'Allegations that cannot be substantiated are called blue lies' - De Lille answers your questions

2019-05-02 11:57

Join us LIVE with GOOD leader Patricia de Lille, who will be answering your questions ahead of the elections. It's a live, online interview led entirely by YOU as a citizen!

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02 May 13:28

We've run out of time with de Lille, but the GOOD team will be reading through your questions and responding to the ones we didn't get round to! 

Don't forget that our next LIVE Q&A is with COPE's Dennis Bloem at 3pm today. Send your questions using the hashtag #BloemOnNews24 or email us on feedback@news24.com.

02 May 13:18

02 May 12:56

02 May 12:52

02 May 12:52

What is your plan for overhauling the public healthcare system in South Africa and what is the qualification of your health spokesperson or candidate? Dr Ozayr Mahomed

De Lille: Health is part of our policies and as we know the health system in our country is in crisis and needs to be fixed. When you want to fix your health system, you first need to look at access. Who can access your health facilities and who must take responsibility for it? Currently, our Constitution makes provision for our health system to be governed by make provincial and national government. 

Also in cities you have clinic that's government by local government. Together with providing access to health, we should also be looking at the preventable disesae. If you can prevent for instance diabetes, and you see how many people today come to the facilities tog et help for that...you need to look at that. Have a campaing that hancge lifestyles to prevent these diseases.

Access is key. But even when people have access, the quality of healthcare must be improved. Our policy on this is on our website. I won't be able to go into detail about it but everything is there on the website. 

The NHI has been spoken about for the the last 15 years. It is an option but it must be an option that can be affordable. It must be a sytsem that provides aces to all so hopefully we can finally get to a NHI system that can be workable for all South Africans. 

02 May 12:47

Does GOOD support the legislative process and court rulings to make party funding more transparent? Where does your party stand on full, open transparency? Paul Herman, News24 news editor

De Lille: We certainly support the legislation that will come into effect after the elctions. We have reached a stage in our 25 years of democracy, where our demcoracy has been privatised. It's a shame that in a poor country like ours, the ANC will spend about a R1 billion on the election... the DA will spend R600 million.

As GOOD we fully support transparency. And when the law comes into effect we will comply with it. 

02 May 12:44

How many seats  are you hoping to get in Parliament? - khadjia1207, Instagram

De Lille: Seats first of all get determined by voter turnout and you need about 50 000 votes to get one seat. We are certainly pushing to get at least between 5 and 10 seats. It's really not the number of seats that's important, it's the quality of the participation of the people that you put there. If you look at the old parties, of which all South Africans are sick and tired, and they have the numbers, but the quality of what they produce is the cause of the mess our country is in today. So you can be a lone single voice in Parliament and you can make a much bigger difference than 20 of the old parties put together. 

02 May 12:41

What will you do to combat discrimination and violence against LGBTQ citizens? - Chadniebuhr, Instagram

De Lille: We have got a very strong policy on that. We believe, starting with racism, that you don't need to be a black person to fight against racism. That you don't need to be a gay person, to fight against homophobia, and that you don't need to be a woman to fight against gender inequality. It's a societal effort that we must come to accept. In GOOD we don't care who you love, who you want to associate with, who you live with. We are all South Africans and we will stand together with any group of people that fight against the discrimination against the LGBTQ group. Within the GOOD movement, there are people part of this movement. We accept people for who they are. 

02 May 12:37
De Lille: There is a process in law through which any public asset must be disposed of. As part of that process, you also have public participation. Becasue it's a public asset the public must have a say in the final decision. While I was the mayor, we had always followed due process. But before we disposed of any public building, you must first see whether you will need that building to provide a specific service or even housing to people that need affordable housing.

02 May 12:34

02 May 12:34
De Lille: I've sent lots of text message and my point is this. Had I sent a message that the DA deemed to be illegal or corrupt, they would've used that to fire me. Because they knew they couldn't fire me for championing transformation. Allegations that cannot be substantiated are called lies. Blue lies. And this SMS has been asked about for many, many months now. I have challenged, that should anybody have evidence, the best way is for someone to take that evidence at the police. And that is what has happened now. I will give my full cooperation to the police and finally this thing will be tested in an open court of law.

02 May 12:30

02 May 12:30

02 May 12:29

What is your standpoint on the Palestine issue? - Mohammed Asvat

De Lille: It's very painful to see this dispute for so many years. And as the GOOD movement we support the two stage solution. I think South Africa is a good example where we were able to negotiate a peaceful settlement after so many years of conflict. And I do believe and we all pray that we can find a peaceful solution in Palestine. 

