RUNDOWN | #SONADebate GBV claims, typical walkouts and disappointment at the president

2020-02-18 16:00

The first day of the State of the Nation Address debate was overshadowed by claims of gender-based violence levelled at two prominent leaders: the President and the leader of the third biggest party in the country.


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Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa en adj.pres David Mabuza Don

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18 Feb 20:00


The first day of the State of the Nation Address debate was overshadowed by claims of gender-based violence levelled at two prominent leaders: the President and the leader of the third biggest party in the country.

The rest of the day was the typical affair of disappointment from oppisition benches, with a tinge of advice on how best to run the country, while ANC MPs clapped and applauded their own speaker after speaker who commended the speech delivered last week.

The debate continues on Wednesday, with Ramaphosa set to respond on Thursday. 

18 Feb 19:46

Mazzone: It can be a good day to be South African ... I hope Mr President, you can break the sound of silence.

18 Feb 19:41

'Today is not a good day to be a South African' - Natasha Mazzone

We are punch drunk as a nation, Mazzone says.

South Africans feel like their government is playing them, when in fact, they shouldn't. 

18 Feb 19:35

18 Feb 19:34

18 Feb 19:34

18 Feb 19:20

As the ANC, we are looking at land, not property ... Hon. Speaker, the poor must be given means of production in order to defeat poverty. Land must be used as economic asset.

- Kathleen Dibolelo Mahlatsi 

18 Feb 19:06

Lekota says skilled people are leaving this country with their skills.

He says the time has come for stability in order to retain the necessary skills to move the country forward. 

18 Feb 19:04

It is clear that we are facing an economic emergency - Lekota

COPE leader Mosiuoa Lekota says he joins in the feelings of uncertainty that many people share. He says the economic future of this country looks grim.

18 Feb 18:57
The president's state of the nation address debate has become something of a history lesson, a mini-budget speech for departments and pockets of disappointment of the speech delivered last week. 

18 Feb 18:40

Ahmed Munzoor Shaik Emam of the National Freedom Party turns to the president and says: Its time to stop dreaming, Mr President. You have to be awake to the realities of people

18 Feb 18:26

Domestic abuse claims fly as Malema's SONA debate speech marred by shouting match

The debate on President Cyril Ramaphosa's State of the Nation Address (SONA) descended into a shouting match in the National Assembly after an ANC MP accused EFF leader Julius Malema of domestic violence.

18 Feb 18:20
It might be worth pointing out that it is very unusual for MPs to take questions during their speeches, like Julius Malema did today. In my 5 years in Parliament, the only other MP I can recall doing that is DA’s Geordin Hill-Lewis. - News24 Parliamentary reporter, Jan Gerber (@gerbjan).

18 Feb 18:16

Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams speaking on 4IR: Anxious times have shaped how we view the shift to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, she begins.

In this 4IR era, our people must participate from production to value chain.

While she acknowledges that there are still people without access to digital infrastructure, her departmental budget vote will touch on this.

18 Feb 18:11
Zakhele Mbhele, DA MP: small businesses should be liberated to save our economy, Mr President

18 Feb 17:53

Malema to sue ANC MP Boy Mamabolo over domestic abuse claims

EFF leader Julius Malema is suing one-time friend and ANC Member of Parliament Jacob Boy Mamabolo for R1m over claims that he abuses his wife.

In legal documents by the EFF leader's lawyers, Ian Levitt Attorneys claimed Mamabolo's comments were deliberately meant to "impugn the integrity and good name" of their client.

18 Feb 17:37

FIRST TAKE | Julius Malema, the ultimate agent provocateur, beats the ANC again

Julius Malema's goading, prodding and knifing of the ANC has again paid off - in leaps and bounds, writes Pieter du Toit.

Malema's riotous exit from the National Assembly, amid insults and threats hurled from an incensed and hysterical ANC, again saw him dominate the day's proceedings. And it saw the ANC hyperventilate and publicly lose control of proceedings in the National Assembly for the umpteenth time.

18 Feb 17:30

Your presidency is in retreat - Geordin Hill-Lewis tells Ramaphosa

There has never been more consensus about what needs to be done, than right now, so the consensus you seek Mr President, is from the looters and corrupt of ANC.

18 Feb 17:21

Steenhuisen: Instead of a new dawn, we have new despair

The interim leader of the DA, John Steenhuisen, has blasted President Cyril Ramaphosa's State of the Nation Address (SONA), describing it as a "defining moment" which he allowed to "slip away".

"You had all the cards honourable president, and then you went and blew it. You let us down," remarked Steenhuisen.

18 Feb 17:16

18 Feb 17:14

'We still do not have confidence in you' - ATM

Leader of ATM Vuyo Zungula tells President Ramaphosa that 'we still do not have confidence in you (following the state of the nation address) and the secret ballot (referring to their no confidence motion threat) is looming'.

