AS IT HAPPENED | We will never accept tribalism in SA, says Ramaphosa

2019-09-18 14:11

President Cyril Ramaphosa will address Parliament on femicide and gender-based violence.

President Cyril Ramaphosa delivers his State of th

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18 Sep 15:57

Winde concludes saying: "Year after year the stats (on gender based violence) is getting worse.

Who is responsible?

Heads need to roll."

18 Sep 15:54
Funding will have to be taken from other projects for the "biggest" safety plan, says Winde.

18 Sep 15:49

18 Sep 15:48
Winde says the Western Cape will reveal a plan on Thursday on the biggest and most expensive and comprehensive safety plan of any province for the country.

18 Sep 15:47
Groenewald speaks about the alleged corruption of a magistrate. Deputy Speaker Lechesa Tsenoli says take it to police reiterating what the Chief Justice said in a press briefing.

18 Sep 15:45

Alan Winde goes back to a debate in November 2014 where a debate on 16 days of activism was held."It read like deja vu," he says.

Talk shops must end.

18 Sep 15:44

18 Sep 15:40

Liezl van der Merwe for the IFP says government pledged with previous child and women murders that they would intervene, but nothing has changed since then.

"We don't need more promises, we need urgent change," she says.

It cannot be that the government spends R10 on a woman in shelters but R350 on a man in jail.

18 Sep 15:35
She asks the president to confirm that he, and all men in parliament, have never laid their hands on a woman.

18 Sep 15:34

"It's our vaginas, we can do what we want with them. It's our bodies!" Mente says.

She recommends a call centre in parliament where women and children can phone in.

18 Sep 15:32
The problem of rape, abuse and murder of women has been normalised over decades. This is prevalent especially in rural communities because there is little police presence says EFF's Veronica Mente says.

18 Sep 15:28
1:1090 is the current ratio of police to citizens, Maimane says.He says 81 police to every VIP is the current standing."Surely, this cannot be right," says Maimane.

18 Sep 15:26
'No means no' should be implemented in schools as it was in Nigerian schools.

18 Sep 15:24

The greatest tragedy is that no one gets arrested for rape, Maimane says.

He says the conviction rate is less than 5%."We must become better parents to our boys. We must give dignity to women in our country."

18 Sep 15:22
We have lost the law as a nation. Violence against foreigners, women and children have become too regular says Maimane.

18 Sep 15:09
A national emergency calls for a national emergency response says deputy chairperson of the council, Sylvia Lucas.

18 Sep 15:07

18 Sep 15:06

18 Sep 15:06

EFF raises a point of order saying "we ought to prepare and make research on what the president is going to be speaking about".

"We are not saying that the issues raised here aren't of importance," we want to speak to facts, says Malema.

18 Sep 15:04
Ramaphosa ends his address saying the time to talk is over, action is required. "We can turn this moment of crisis into an opportunity."

18 Sep 15:02

18 Sep 15:02

18 Sep 14:58
We will actively resist any attempt to divide us as Africans from each other, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:57
DA leader Mmusi Maimane looks stone-faced as Ramaphosa delivers his speech

18 Sep 14:56
We should beware tribalism, warns Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:55
From history we know that there is a fine line between turning on foreigners and turning on each other, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:54
There's no place for xenophobia in SA, asserts Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:53

African leaders will be in South Africa on a fact-finding mission.  

So that they can tell the whole of Africa the truth of what's happened here, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:51
We must embrace African integration, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:49
The majority of foreign nationals are hard-working people, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:48

The proliferation of drug trafficking is a serious problem, says Ramaphosa.  

"The majority of people involved in this are South Africans."

18 Sep 14:46
Ramaphosa highlights police corruption as a factor to illegal immigration

18 Sep 14:45
Employers who pay slave wages turn workers against workers, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:44
Investors flee when they see violent protests, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:42
We must deal with violent acts, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:42
Xenophobic attacks illustrated intolerance in SA, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:41
Now is the time to unite and turn the tide, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:39
We must be role models to boys, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:37

Cabinet has agreed to make R1.1bn available to fight gender-based violence in this financial year, says Ramaphosa.  

No borrowing necessary

18 Sep 14:36

Gender-based violence is a societal problem, says Ramaphosa.  

Calls on all sectors of society to help fight the problem

18 Sep 14:34

Government will prioritise women for tender opportunities.  

Government will set aside 30% for women-owned businesses, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:32
Gender equity offices will be established at tertiary institutions

18 Sep 14:31
Drugs and alcohol abuse contribute to gender-based violence

18 Sep 14:31
Ramaphosa will meet with the private sector to give money to a fund to fight gender-based violence

18 Sep 14:30

18 Sep 14:28
We need to be harsher to those who perpetrate such actions, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:27

Ramaphosa says the government will engage with the judiciary.  

The State should oppose bail for suspects and convicted criminals should not be eligible for parole

18 Sep 14:26
Government initiatives have not delivered on the outcomes we have hoped for, says Ramaphosa

18 Sep 14:24
Funding has been approved for 11 sexual offences courts in the next financial year

18 Sep 14:23
We will strengthen the criminal justice system, says Ramaphosa

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