AS IT HAPPENED | Bheki Cele calls for calm in Jeppestown

2019-09-03 11:17

Police Minister Bheki Cele addresses residents in Jeppestown, telling them to remain calm and patient until the weekend when their issues will be addressed.

News24 journalists on the ground:

 in Johannesburg and 


 in Pretoria.


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03 Sep 17:20
JHB CBD is relatively calm following the violent unrest.

03 Sep 17:19
A foreign national in the area says that taxi drivers began with the violence, saying he fears for his life.

03 Sep 17:17
Johannesburg seems calmer now, but foreign nationals remain concerned about their safety.

03 Sep 16:15
"We are emphasising the presence of the law enforcement until Sunday come" - Cele.

03 Sep 16:14
"We expected it to be rowdy," said Cele.

03 Sep 16:13
Cele says he has asked the police to "jack up the security" in the area.

03 Sep 16:13
Cele says the government at all levels is briefed, and the government will approach the situation on a government level. He says a team is preparing for Sunday 10:00 to go and listen to what the grievances are.

03 Sep 16:10
Foreign nationals have been begging the police to escort them safely out of the area.

03 Sep 16:08
Cele has been inside the police station office in a meeting. He is stepping out of the building now.

03 Sep 16:07
Residents say they do not have jobs and businesses and foreign nationals do. 

03 Sep 16:07
Residents say that they do not want to stop the violence because they do not want any foreign nationals in Jeppestown.

03 Sep 16:06
Jeppestown has been relatively calm and the police has helped foreign nationals safely leave the area.

03 Sep 15:31
Cele called for calm and patience until the weekend to address the issues in the area. But residents complained that the weekend is too far, and that they want the problems to be addressed immediately.

03 Sep 15:30
Bheki Cele said his visit is to listen to residents' grievances. He said they will meet at 10:00 to address issues raised by residents. 

03 Sep 15:18

03 Sep 15:03

03 Sep 14:56

03 Sep 14:42
Police have opened fire in Jeppestown at a large crowd of protesters who were marching to Jeppe Police Station.

03 Sep 14:39

03 Sep 14:38

Ramaphosa: "This violence is now mutating and taking different forms that represent themselves in a way that we do not want to see in South Africa where communities seem to be attacking one another. We want this to stop immediately."


03 Sep 14:26

03 Sep 14:06

03 Sep 13:04

03 Sep 13:02

03 Sep 13:02

03 Sep 13:00

03 Sep 12:33

Cele to meet with leaders of communities allegedly behind looting, violence 

Police Minister General Bheki Cele will on Tuesday September 3, 2019 meet with Izinduna from the Cleveland and Denver hostels.

It is at these hostels where some of the perpetrators of the looting of shops and burning of businesses and vehicles in and around the Johannesburg area are believed to come from.

Leaders from the hostels have requested to have an engagement with the minister.

03 Sep 12:31

03 Sep 12:28

03 Sep 12:27

Govt blamed for spate of xenophobic attacks, as Ramaphosa remains silent

The Right2Know Campaign has blamed the government for the recent spate of violent attacks on foreigners.

Protesters and looters have targeted foreigners in different parts of Gauteng over the past few days. Shops have been looted, buildings and vehicles set alight and scores of people arrested since the weekend. 

Despite this, no official response has been received from President Cyril Ramaphosa since the outbreak of xenophobic violence.

Attempts by News24 to contact Presidency spokesperson Khusela Diko on Tuesday were unsuccessful. WhatsApp messages went unanswered despite indications that she was online, and calls went unanswered or were ended. 

03 Sep 12:25

03 Sep 12:24
Police were still on high alert in the capital city where taxi operators allegedly tried to block several roads in the CBD, but police effected arrests and cleared the roads.

03 Sep 12:22
Taxi operators have since distanced themselves from the looting, saying that criminal elements took their protest as an opportunity to loot.

03 Sep 12:22

'Enough is enough.' Nigerian government wants to protect its citizens in Joburg

South Africa has been hit by an outbreak of xenophobic violence in its biggest city, attracting criticism from other African nations in the week political and business leaders from at least 28 countries gather in Cape Town.

03 Sep 12:21
He said the chaos was contained to certain areas, while other areas in the CBD were business as usual. Naidoo added that crime intelligence were also pivotal in the arrests being made in both Pretoria and Johannesburg.

03 Sep 12:20
Naidoo referred to the chaos which unfolded in Pretoria CBS last week, saying that it was overcome as quickly as it started. 

03 Sep 12:20

"We could be using the time and resources on preventative and proactive police, Naidoo said. 

Naidoo also quashed concerns about crime intelligence not doing their work effectively in gathering information about these riots.

03 Sep 12:19
National police spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo told News24 that police are prepared and equipped to deal with the criminality, adding that they are able to do so immediately. He did, however, say that incidents of this natures, drains the resources of the South African Police Service.

03 Sep 12:12
While police are able to mobilise and immediately deal with the wholesale looting and rioting which started in Pretoria last week and has since spread to Johannesburg, these incidents have drained police resources.

03 Sep 12:07

03 Sep 12:03

03 Sep 11:55
There is enough resources and manpower to deal with looting across the province. He promised that those orchestrating lootings of shops and attacks on foreigners will be dealt with.

03 Sep 11:54
Makhura emphasised that xenophobic attacks will not be entertained in Gauteng. He said he will not apologise to foreigners involved in crime.

03 Sep 11:54
Makhura said so far, Gauteng police are coping and are doing well battling with looting and criminal activities in the province. The situation so far is under control throughout Gauteng.

03 Sep 11:50
Makhura said all shops should operate legally and those illegal must be shut down. 

03 Sep 11:49
Criminalisation of all foreigners is wrong and won't be accepted - Makhura

03 Sep 11:45
Makhura said there are many foreigners in the country for good reasons and those involved in crime must be dealt with. We can't criminalise all foreign nationals and everybody must live by the rules of the country whether local or foreigner nationals.

03 Sep 11:44
Government is revitalising the economy in townships and yet there are others who loot from businesses, Makhura said.

03 Sep 11:44
Makhura has called for calm in the province. He said actions of looting can't be justified by unemployment and criminal activities. He said the state will not compensate all shop owners who have lost their goods.

03 Sep 11:43

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