18 Feb 17:03

Ramaphosa 'should have switched off Eskom's life support': No punches pulled at SONA debate

After President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered his State of the Nation Address last week under the shadow of an under-performing economy, Members of Parliament jostled over whether he was confronted by near-impossible odds or complicit in South Africa's economic quandary.

MPs held the first day of the SONA 2020 debate in the National Assembly on Tuesday afternoon. 

18 Feb 16:57

1994's noble intentions have been hijacked by thugs - UDM's Bantu Holomisa

The noble intentions pronounced in 1994 have been hijacked by thugs.

Look at Guptas, VBS, Bosasa and all manner of revelations at the many commissions... we cannot allow this nonsense to continue.

Makucace uba uphethe (show that you are in charge, Mr President)

18 Feb 16:53

Bring back the dignity of the House - ACDP's Kenneth Meshoe 

The dignity of this house must be restored.

This is not a circus. Presiding officers must bring order back to the house. 

We can't have it that people on the ground say 'when is the circus starting' when referring to Parliament

18 Feb 16:45

18 Feb 16:44

18 Feb 16:35

Groenewald tells Ramaphosa growth dropped from 1.4% to now a projection of 0.4% and unemployment from 26.7% to 29.1%.

Groenewald says government should put a moratorium on BEE, affirmative action and land expropriation without compensation until the economy hits 5% growth

18 Feb 16:30
Pieter Groenewald - leader of the FF Plus says despite investment and jobs summits by Ramaphosa and "cosmetics", the economy he is presiding over has deteriorated under his watch.

18 Feb 16:23

18 Feb 16:20

18 Feb 16:20

A reminder of the speakers lined up for today, debating President Cyril Ramaphosa's State of the Nation Address. 

Thamsanqa Dodovu of the ANC is currently on the podium.

18 Feb 16:03

Proceedings have now calmed down somewhat, and Mangosuthu Buthelezi is given the opportunity to deliver his speech.

He expresses his disapproval of what just transpired during the debate.

18 Feb 15:54

Amid all the heated arguments, accusations and shouting, Malema and his fellow EFF MPs leave the house, with opposition MPs shouting "Leave! Leave! Leave!" and "Hamba!" as well as a number of other personal barbs.

18 Feb 15:48

Malema raises his voice so that he is heard over the shouting of other MPs: "The president has got a history of beating up his wife, the late wife. I'm following in the same steps you have been following. You came here to start personal battles without knowing about the implications."

Malema denies that he himself has ever beaten his wife.

18 Feb 15:44

Malema says he still has plenty of time left to deliver his speech, because of all the interruptions. 

Opposition MPs erupt once again, and amid all the noise Malema directs some comments to a few of them.

Malema: "If you want to be personal, I can be very personal. You want to be personal, I can be very personal."

Malema is now asked to withdraw what he said about Ramaphosa, after an opposition MP rose on a point of order, saying Malema is "casting aspersions".

18 Feb 15:40

18 Feb 15:39

Malema: We must teach white supremacists a lesson by treating De Klerk in a manner that shows we have no tolerance for racists.

18 Feb 15:37

Malema is brought back to the question of gender-based violence once again, and Malema alleges that Ramaphosa abused his former wife.

18 Feb 15:35

Malema: "Many of you are scared to confront this question, because De Klerk has got your [force] numbers. You were spies and you are scared that when you take De Klerk head on, your file of being spies will be released and you will be exposed for who you are. That you are not actually revolutionaries, you are impimpis who were on the payroll of De Klerk and the apartheid regime."

18 Feb 15:32

Malema on FW de Klerk. "I don't understand why we continue do give De Klerk the benefits as a former deputy president, or even the president. Because those benefits are given to former presidents to go around to spread a positive message, to be nation builders. There is absolutely nothing that De Klerk does in terms of nation building."

18 Feb 15:29

Malema now touches on the issue of land expropriation. "We need to expropriate land without compensation, that is the only way we can restore the dignity of our people."

18 Feb 15:27

18 Feb 15:27

18 Feb 15:25

MPs again interrupt Malema to ask about the question posed to him earlier, which dealt with the issue of gender-based violence. Malema says don't worry, he will answer the question, and when he does, some members in the house will regret asking the question. "You will see," says Malema.

18 Feb 15:22

Malema says Ramaphosa does not believe in state ownership of banks. Malema says the EFF had to force the hand of the ruling party by introducing a Private Member's Bill to amend the Banks Act of 1990 in 2018, and the Minister of Finance only "woke up" the following year in 2019 when he "realised the superior logic of the EFF bill" and hijacked the process.

18 Feb 15:18

18 Feb 15:17

18 Feb 15:17

18 Feb 15:16

18 Feb 15:15

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