OVERVIEW: #StateCaptureInquiry | Watson had the power to move people around, says Agrizzi

2019-01-24 10:01

News24 has obtained several pages from one of the 'little black books' Angelo Agrizzi has testified about before the state capture commission of inquiry.



Former Bosasa Chief Operations Officer (COO) Angel

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24 Jan 16:01
That's it for today. We are not sitting tomorrow. We are back on Monday. @CowansView

24 Jan 16:00

24 Jan 15:58
Mansell's invoice was fictitious, says Agrizzi

24 Jan 15:56
Agrizzi now deals with evidence surrounding Danny Mansell. Mansell was a crucial player in the corruption at Bosasa in the early years, but in 2013, he ran off to the US.  @CowansView

24 Jan 15:50
That was a very quick dip into exceptionally explosive evidence before the commission from Agrizzi. This recording is an exceptional bombshell. @CowansView

24 Jan 15:47

24 Jan 15:44
AA: All I was told chair, that he (Watson) had moved people around. How he did it, who he spoke to, I don't know.  @CowansView

24 Jan 15:43

AA: Watson was arranging to have people moved around those investigators. I was asking him to explain to Mti how he had moved people around.

Note: The Hawks officers assigned to this case were changed several times. @CowansView

24 Jan 15:40

This recording of convo of Mti, Watson and Agrizzi = 8 May 2015.

Watson plans to lobby @PresJGZuma over appointment of new NDPP.

Watson met Zuma later in May.

In June 2015, Shaun Abrahams is appointed.

Abrahams withdraws Jiba perjury charges. @CowansView

24 Jan 15:32
Watson says: Ntlemeza is the right guy at that place, doing what he can. Now we need to get the right person at the NPA. @CowansView

24 Jan 15:31

24 Jan 15:29

24 Jan 15:26

Watson then says that Adv Marijke de Kock was "smuggled back onto the case" after she was removed by Jiba in around 2012.

Watson thought that Glynis Breytenbach had put her back on with Jiba being aware.

Watson: "I want to implicate Willie"

Willie Hofmeyr, the former head of SIU while it investigated Bosasa. @CowansView

24 Jan 15:23
Agrizzi will now speak about the recording. First line: 'Jiba tried to close down twice by Dramat didn't want to give the docket over to close it down'. @CowansView

24 Jan 15:19
"We need to get this thing shut down, Mr President," Watson said he planned to tell @PresJGZuma during a meeting in May 2015. This is in reference to the ongoing Hawks and NPA investigation. @CowansView

24 Jan 15:19

24 Jan 15:08

24 Jan 15:06

24 Jan 15:05
AA: He would visit the President quite regularly. His very first visit to Nkandla I remember he told me how much of a mess it was and that it shouldn't have cost R250m. @CowansView

24 Jan 15:04
AA: Gavin Watson had that kind of relationship with the President, where he could tell him what to do. @CowansView

24 Jan 15:03

How Bosasa bragged about Zuma, NPA influence

In the weeks leading up to the appointment of Shaun Abrahams as the country’s prosecutions boss, Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson bragged how he planned to lobby former president Jacob Zuma to appoint someone who would "protect" his allies at the National Prosecuting Authority.

24 Jan 15:01

PP: At the time these discussions were held, what was the status of payments to Jiba, Lepinka and Mrwebi?

AA: They were still being paid. @CowansView

24 Jan 15:01
AA: They used to meet at a shopping centre opposite Savannah Hills, prior to that they used to meet at Thrupps Centre in Illovo. (Mti and Jiba). @CowansView

24 Jan 14:59
AA: There was no statement from a complainant in the criminal case, namely then acting DCS commissioner, Jenny Schreiner. @CowansView

24 Jan 14:58

AA: The letter must be addressed to Jiba, I was told.

And we needed to challenged SIU report legalities.

How do we deal with allegations made by sources? @CowansView

24 Jan 14:57
AA: I met with Mti and he read out to me what needed to be added to the letter, "they" (Jiba) was not happy with the letter and had told Mti what needed to be changed. @CowansView

24 Jan 14:55

AA: This note was made after the telelphone conversation.