02 May 12:19

As a proudly white, 76-year-old Afrikaans-speaking and still very productive male, I have only one question: “Do you support an affirmative action policy where highly qualified, experienced, hard-working and capable white, coloured or Asian employees are replaced against their will with incompetent individuals?”

Best of luck next Wednesday.

Prof IW Ferreira

De Lille: Thank you, Prof, for the question.

It should not happen that any skilled, qualified person should be replaced just because of the colour of your skin. In all government departments there are certain procedures and rules. So there you have your retirement or your voluntary retirement, but as an individual you must decide when it's time to go. So it is wrong.

Affirmative action is not meant to replace white faces with black faces. The intention of AA is to bring the people that have been left behind, the previously disadvantaged people up. So I will not agree with that. 

02 May 12:19

De Lille: Spatial justice is linked to our past history. And here I talk about apartheid spatial planning. During apartheid the way space was used, race determined where you could find a space. So, for example, if you take the City of Cape Town, all coloured people were put into Mitchells Plain, black people were put into Khayelitsha.

And by what we mean by spatial justice is that we need to bring people closer to work opportunities, the central business district, the industrial areas because our transport system is first of all ineffective, but also poor people pay at least 40% of their income towards transport alone. So by talking about spatial justice, it's to bring people closer to the cities and towns. But instead of building RDP houses, you build density to go up where you can accommodate more people in a three/four story building.

During my term as the mayor of Cape Town I have released 11 parcels of land to bring people closer to the city in Woodstock, Salt River and in the city centr. Because I believe that public land must be used for the public good. Just for the record. 

02 May 12:02
GOOD party's Patricia de Lille is answering your questions live on News24.

02 May 10:57

De Lille: I must say, on the 2nd of December when I made a call to all GOOD South Africans to come together to save our democracy and our country as usual South Africans had not disappointed me. And South Africans from all over the country, all nine provinces responded to that call. Because all of us believe that if good people do nothing, that's the reason evil and corruption triumph in our country. 

For myself standing in the Western Cape as the premier candidate the one reason is that I've got all the experience in running the City of Cape Town in the past seven years with four clean audit and I want to take that experience to all municipalities in the Western Cape. 

When Helen Zille was the leader of the DA, she also ran as the premier candidate for the Western Cape. 

02 May 10:54

Is there a policy somewhere in all that drama? I've heard literally not one thing other than the DA fired her falsely. - Rob Forbes

De Lille - I'm sorry that you did not hear anything about us but that is not because we don't ahve policies. I will advise you to go to our website www.forgood.org.za. And we have put our policies out and we've researched our policies. We have reduced a plan to fix SA with practical and tried and tested solutions in our plan.

We further prioritised our policies to ensure we fight for social, economic, spatial and economic justice. 

02 May 10:53

This is your 4th party! Why did you not succeed with the independent democrats to make an impact? Will GOOD be the same? Do you believe you will truly make a difference? - Jeromy Joubert

De Lille: People must understand that society's moving and the world is moving and circumstances are changing. I'm always very alive to my surroundings. My values, my principles have not changed.

The Independent Democrats - I became the first woman ever in the new democracy to start a political party and to win seats in all three spheres of government. But then Helen Zille and myself shared the same view that we need to come together to build an alternative to the ANC. THat's why the ID and DA came together - based on the values of redress, the imbalances of the past, reconciliation, etc.

I left the DA because the values of the DA changed, my values did not changes. I will continue to make a difference. We've got a very toxic masculine political situation in our country. We need to deal with the toxic masculinity by making sure that women particpate at leadership level to bring about that balance. 

02 May 10:45
De Lille: Because of climate change and the impact thereof droughts and floods will be the new normal that we have to deal with. So, all government departments must have an early warning system that can predict that the floods and rain are coming and will take preventative measures that will move people away from low lying areas and areas with high water levels. Unfortunately, it is the poor that is feeling the impact of climate change the most. A good government will make sure that whatever planning decisions we make in the future will be overlayed with the impact of climate change considered.

02 May 10:42

Q: In the event that the Good Party is in a position to play 'kingmaker' in the Western Cape who would the party side with? The ANC or DA? - Zareef Kasker

De Lille: I want to assure all voters that a vote for GOOD is a vote for GOOD and that we are not participating in this election thinking about who are we going to jump in bed with. But in the event that not a single party receives a 50%+1 majority and there's a need to talk to other political parties, we will be prepared to do so. After the elections, not before.

Coalitions should not be about positions. It should be about putting the people of the Western Cape and South Africa first. All political parties are based on certain values. You can change tactics and strategies but you can't cahnge values. So certainly we'll be looking at parties with similar values. I have a lot of experience of managing coalitions with Helen Zille. But to decide which political party, that will only be done with the national leadership committee that is the structure of GOOD.

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