AS IT HAPPENED: Ntlemeza is the 'biggest disaster' that has ever hit law enforcement in SA, Booysen tells #StateCaptureInquiry

2019-05-03 15:30

Former head of KwaZulu-Natal Hawks Johan Booysen has completed his testimony at the judicial commission of inquiry into state capture, revealing the extent of the rot within the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation during his time there, and attempts to get rid of him.

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Former KwaZulu-Natal Hawks head Johan Booysen

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03 May 15:54

Zondo thanks Booysen for coming forward and sharing his testimony, and once again pleads with anyone else who has pertinent information, to come forward. 

Booysen is reminded that he may be called back at any time again, but is excused for now. 

Zondo now addresses Advocate Paul Pretorius, who tells Zondo that the commission will deal with the Transnet tranche of evidence when it resumes on Monday morning at 10:00.

Proceedings adjourn for the day. 

03 May 15:50

September wraps up her questioning of Booysen, and Zondo allows him the opportunity to make closing remarks. 

Booysen starts out by thanking the commission for the opportunity to come and share the facts, the truth of what really happened at the Hawks. 

Booysen finishes: "Unless they get rid of the rotten apples within the NPA, and the police, and the Hawks... we are doomed." 

03 May 15:43

03 May 15:42

03 May 15:36

03 May 15:23

Zondo asks if corruption allegations against SAPS colonel are being dealt with 

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo wants to know if anything has been done by the police in relation to allegations of corruption and bribery against Colonel Navin Madhoe, who is still actively on duty.  

Zondo, who chairs the judicial commission of inquiry into state capture, kicked off proceedings on Friday by stating that he had heard evidence that suggests that Madhoe "may be guilty of corruption, that he may have been guilty of bribery or attempted bribery". 

"I have heard that it appears that not much has been done over many years in regard to the allegation against him in relation to bribery, and that includes in terms of internal disciplinary matters within SAPS," Zondo said.   

03 May 15:17

Booysen is now talking about the death, by suffocation, of police informant Solomon Nengwane, for which Mabula was investigated.

03 May 15:08

Advocate September now mentions Major-General Jan Mabula, who has been mentioned in Booysen's evidence in the context of three investigations, including the Cato Manor investigation. 

Mabula is also mentioned in the investigation related to former police commissioner Jackie Selebi, and a "several multi-million rand" sum of money that was stolen from the Benoni police station, which was recovered after a heist at OR Tambo International Airport.

03 May 14:52

03 May 14:48

Booysen says Mdluli's appointment as head of Crime Intelligence, by Mthethwa, was irregular. Booysen says after this, Mdluli allegedly started looting the Secret Service account, with Mthethwa allegedly benefitting.

03 May 14:38

03 May 14:38

03 May 14:33

Booysen names Major-General Alfred Khana as someone who also interfered with Hawks investigations into corruption in KwaZulu-Natal.

03 May 14:23

03 May 14:19

Booysen says he personally reported corruption to Ntlemeza and he did nothing about it. Booysen also says Ntlemeza would interfere with investigations. 

Booysen says that during the period he worked with Ntlemeza, he did not demonstrate that he remotely had the ability to lead an important institution like the Hawks.

03 May 14:10

Booysen resumes his testimony, after the lunch adjournment. 

03 May 13:05

September now directs Booysen's testimony back to Ntlemeza, but before Booysen continues any further, Zondo deems it an appropriate time to call for the lunch break. 

Proceedings adjourn until 14:00.

03 May 13:00

Booysen says during his discussions with Tony Gupta in Saxonwold, Gupta brought up the fact that Booysen was shortlisted as a possible candidate to head up the Hawks. Booysen says he found it strange that Gupta knew this, because it wasn't really public knowledge.

Booysen says Duduzane "did not participate in the discussion whatsoever". The conversation did not go much further, says Booysen, and there was no pressure put on him, nor were there any "promises made" or favours given.

