OVERVIEW: Rugby's Cheeky Watson begged Agrizzi to go back to Bosasa...for R10m per month #StateCaptureInquiry

2019-01-28 13:00

Former Bosasa chief operations officer Angelo Agrizzi continues his testimony at the judicial commission of inquiry into state capture in Johannesburg.

WATCH LIVE: State Capture Inquiry 

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Angelo Agrizzi at state capture inquiry

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28 Jan 16:28
Adjourns, to resume at 10:00 tomorrow.

28 Jan 16:20

You remember the amount, but not the name, but over the past few weeks you've given us a lot of names and amounts that you remember, Zondo tells Agrizzi.

Chair, I was given the bag of money and told to deliver it, I was told the name but I don't remember it.

Context: Watson asked Agrizzi to pay R265 000 in a bag. It was on 23 December, according to Agrizzi's memory, He added that he was not feeling well. 

Agrizzi says he kept the money in a safe, Watson collected it.

28 Jan 16:17
"It wasn't about payment of shares but share certificates," -  Agrizzi on Watson's resistance to transfer shareholdership.

28 Jan 16:11
But in November 2016 it dawned on Agrizzi that Gavin Watson wasn't 'sincere' and he wanted to sort out the shareholding promised him by Cheeky Watson. 

28 Jan 16:11

Paul Pretorius responds: 'Mr Agrizzi, you weren't fighting for it, you were actively participating...'

Agrizzi responds: 'I don't dispute that.

28 Jan 16:07

28 Jan 16:02
Agrizzi says he was happy with what they offered him in the contract and therefore accepted. 

28 Jan 16:01

Approached and cautioned by Daniel (Cheeky) Watson to return. Made offers to Agrizzi to return, saying that he would be looked after.

"They sent him to negotiate with me," says Agrizzi

Approximate value of contact = quarter of a billion rand - over 10 years, according to Agrizzi.

28 Jan 15:56

"I resigned and switched off my phone for two weeks"

Incessant number of phone calls received.

"You've been chosen by God to lead with me," Agrizzi was told after resigning.

28 Jan 15:54
Bosasa made him sick, says Agrizzi, His state of health was poor.

28 Jan 15:53

Aug 2016: I couldn't take it anymore -  Agrizzi.

I closed my laptop, got into my car and left.

I did resign, in writing. 

28 Jan 15:53

28 Jan 15:52
Agrizzi was instructed to put R40m in a trust to protect Bosasa.

28 Jan 15:49
He refused to take the fall, Watson contacted him and apologised. Apology was accepted.

28 Jan 15:48

Agrizzi says "one of the reasons" he came forward was because Watson was going to pin everything on him. Says more reasons as to why he came forward will follow in his ongoing testimony before the commission. 

28 Jan 15:46

We resume. 

Agrizzi says an attorney advised Watson to get him to admit to everything, including that he acted alone, he would then have a criminal record and the comapny would be held liable.

Attorney agreed that you take the fall for Bosasa?

AA: Yes, he did. 

28 Jan 15:32

Agrizzi raises air-conditioning concerns, Pretorius informs Zondo that witness suffers from diabetes, wants to "tough it out".

Zondo tells witness to let them know whenever he needs to take a break. However, reminds them that they need to make up for time lost earlier in the day.

They adjourn for a few minutes.

28 Jan 15:30

Release of SIU report:

PP: In 2009, was this a matter discussed internally at Bosasa? 

No, Agrizzi says, but they would take a "walk in the park" to discuss this, it was here that Watson "insisted" they go on holiday with him. Which they did. 

PP: Negative press, publicity during this time?

Agrizzi says yes.

PP: Did you confront Watson at this time?

Agrizzi: I told him I resign

PP: That's not what you said in your statement.

Agrizzi... I'm sorry, I'm feeling a bit light-headed at this stage. 

28 Jan 15:21
A special team provided government officials and politicians with security services including CCTV and electric gates.

28 Jan 15:21
A further R10m was asked for a second contract, Watson refused after being advised not to pay bribe, Bosasa thus lost 40% catering tender lost.

28 Jan 15:21
The state would pay through bribery money, Agrizzi says, the recipients from Bosasa would not receive invoices.

28 Jan 15:16
R5m paid to Sam Sekgota company for extension of catering tender.

28 Jan 15:13
Around 2015, Bosasa started experiencing cashflow issues and also came under scrutiny by banks. They halted payments to Rahadkrishna. 