PP: Were the contents of the telephone conversation fresh in your mind when you wrote it a day letter? @CowansView

24 Jan 14:53
This next document is a phone conversation Agrizzi took notes of between himself and Mti after he had handed him a copy of the letter. @CowansView

24 Jan 14:52
The letter drafted was given to Mti, so that he could check the letter with his source in the NPA to see if it accorded with the suggestions made by allegedly, Jiba and Lepinka. @CowansView

24 Jan 14:52

Next document.

AA: This document was written by myself while I was on the phone with Mti. Another document was drafted by Bosasa attorneys titled 'reasons why NPA should provide nolle prosequi' (decline to prosecute certificate). @CowansView

24 Jan 14:51

PP: Ofcourse we shouldnt lose sight of the obvious, when Bosasa took steps to quash the investigation it did so not only for its own interests, but also Mr Mti and Mr Gillingham.

AA: Correct. @CowansView

24 Jan 14:49

24 Jan 14:47

PP: This list of advice, do you know where it originated from?

AA: Well he said he had come from a meeting with Jiba and Lepinka. @CowansView

24 Jan 14:46

Zondo: Whose handwriting is this on this page?

AA: It is all Mr Linda Mti. He wrote it in my presence.

AA: The original document is in possession of the investigators. @CowansView

24 Jan 14:46

Bosasa was to argue that the "fundamental rights of the company and individuals" were violated.

AA: The timeline of the investigation, 2006 to 2013, was also prejudicial.

AA: We were going to put it to the NPA that they had messed up and what were they going to do now? @CowansView

24 Jan 14:44
AA: We were to challenge the SIU report because the evidence it contained was "fruit of the poisoned tree". @CowansView

24 Jan 14:43
AA: This was an instruction document, so that our lawyers could draft a letter to NPA to get the case closed down.@CowansView

24 Jan 14:41
AA: Mti wrote down - we have to challenge the legality of the SIU report. He was giving me instructions to provide to our lawyers. (Ostensibly after briefing by Jiba & Lepinka with Mti, they were actively assisting Mti with advice to help Bosasa) @CowansView

24 Jan 14:40

AA: We discussed what happened, as we usually would, after his meetings with Jiba and Lepinka.

We never used their names, we used their code names. @CowansView

24 Jan 14:40
Agrizzi now deals with a handwritten document. We were having a meeting, myself and Mti, held in 2013 at his house, and he used his notepad. @CowansView

24 Jan 14:36
The CONFIDENTIAL document, the draft on racketeering charges authored by De Kock, was meant ONLY for the eyes of Mrwebi, head of SCCU, Adv A. Mosing and the then acting NDPP, Nomgcobo Jiba. @CowansView

24 Jan 14:34

24 Jan 14:30

PP: This was an early draft?

AA: Yes. It was given to me by Linda Mti, what it talks about is racketeering and charges of racketeering.

PP: That were being contemplated?

AA: Correct.

24 Jan 14:29
Now a document titled "Proposed Racketeering Memorandum" dated 8 August 2013 and marked CONFIDENTIAL. @CowansView

24 Jan 14:28

PP: Was a charge sheet ever served on Gillingham?

AA: No, nothing has ever been done.

PP: That is strange, because you were actually given a draft charge sheet?

AA: That is correct. Dated 30 April 2013.

24 Jan 14:28

PP: So it appears from this memo that at least one prosecution was ready to go ahead by late 2013.

AA: That is correct.

PP: You were made aware of this? AA: Correct.

24 Jan 14:27
De Kock memo on Mti: It is difficult to speculate but if police investigation shows evidence of corrupt relationship between Mti and Bosasa, it is likely he will also be prosecuted. @CowansView

24 Jan 14:26

De Kock: I am of the view that the matter can be enrolled in the second half of 2013.

De Kock: The prosecution of Bosasa group of companies - It is anticipated that evidence of corrupt relationship between Bosasa and Gillingham, including Agrizzi, Mansell, Bonifacio, will be possible..." @CowansView

24 Jan 14:25

PP: Did you receive information that the prosecution and investigation was still on the table at that stage?

AA: That is correct. @CowansView

24 Jan 14:25
PP: De Kock: "We do not expect to be challenged". @CowansView

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