As it happened: Week 8 of Panayiotou trial gets underway

2016-11-28 09:32

The ongoing trial of Christopher Panayiotou and his co-accused for the murder of his wife Jayde is expected to continue in the Eastern Cape High Court in Port Elizabeth, as court proceedings enter the eighth week with a 'trial within a trial'.

The accused in the Panayiotou case

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28 Nov 15:58

Court will resume at 11:00 on Tuesday.

28 Nov 15:43
Chetty: Court is adjourned to tomorrow at 09:30.

28 Nov 15:43

TP: Perhaps now is the right time to adjourn.

28 Nov 15:42

The Inggs family and friends leave the court.

28 Nov 15:42

TP: Is it not correct that as you were arresting him you hit him on the back of the head, not heard but you slapped him.                       

LE: I did not assault him.

TP: Is it not correct that at one stage someone called him a “poes”?

LE: It is in the transcript that someone says Kry daai P.                       

TP: Not p. Poes, kry daai poes.                       

LE: That is what is written there                       

TP: And does someone not refer to him as a fucker                       

LE: Not that I am aware

28 Nov 15:40

TP: Did you pay for it?                       

LE: No                        

28 Nov 15:39

TP: Many times you borrowed food from them.                       

LE: No                       

TP: You have received food?                       

LE: Many times I would visit him in the evenings and we would talk and he would make a burger for himself and one for me.

28 Nov 15:39

TP: I invite you to look both Costa and Fanoula in the eye and you tell them that.                       

LE: I have answered you.                        

28 Nov 15:38

TP: Is it not true that you borrowed money from them?                       

LE: No                       

TP: The family will say that you constantly borrowed money.                       

LE: No                       

TP: I am asking you did you ever borrow money from them?                       

LE: No

28 Nov 15:37

TP: And he never got that money back.                       

LE: The helicopter could not take off due to the mist. The police helicopter took off and Jayde's body was found.                       

So I went back to him and gave the money back to him.

28 Nov 15:36

TP: Did you not ask Mr Panayiotou for money for a helicopter?                       

LE: No, he asked me if I could get a helicopter.                       

TP: And did he give you R3000?                       

LE: Yes, we had made arrangements with John Huddlestons Helicopter Services

28 Nov 15:35

TP: Is this correct?                       

LE: Yes                        

28 Nov 15:35

TP: If we go to page 31                       

Price reads:                       

CHRISTOPHER  Ja, then he came through that, at the Total in Uitenhage.


CHRISTOPHER I went and dropped him off in front of (indistinct). I wasn’t going to come all the way back there.

EKSTEEN But you say – when did you tell Koen this?

CHRISTOPHER  This morning.

EKSTEEN This morning. You told him that Thando was phoning you.


28 Nov 15:34

TP: Siyoni says exactly that, that Chris came and picked him up and took him to Njoli to look for ATMs.                       

LE: I can't testify to that as I do not know what is in the confession.

28 Nov 15:33

TP: Did you read the confession made by Siyoni?                       

LE: No                       

TP: You have not read the confession?                       

LE: No                        

28 Nov 15:33

TP: According to the state, late on the evening of the 21st Mr Panayiotou drove to Siyoni’s house where he gave him R80 000, do you know about that?                       

LE: I have heard about that.

28 Nov 15:32

TP: I am going to play a recording tomorrow that the Panayiotous made of you where you say just that.                       

28 Nov 15:31

TP: Did you not tell the family that Siyoni had been roughed up a bit by that stage?                       

LE: I can't recall                        

28 Nov 15:31

TP: But he would have to be found guilty first.

LE: He had already made a confession.                        

28 Nov 15:30

TP: That is not what you are saying, you are saying if he does not do what you want him to do he is going to go to jail.                       

LE: The defence is not understanding, what we said he must stick to the plan, if it doesn't work, he could go to jail. I clearly said it was not a threat.                        

28 Nov 15:30

TP: What are you trying to say?                       

LE: Unfortunately that is what happens to someone who is convicted of murder, they go to jail.                        

28 Nov 15:29

Price reads:                       

EKSTEEN It is that or 25 years. You must decide. I am not threatening you. I am telling you straight. That is what you must do Thando. It is that what you are going to say. Is that not going to work then it is too late. I am going home. SHANE BOSH MM LEON EKSTEEN You are going to St Alban's.

28 Nov 15:29

TP: Let's go down two lines down

EKSTEEN You need to get, you didn’t even tell him I need to get away boss. You need to tell him I need to get away because the police are after me (Emphasises with hands). Those are the words you need to tell him. And if the police get me boss you know what is going to happen. I mean how difficult can it be to say that? That is exactly what you need to say.                        

28 Nov 15:26

TP: This conversation, is it not clear that you are telling him what to say?                       

LE: I have said, this is the plan, that is what had been said and what I had to convey to Mr Siyoni.                        

28 Nov 15:26

TP: I am going to ask you from the same transcript                       

Price reads: EKSTEEN Hy sê vir hom “boss I need to speak to you it is urgent.”

Maar hy sê nie vir hom hoekom nie. Hy moet vir hom sê “boss the police are after me, you need to come out.”

Maar hy sê dit nie.  You have to say that. You have to let him know what the call is about.

28 Nov 15:25

Stander has no further questions for Eksteen.

Over to Terry Price.

28 Nov 15:24

MS: Was Mr Siyoni at any time threatened?                       

LE: Not at all                       

MS: Coerced or assaulted?                       

LE: No                       

MS: Did he give you his cooperation freely?                      

LE: Yes                        

28 Nov 15:23

MS: And if we read a bit further, we see Chris change the venue.                        