28 Jan 15:11

28 Jan 15:10
Anil Rahadkrishna looked into reducing costs. An agreement for reduced costs was reached. R93.6m was cashed to Lindela contract, which was extended by 5 years without tender process  being followed, nor approval from Treasury. Rahadkrishna expected R7m for negotiation work. 

28 Jan 15:03

Now moving on to work done at the Lindela Repatriation Centre, which falls under Home Affairs Dep and was managed by Bosasa. 

Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula wanted the costs reduced,  department felt the money was a waste.

She was appointed Minister of Home Affairs from 2004 to 2009 and Minister of Correctional Services from 2009 to 2012.

28 Jan 14:59
Wakeford told Watson they had to get George Papadakis to assist with investigation, as he could resolve issues involving SARS audits.

28 Jan 14:57
 Kevin Wakeford, a close friends with the Watsons, was paid around R100 000 per month to deal with relations between SARS and Bosasa.

28 Jan 14:56

Watson would constantly sing Zuma's praises. He was certain that "with Mr Zuma on his side", he was "bulletproof", Agrizzi tells. 

28 Jan 14:49

28 Jan 14:48

I fired Bosasa, Agrizzi as clients, says PR practitioner named at #StateCaptureInquiry

Communications practitioner Stephen Laufer says it was he who fired facilities management company Bosasa as a client when allegedly asked to undertake "unethical activities" by the company.

Laufer was named by former Bosasa chief operating officer Angelo Agrizzi in his testimony before the judicial commission of inquiry into state capture on Monday.

28 Jan 14:43
Watson instructed Zuma to call in Anwar Dramat to ensure the investigation is shut down.

28 Jan 14:42
"Gavin Watson basically instructed President Zuma to shut down the investigations into Bosasa, " Agrizzi says.

28 Jan 14:41

Watson went to a meeting with Zuma following Nkandla scandal. Agrizzi says Watson often boasted about meeting politicians. 

Watson told him (Agrizzi) personally that he had given Zuma R300 000, Zuma answered yes to receiving the money from Myeni, Agrizzi says. 

28 Jan 14:37
Trevor Mathenjwa-MD of Sondolo IT handled Dudu Myeni and NPA investigation.

28 Jan 14:36

28 Jan 14:36
High profile officials were taken on lengthy tours of Bosasa offices. Agrizzi says Zuma and Myeni made appearances at this this "smoke and mirrors" exercise.

28 Jan 14:36
Jacob Zuma was introduced to Gavin Watson by Zuki Madonga. Agrizzi describes Madonga as a "prayer warrior" for Zuma. This was when Zuma was ANC president only, but not yet of the country.

28 Jan 14:30

Says he may have "missed one or two" pages from the document. Upon being instructed to shut the Hawks investigation down, Myeni responded that she would work on it.

We carry on.

28 Jan 14:27

The photos were taken out of her sight. Watson instructed Myeni to shut down the investigation" into Bosasa and officials. "Please have this shut down now," Agrizzi quotes Watson as saying.

Agrizzi explains he captured information via cellphone because he "didn't have time" to write everything down. He worked back-to-front. Some notes were made, others were photographically recorded. Says he doubts Myeni saw him taking photos, "otherwise she would have confronted me", he says.

28 Jan 14:23

Agrizzi sent investigators photographs via email. Agrizzi explains that his cellphone syncs all images with his computer through the iCloud.

28 Jan 14:18
The document listed the names of suspects including Agrizzi, Patrick Gillingham, Andries van Tonder, however, Watson’s name was not there. 

28 Jan 14:16

"Anti Corruption Task Team report on Correctional Services investigation" appeared worded on the document. 


28 Jan 14:12

28 Jan 14:10

The meeting was held at the Sheraton Pretoria Hotel, Agrizzi took photographs of the documents.

Says Myeni appeared nervous.

28 Jan 14:09

Agrizzi has a meeting with Watson one afternoon where Dudu Myeni was present. 

She explained she had meetings with the NPA, they were working on shutting down the case. A docket, which Agrizzi says resembled that of a police docket - beige folder, was handed to him, he was told not to make copies of it, notes made of information on docket was allowed.

She took some notes out of it, Agrizzi says, asking him to look over them. 

28 Jan 14:05

Inquiry resumes from lunch. 

Agrizzi says his wife arranged the LV handbag, another lady collected and paid for the bag.

28 Jan 13:06

There is a pause in questioning, and the lunch adjournment is called. 

28 Jan 13:00

28 Jan 13:00

Myeni, in a response to eNCA, denies ever meeting Gavin Watson at Bosasa offices.

Myeni says Agrizzi "is lying. His greed is worrisome." 

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