AS IT HAPPENED | Ramaphosa calls for nation-building, social cohesion at ANC birthday celebrations

2020-01-11 09:53

President Cyril Ramaphosa has delivered the ANC’s January 8 statement, paving the way for his government’s plans and State of the Nation address set for next month.

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“Amandla! ANC lives, ANC leads” Ramaphosa wraps up.

11 Jan 12:45
 Ramaphosa calling on farmers, farm workers and traditional leaders to meaningfully work together on land reform.

11 Jan 12:34
Ramaphosa winding down, paying tribute to those passed on last year.

11 Jan 12:31
Ramaphosa now focusing on the ANC, he speaks of renewal & building a movement united in action

11 Jan 12:30
Ramaphosa: Job creation central to efforts to reduce poverty

11 Jan 12:29
Ramaphosa: land remains a sore and the wound that our people still carry.

11 Jan 12:27
Ramaphosa: water is a valuable commodity, must act immediately to provide relief to drought stricken areas in the Northern Cape & other affected provinces.

11 Jan 12:27
Ramaphosa says they are dealing with the challenges at Eskom, they will rebuild it and support it. Then says the electricity provider has to make sure power stations are maintained.

11 Jan 12:25
Ramaphosa says they must give priority to the urgent and necessary work required to ensure stable electricity.

11 Jan 12:24
Ramaphosa on the third priority, which focuses on investment, jobs & inclusive growth.

11 Jan 12:22
Ramaphosa “we must recognize that gender-based violence and femicide is a national crisis” says we need to mobilize all energy & resources to end this.

11 Jan 12:21
Ramaphosa says there must be transparency “people must be able to see what the plan is, the budget and how it’s utilized” this in a bid to bring an end to corruption.

11 Jan 12:20
Ramaphosa “where there’s poor or no services there must be consequences”.

11 Jan 12:20
Ramaphosa says his statement speaks to the experiences and aspirations of the people they’ve spoken to in the province.

11 Jan 12:19
Ramaphosa says they’ve spent the week walking the conference, visiting residents and having deep meaningful conversations about their lives, challenges they faced and aspirations.

11 Jan 12:18
He speaks of the relationship between SA & Ethiopia, thanks the country for opening its doors to his countrymen.

11 Jan 12:17
Abiy Ahmed speaking now - extends warm greetings from the Ethiopian people to SA, says he’s privileged to be in Kimberley.

11 Jan 12:16
Nzimande says looting can’t go unpunished & those involved must be held to account.

11 Jan 12:15

SACP’s general secretary Blade Nzimande up now.

11 Jan 11:34
Losi asking the ANC to deal with the land issue, says the way to address poverty is to resolve this, majority cannot contiue to be subjects of the minority she says.

11 Jan 11:32
Losi says they welcome Eskom board chair Jabu Mabuza’s resignation, been calling for it for long & calls on the rest of the board to “do the right thing and follow suit”.

11 Jan 11:30
Northern Cape Premier and provincial chair Zamani Saul addressing the rally - the people of the Northern Cape have faith in the ANC to build a modern and successful province.

11 Jan 11:28
The formal programme has started, its becoming a little bit cloudy, some reprieve from the severe Kimberly sun.

11 Jan 10:55
WATCH | ‘We will demolish any factions that we see in our way’ - ANC secretary in the Northern Cape

11 Jan 10:55

The amended refugee regulations act has been misunderstood, ANC sub-committee chair of international relations Lindiwe Zulu said on Saturday in the sidelines of the party’s 108 celebrations. 

Zulu said the act didn’t completely prevent refugees from participating in political activities but rather for things to be done in an orderly fashion. 

"This legislation, if you go deeper into it you will also recognise that people can be able to engage in political activities, but there has got to be order," she said. 

Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi gazetted the Refugees Amendment Act, which came into effect on January 1.

But the changes have drawn criticism for the banning of refugees from participating in active politics. Some saw it as a way of encouraging xenophobia and something which was at odds with the ANC's history, News24 previously reported.

"We have to be able to do something in support of our own people first and foremost. Our first responsibility goes to our people, but at the same time we cannot ignore challenges facing our African people. It's important for us to make sure that all these things are regulated. 