Stander reads:                       

CHRISTOPHER  No, well then meet me there at the Engen in AlgoaPark in an hour.                       

LE: That is correct                       

MS: And that was where the meeting took place?                       

LE: Yes                        

28 Nov 15:22

MS: On the next page, recording 15, we see Thando talking about battling for transport etc. Can you explain?                       

LE: We were playing for time, the vehicle was not ready yet.                        

MS: So this was not the truth?                      

LE: Yes

28 Nov 15:21

MS: Is this the first time you heard about the meeting at McDonald's?                       

LE: That is correct, it is the first time I hear about it.                        

28 Nov 15:21

Stander reads:                       

CHRISTOPHER  Where do you want to meet me.

THANDO Where is the right place to meet you?


THANDO Where is the right place to meet you?


THANDO I cannot come to OK man.

CHRISTOPHER  Okay, do you know where the Engen is on Cape Road, there where McDonald's is?

THANDO Yes, I know.

CHRISTOPHER  Okay, meet me there.                        

28 Nov 15:20

MS: I want to take you to the next conversation, recording 14. This is a conversation between accused 1 and Siyoni.                       

LE: That is correct.

28 Nov 15:18

MS: Was there any mention of him meeting Koen at McDonald's on Cape Road?                       

LE: No, not at all.                       

MS: When did you hear about the meeting at McDonald's on Cape Road?                       

LE: That was later that afternoon in a call between accused 1 and Luthando.                        

28 Nov 15:17

MS: And here it is said Koen wanted to meet at a coffee shop, but he wanted to meet at his home because he was feeling uncomfortable because people were looking at him.                       

LE: That is correct.                        

28 Nov 15:16

MS: And did he mention Siyoni attending the meeting at any stage?                       

LE: No

28 Nov 15:16

MS: According to the transcript, accused 1 said he was going to meet with Koen at a later stage.                       

LE: He did say that he would meet with Koen at 5pm at his house.                       

MS: It has been put to the witness that accused no 1 and Siyoni were going to the meeting, but here it is indicated that one Socks was going to go. Do you know who Socks is?

LE: Yes, Socks is his uncle.                        

28 Nov 15:15

MS: Did he tell you that Thando had told him the police were looking for him?                       

LE: No

28 Nov 15:14

MS: your cellphone records show you received a call at 15:13.                        

LE: That is correct.                       

MS: Did accused number 1 say at that stage he had made arrangement to meet Siyoni?                       

LE: No                        

28 Nov 15:13

MS: So this is the conversation between you and accused 1?                       

LE: That is correct                       

MS: We have the entire conversation here, but what was the message in short, that you left with accused no 1?                       

LE: My words to him on numerous occasions, was that he should be as honest as possible with the investigating officer. I also told him that I didn't know what was going on in his mind, and only he knows. That is what I wanted him to understand.

28 Nov 15:12

MS: I want to take you to page 25, right through to the bottom of 48. That is all one recording on my recording 13.                       

LE: That is correct                       

MS: Can you explain?                       

LE: I received a call from accused 1 who said he wanted to see me.We were all in the office of the commander, and they decided I should go. They also suggested that I should record the conversation. I then went to my office. I prepared my recorder. Accused 1 arrived at my office alone.                       

When he walked into the office I activated the recorder.                       

Everything on this recording, recording 13, is what took place.                        

28 Nov 15:09

MS: Now all this about van Staadens Bridge, Thornhill, was that all to buy time?                        

LE: Yes

28 Nov 15:08

MS: It may be put to you later on that words were put in Siyoni's mouth. As I read this transcript, were these words put into his mouth?                       

LE: This particular part he thought on his feet, no-one said anything about Jeffreys Bay.                        

28 Nov 15:07

MS: If we read further, accused 1 asks Thando where he is, and Thando says he is in Jefferys Bay. We know he was not there. What was the reason given that he said he was in Jeffreys Bay?

LE: We were concerned that the meeting would have happened before we were ready because the vehicle had been sent away. We were playing for time to get the vehicle back.                        

28 Nov 15:07

MS: If we look at the conversation, Thando says he saw the missed calls, is that the missed calls from Chris.                      

LE: That is correct                        

28 Nov 15:06

MS: But it looks like he understood the process as well as you did because it is him saying it.                       

LE: That is correct, Thando is very sharp in regards to these things and brought himself up to speed quite quickly.                        

28 Nov 15:05

MS: Can you explain what is happening here?                       

LE: I wanted to make sure that the phone was recording and that the phone was on speaker. Thando had made the call but the phone was not on speaker yet.                        

28 Nov 15:05

MS: I want to take you now to page 22.                       

Stander reads:                       


THANDO Wait can you pause this?

EKSTEEN Put it on speaker

THANDO You have to ring first                        

28 Nov 15:04

LE: It was missed calls he made, which we were not present to answer.                       

MS: So now you saw the missed calls, what was decided then?                       

LE: Captain Swanepoel decided that since there were missed calls, there should be an opportunity for Thando to contact him again.                        

28 Nov 15:02

MS: The next question I want to ask, and if you can't answer let me know. The evening of the 28th was unsuccessful. What led to further calls to be made on the 29th, because if I understand you correctly the vehicle had been sent away on the 28th?                       

LE: that is correct, on the 28th we thought it was not going to happen. The actual vehicle was sent back. The following morning calls were made to Thando's cell no from Chris.

28 Nov 15:01

MS: What was the atmosphere in the commander's office                       

LE: There was a co-operative atmosphere in the office and Thando spoke freely, such as in this conversation. It was his idea that calls be made to Chris to show he was involved.                        

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