OVERVIEW: Not a single white person supported the amendment of Section 25, CRC hears

2018-11-13 14:16

The Joint Constitutional Review Committee continue with its deliberations on the draft report on a possible review of section 25 of the Constitution.

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Hundreds of people gathered at Cecil Emmett Hall i

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13 Nov 15:21
Joint Constitutional Review Committee on whether S25 of the Constitution should be amended has just ended. They will sit again tomorrow @TeamNews24 tweets News24's Jenni Evans

13 Nov 15:19
Malema says not one single white person supported amending Constitution for #LandExpropriation without compensation. The party recommends amendment. @TeamNews24 tweets News24's Jenni Evans

13 Nov 15:19
Malema says that President Ramaphosa's saying that the Constitution will be amended for #LandExpropriation without compensation before hearings started was his right as a president of the ANC. Malema reminds that EFF tabled motion to consider amendment @TeamNews24 tweets News24's Jenni Evans

13 Nov 15:18
Session is adjourned

13 Nov 15:13
EFF MP Julius Malema says processes over whether S25 of Constitution should be amended for #LandExpropriation was not a referendum so it's not about numbers of submissions, but about substantive issues. (DA, FF+ concerned about not seeing written submissions) @TeamNews24 tweets News24's Jenni Evans

13 Nov 15:11
Dignity of people has been trampled upon, says ANC

13 Nov 15:08
FF+ MP Corne Mulder says majority percentage of oral submissions to Parliament did not not support #LandExpropriation without compensation. Says no access to written submissions means the process flawed and a waste of money. Does not support amendment of Constitution. @TeamNews24 tweets News24's Jenni Evans

13 Nov 15:05
Whites do not want the land to be released because they regard that as their privilege

13 Nov 15:03
Once you rush to numbers, you are out of ideas, says the EFF

13 Nov 15:03
This is not a referendum, says the EFF

13 Nov 14:58
About 200 000 emails are lost in cyberspace, says Freedom Front Plus

13 Nov 14:57
Not one written submission was addressed to political parties, they were addressed to Parliament

13 Nov 14:55
The whole process was flawed, says Freedom Front Plus

13 Nov 14:54
No reason to amend section 27, government must implement provisions

13 Nov 14:51
Land expropriation puts food security and banking at risk

13 Nov 14:47
Large number of email submissions lost

13 Nov 14:41
IFP MP E Buthelezi says Constitution should not be amended as in its current form it is not an impediment for the process of land restitution. @TeamNews24 #LandExpropriation tweets News24's Jenni Evans

13 Nov 14:41
DA MP Anneline Lottriet says the processes on #LandExpropriation was rushed and that over 170000 submissions disregarded as they came from the same email address. DA is opposed and believes other legislation has not been explored properly @TeamNews24 tweets News24's Jenni Evans

13 Nov 14:41
The only way for people to have access to land is to amend the Constitution

13 Nov 14:37
MP Mncwabe from NFP submits that the party believes Parliament must amend S25 of the Constitution for #LandExpropriation without compensation to address inequities. @TeamNews24 tweets News24's Jenni Evans

13 Nov 14:35
Parties state their views on section 25 of the Constitution

13 Nov 14:29

13 Nov 14:22
ACDP's Swart says party does not accept state custodianship of property. Opposed to even church's property taken. Opposes any amendment to S25 of Constitution to allow for #LandExpropriation without compensation. Suggests approaching Concourt for clarity on S25 @TeamNews24 tweets News24's Jenni Evans

13 Nov 14:17
Steve Swart (ACDP) kicks off by saying concerned about process for submissions and whether written submissions were considered in line with Consitutional guidelines. Says #land tenure is complex and emotive. ACDP doesn't support expropriation without compensation @TeamNews24 tweets News24's Jenni Evans

13 Nov 14:16

13 Nov 14:16

Land: Call for moratorium on evictions until after Parly process is complete

Almost 20 000 farmworkers in the Drakenstein area could be evicted if the courts grant eviction orders in more than 1 000 cases on the roll, MPs heard on Thursday.

13 Nov 14:16

Land: Dates set for Parliamentary debate on expropriation without compensation

Parliament is expected to debate whether the Constitution should be amended to allow expropriation without compensation between November 26 and 28.

13 Nov 14:16

Land taken 'by the barrel of a gun' should be valued at R0, Parly committee hears

The Christian Bible's Ten Commandments were invoked at Friday's public submissions to Parliament's Constitutional Review Committee on how and whether land should be expropriated without compensation.

13 Nov 14:16

Land: The people speak - 'My white brothers and sisters, don't worry,' man tells hearing

Some speakers at the Swellendam public land hearings tried to allay white people's fears about the expropriation of land without compensation on Friday.

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