OVERVIEW: #StateCaptureInquiry - Zuma wanted to appoint Ramatlhodi's ex-adviser as director of troubled NPA

2018-11-28 17:30

The judicial commission of inquiry into state capture has concluded the testimony of Ngoako Ramatlhodi's former adviser Mahlodi Muofhe, and will continue tomorrow with Cheryl Carolus' testimony.

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28 Nov 17:48

Zondo now conferring with Advocate Pretorius, who confirms that tomorrow's witness is (former SAA chairperson and former ANC deputy SG) "Ms [Cheryl] Carolus". 

Zondo asks for an estimate of how long she might take with her testimony, and Pretorius says he was told "one day".

Zondo adjourns the commission until 10:00 tomorrow morning.

28 Nov 17:45

Zondo once again thanks Muofhe for his contribution and excuses him.

28 Nov 17:43

Molefe says she is done leading Muofhe's evidence, but she is not closing the testimony because implicated parties have yet to apply to cross-examine him. 

Zondo thanks Muofhe for appearing at the commission and testifying, and says he hopes that certain DGs and former DGs will be motivated by Muofhe's appearance to approach the commission themselves with further evidence. 

Zondo: "We can't force people to come here. But we really would like people, out of a sense of duty to their country, to come forward." 

28 Nov 17:39

28 Nov 17:38

Muofhe says that he knew from having been told by Manyi, that failure to appoint him would be "career limiting" - a description offered by Zondo and agreed to by Muofhe. 

Muofhe: "We knew by Manyi's admission that the president wanted him to go transform DMR." 

28 Nov 17:31

28 Nov 17:28

28 Nov 17:23
Muofhe says former DGs could shed light into how cracks come about in government

28 Nov 17:14
Muofhe says he never spoke to former president Zuma about the appointment of Manyi to the DMR

28 Nov 17:05
Former president Zuma was disappointed by the decision of not appointing Manyi

28 Nov 16:57
Manyi did not meet the required qualifications as advertised, therefore Adv Ramatlhodi denied the application.

28 Nov 16:56
Muofhe now moves on to the submission from Mosebenzi Zwane to have Mzwanele Manyi appointed to the DG of the DMR.

28 Nov 16:49
Muofhe is asked about the mining indaba meetings held at the Gupta residence in Cape Town

28 Nov 16:42
The minister of DPSA could reject applications for DGs across government departments

28 Nov 16:42
Muofhe says that the minister of DPSA reviewed the government appointments

28 Nov 16:34

Muofhe said he joined government in senior management level, chief director and acting DDG and as a special adviser to the minister.

28 Nov 16:24
Muofhe says he told Zuma he has never been a prosecutor and it would be best to appoint somebody with legal background, to stabilise the NPA.

28 Nov 16:15
Muofhe says former president said that the former NPA boss Nxasana wanted to charge Nomgcobo Jiba and he was not happy with that.

28 Nov 16:12

28 Nov 16:10

28 Nov 16:07

28 Nov 16:07

28 Nov 15:45
Muofhe says he was in the public eye because of the platinum belt strike, and implies that this could be the reason why he was chosen to be on this reference group.

28 Nov 15:38
Muofhe says it remains a mystery how Nhleko wanted him to be part of the group because he didn't know him. "I am not sure what informed the decision to invite me," Muofhe says.

28 Nov 15:35
Zondo brings back the question regarding a meeting with former Minister Nhleko in September 2014. Says Muofhe flew down to Cape Town to meet with him in his office.

28 Nov 15:28
Muofhe says that Ramatlhodi's removal was long overdue.

28 Nov 15:27
Muofhe mentions the Department of Mineral Resources focus on resolving the volatility in the platinum sector.

28 Nov 15:17
Public knowledge that former president said the Guptas were his friends. They had "a close relationship", says Muofhe.

28 Nov 15:09
Muofhe says he has never met the Guptas. 

28 Nov 15:08
Muofhe : The manner in which I responded to them they understood we don’t have any interest in interacting with them. 

28 Nov 15:08
Ministers made visits to Saxonwold during Zuma's first term, however, it became public knowledge during Zuma's second term.

28 Nov 15:00
Muofhe says he informed Ramatlhodi about the letter and the call. He says the former minister told him to decline the directive.

28 Nov 14:59
Moufhe says the letter came soon after Ramatlhodi was appointed. He says at the time it was public knowledge that some of the Cabinet ministers reported at Saxonwold. 

28 Nov 14:57

28 Nov 14:56

Muofhe says he received a letter from a Gupta company requesting his attendance along with Ramatlhodi to a dinner. The dinner was to discuss a working relationship at the Gupta residence.

28 Nov 14:45
Mouofhe:  I remained special advisor to adv. Ramatlhodi throughout his deployment period from DMR to the department of public services and administration.

28 Nov 14:36

Muofhe is sworn in.

He has made a few amendments to his statement.

28 Nov 14:30

Inquiry resumes.

Ramatlhodi's former adviser and spokesperson advocate Mahlodi Muofhe is up next. 

Muofhe is currently the chief governance officer of the Special Investigating Unit.

28 Nov 13:40

28 Nov 13:24
Ramatlhodi is done for now. Zondo tells him that he may be asked to come back. He says parties mentioned in his evidence may apply to cross-examine him. 

28 Nov 13:23
We adjourn for lunch.

28 Nov 13:21

28 Nov 13:19

Buthelezi repeats a question earlier asked: "Why would the President have an interest in Optimum mine?"

Ramatlhodi: "I think the answer is very obvious, he wanted it for the Guptas."

28 Nov 13:17
Ramatlhodi says the issue of the Gupta-relationship with Zuma was not raised inside Cabinet, only outside, adding that "Cabinet was very cooperative".

28 Nov 13:14

28 Nov 13:10
Ramatlhodi believes he was removed from Cabinet because he refused to appoint Manyi and because he was publicly vocal about Gordhan's removal.

28 Nov 13:05
Ramatlhodi says he was removed as minister on the same late night as Pravin Gordhan, 1 April. 

28 Nov 13:04

Ramatlhodi says he is still friends with the former president. "I know him very well. We are quite close and nothing has changed." Even though he recieved no notice from the president that he would be axed as minister.

28 Nov 13:01

28 Nov 13:00
Ramatlhodi says Manyi then complained that he was being singled out. 

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