"It's important for us to make that people who come from outside are regulated as refugees and then being categorised at different status of being a refugee. It's also important for us to make sure that they also appreciate the challenges that we face as government towards our own people and therefore even the political activities that we are talking about. There isn’t a nation in the world that doesn’t pass legislation and regulation that makes things easy for its own people."

11 Jan 10:40

11 Jan 10:34
Last night President Ramaphosa said he hopes his speech will invoke hope in South Africans hearts.

11 Jan 10:14

11 Jan 10:03

11 Jan 10:03

11 Jan 09:59

11 Jan 09:57

11 Jan 09:54

ANC Northern Cape’s secretary Deshi Ngxangxa says he apologised to president Cyril Ramaphosa over factional battles in the Sol Plaatje municipality.

The municipality, which falls under the Francis Baard region, the ANC’s largest region in the province has been marred by factional battles, which also saw some party members exchanging blows during the party’s secretary general Ace Magashule’s campaign in Jan Kempdorp this week.

Last year, the provincial executive committee fired more than 10 councillors, including two mayors, one of whom is the regional chairperson Mangaliso Matika.Matika has been accused by some of leading one of the warring factions and attempting to control the flow of tenders in the municipality.

"I had interactions with the president last night, and I apologised profusely for the situation in Kimberly, particularly the inward-looking council that we have in Sol Plaatje," said Ngxangxa Ngxangxa said councillors in Sol Plaatje focused on fighting amongst themselves as opposed to delivering much needed services to residents.

"We are going in there next week and will demolish any factions that we see in our way, any one who does not focus on service delivery is no longer a councillor of the ANC," he warned.

"We know the administration played politics there in Sol Plaatje, they want to be part of this or that faction, that will come to an end next week,” continued the provincial secretary.Ngxangxa said while there were no plans to disband the ANC’s regional executive committee in Francis Baard, he said there would be consequences for those who failed to “toe the line".

Meanwhile he has defended the provincial executive committee saying he was pleased with how its members welcomed and supported national executive committee members and the ANC’s top 6 officials as they crisscrossed throughout the Northern Cape mobilising for Saturday’s birthday rally.

Ngxangxa said they performed "excellently", this despite some complaints that leaders such as Magashule had campaigned in some parts of the province with no PEC members in sight.

"They could see us because we were around the president, but I can tell you I am very much pleased about the turnout of PEC members, I did not receive any apologies they were on the ground throughout the province," he said of himself and provincial chair Zamani Saul.

11 Jan 09:54
WATCH | Cosatu welcomes Jabu Mabuza's resignation, says rest of Eskom board should follow suit

11 Jan 09:53

Cosatu president Zingiswa Losi has warned the ANC to stop faking unity and deal with the root of division in the party.

"As Cosatu, as member of the National Executive Committee and as the member of the alliance, we continue to say we need a united ANC not a cosmetic unity. The challenge we have is finding ourselves dealing with cosmetic unity because we are in front of our people and we want to say we are united," Losi said. 

The first female Cosatu president was speaking shortly before the ANC celebrated its 108th birthday in Kimberley in the Northern Cape. Her comments come at the back of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech on Wednesday when he praised the party’s leadership for having successfully renewed and united the ANC. Cosatu has always been vocal and critical on the ANC and its inability to remain united.

Losi also pointed out that the disunity in the ANC has also affected municipalities in the northern cape. She made examples of Phokwane Local Municipality where she said they were told the council troika has never finished a term because of infighting in the ANC.  

She however added that she has seen strides made by the party in reforming itself. "It’s a process, we have seen some changes. I can see and I can vouch that there are areas where we have made inroads."

Losi added that Ramaphosa must speak the challenges of unemployment when he addresses ANC supporters. 

"We want to hear the president emphasising how we will deal with corruption and see consequences because this is what we fail to see at most times."

11 Jan 09:53
"Hoping that hope will be infused in the hearts and the minds of our people... The ANC will be able to tell our people tomorrow that we will continue to unite our country and our movement and that we will renew our commitment to radical economic growth," Ramaphosa said during the party’s fundraising gala dinner on Friday evening.

11 Jan 09:53

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