking on behalf of Reeva's emotional mother June said: "The family supports the State and the law must run its course – and what is happening this morning is part of that legal process.

"What the family is focusing on is to continue Reeva's legacy, which is the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation."

03 Nov 12:03

03 Nov 12:02

03 Nov 12:01

03 Nov 11:59

Justice Seriti: I'm not criticising Judge Masipa.  

I'm trying to bring some sanity  

03 Nov 11:57
Justice Seriti and Roux debate retribution in serious crimes

03 Nov 11:56
Debate on retribution versus rehabilitation

03 Nov 11:55

03 Nov 11:54

03 Nov 11:53

03 Nov 11:52

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