OVERVIEW: DA and EFF scuffle, chants of ‘racist’ and ‘pay back the money’

2018-11-06 14:09

President Cyril Ramaphosa is responding to questions in the National Assembly.

President Cyril Ramaphosa speaks.

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06 Nov 17:12
House chair Thoko Didiza apologises to the president for the row that took place earlier and adjourns.

06 Nov 17:06

06 Nov 17:01
It is our diversity that we must promote and make us stronger – Ramaphosa.

06 Nov 16:58
The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development conducts community dialogues on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, the Department of Basic Education is incrementally introducing the African languages programme in schools as part of promoting and increasing multilingualism in schools.

06 Nov 16:57

06 Nov 16:56

06 Nov 16:55
We cannot go back to the horrible past we had. We cannot revert to raw racism and separatism. Let us live up to being one nation.

06 Nov 16:54
"Government regards schools as a fundamental foundation for advancing social cohesion. It introduced the National Identity Passport of Patriotism in 2014, which contains many of our important symbols that define our national identity."

06 Nov 16:52

06 Nov 16:52

06 Nov 16:51
Ramaphosa: The emergence of ethnic chauvinism and narrow nationalism represents a direct challenge to the hopes of our people and the values of our Constitution, we need to respond to these tendencies as a society.

06 Nov 16:50
Nelson Mandela represented the hopes of millions of South Africans who dreamt of a life unshackled from a system that sought to stifle their potential by virtue of their race or ethnicity, says Ramaphosa.

06 Nov 16:49

06 Nov 16:47

06 Nov 16:47
Julius Malema says he is ready to take punishment if threatened by “whiteness”, and that he will never submit to "whiteness".

06 Nov 16:45

Many rules were broken during the scuffle and a ruling will be given on Wednesday by the House chair.

The matter is not concluded, she says, but the business of the day should be concluded.

"No one will be spared who went against the rule."

06 Nov 16:43

06 Nov 16:40
Singh says he expected fireworks tomorrow when Hindu's celebrate Diwali, not today in Parliament.

06 Nov 16:38
Ramaphosa says they have started curbing corruption.

06 Nov 16:35
Steenhusen complained that Malema called him names, including racist, Malema says “you called me VBS looter!”

06 Nov 16:32
Agang's Tlouamma has been asked to leave the house along with another EFF MP, Paulsen after a scuffle broke out between them.

06 Nov 16:21
Sergeant-at- arms are now called in to restore order.

06 Nov 16:19
EFF shouting ‘Racist” to DA’s John Steenhuisen while DA shouts “Pay back the money” to EFF.

06 Nov 16:16

06 Nov 16:16

06 Nov 16:15

06 Nov 16:15

Eskom loan is no different to Sanral and other entities, including SAA.

06 Nov 16:14

06 Nov 16:14

Ramaphosa on Eskom: We are not in the business of entering into agreements, knowing that we will default on those agreements.  

Eskom has not failed to live up to repaying loans. We do not intend to have Eskom defaulting on its repayments.  

There is no security of assets, indirectly or directly, of Eskom that has been given.

The government is the backstop to all the loan processes.  

A broad pot of guarantees is given by government, we don’t give specific assets including land, as guarantees.

What is worthier for them is a government guarantee, it is a sovereign guarantee.

06 Nov 16:07

"Our tenure on the security council is going to be underpinned by advancing our own values, we are also going to advancing values by the AU constitutive act.  

"We are not in the business of choosing who to associate with, we act on a principled bases," Ramaphosa tells Maimane.

06 Nov 16:03

06 Nov 16:02

06 Nov 15:57

06 Nov 15:55
We as a ruling party have taken a resolution that the embassy should be downgraded, Ramaphosa says.

06 Nov 15:54
We are firmly in support of a two-state solution, and we are in firm support of a peaceful resolution in the Israel/Palestine conflict, Ramaphosa says.          

06 Nov 15:50
In addition to country specific conflict situations, serving on the council will also provide South Africa with an opportunity to place emphasis on the importance of women in peace and security operations.

06 Nov 15:47

06 Nov 15:45

SA will become a member of the UN security council for a third time.  

"We will use our term to advance Mandela’s legacy" by focusing on conflict resolution and mediation.

"Our presence presents an opportunity to work with other African countries and promote peace and stability," Ramaphosa says.

06 Nov 15:33

The issue of the trains is a challenge and the minister of police is dealing with that.   Burning of trains is a platform that we need to attend to, and it is being attended to.  

Prasa is rolling out new trains and there is now a factory in SA that is making South African trains.  

The AU has declared that SA should be the country that manufactures trains for the rest of Africa.  

06 Nov 15:31

Crafting an integrated transport system is something that we need to work on, Ramaphosa tells Maimane.  

He welcomes Maimane’s thoughts and proposals on how best to do it.  

06 Nov 15:29

06 Nov 15:28

06 Nov 15:28

06 Nov 15:28

Ramaphosa: We have decided that as we respond through the inter-ministerial task team, we need to get leaders out there to address people.  

Once it is established what each community’s needs are, that respective minister should be in that area.  

06 Nov 15:25

06 Nov 15:24

06 Nov 15:24

06 Nov 15:20

06 Nov 15:20

Ramaphosa: speaking to children in Hanover Park easily 50% of children have dropped out of schools.   We should role out more community workers and social workers.

Police should be the last line.

We as parents must make sure that we play our role, that our children are well brought up and that they are not susceptible to violence and drugs.

06 Nov 15:17

Responding to Ndlozi, Ramaphosa says, we should desist from criminalising our children.

We need to ask ourselves what society we are trying to build. More importantly is the role we have as parents. We need to ask ourselves; what happens at the foundations of building that society.

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