03 May 12:58

03 May 12:54

Booysen talks about a Rolls Royce that pulled up behind his car when he had his son with him, and they were parked somewhere getting food. He told his son to check out the car behind them, because it's not every day you see a car like that, and Booysen then realised that Duduzane Zuma was in the car. 

Booysen says Duduzane asked him if he would like to drive with him in the Rolls Royce, and Booysen says he accepted the offer and made his son follow them in his Toyota Corolla.

Eventually, according to Booysen, they unexpectedly ended up at the Gupta compound, where he entered the house with his son and met Tony Gupta, who introduced himself and made small talk. 

03 May 12:49

Booysen, not sure of names, constantly references a "white youngster" who accompanied Duduzane Zuma.

03 May 12:47

03 May 12:39

September now asks Booysen if he knows Duduzane Zuma, and Booysen says "I do," regarding a complaint that was lodged by a "friend" of Duduzane Zuma's against a "white male" in relation to an online betting business transaction.

Booysen mentions a few occasions where he met with Duduzane Zuma, regarding this complaint. Booysen also says he later recognised Duduzane's friend/business partner as Lloyd Hill. 

Booysen mentions Hill's rumoured underworld connections.

03 May 12:31

Booysen says the day he was suspended was a public holiday, and he received a phone call from his neighbour who told him that "the riot police" were jumping over his fence at his house. Booysen wasn't home at the time, and he says he called his "domestic aid" who told him that the house was surrounded by police. Booysen says they were there to serve his notice of suspension.

Booysen says Ntlemeza wanted to prove a point - "If you go against me, this is what will happen," Booysen tells an incredulous Zondo. 

Booysen says they had also stormed his lawyer's office, and his secretary's office. 

03 May 12:27

Still on Ntlemeza, Booysen says he was "getting tired of his antics", describing how Ntlemeza suspended a colleague of his, before suspending Booysen himself. Booysen says they suspended a colleague in HR, which was a strategic position in the Hawks. "They wanted to take control of key posts," says Booysen. 

Booysen says while he was suspended, Ntlemeza appointed someone in his place. Zondo asks if it was an acting replacement, and Booysen says no, "it was permanent".

03 May 12:12

Booysen says the problem started when Ntlemeza became the acting head of the Hawks. He hijacked the whole promotion system when he headed up the Hawks, Booysen says, and excluded all the provincial heads and handled all appointments from his office.

03 May 12:11

03 May 12:01

03 May 11:58

Back from the break, Booysen continues with his testimony, led by Advocate September.

Booysen talks about a nefarious "alliance" between Ntlemeza and Richard Mdluli to get rid of Dramat. Booysen refers to a statement by (IPID investigator) Innocent Khuba.

03 May 11:32

Booysen brings up Colonel Roelofse. "Colonel Kobus Roelofse was the lead and main investigator in the looting of the Secret Services account" investigation, Booysen tells Zondo. 

Zondo asks Booysen to elaborate further on Roelofse's involvement in this investigation. Advocate September informs Zondo that Roelofse will be testifying at the commission, to give evidence himself.

Zondo calls for the short morning adjournment. Back in 15mins.

03 May 11:31

Booysen says that Ntlemeza demanded the report, and when he took it to him, "and that's when I saw Colonel Jones was driving around, in the provincial commissioner's car. Not a private car, one of the state official cars, and I immediately felt uncomfortable. Colonel Jones, I'd reported to him, he's driving him around. He's driving him around in a police vehicle that's allocated to the provincial commissioner, he's meeting with the provincial commissioner, who's a suspect of mine".

Booysen says that Ntlemeza shouted and told him that was not the report he wanted - he wanted a report on why Booysen was going to Cape Town.

03 May 11:23

Booysen says Ntlemeza had an issue with him going to Cape Town to meet with Anwa Dramat. Booysen says he had purchased a plane ticket to Cape Town with his own money, to go and meet with Dramat, and it had caught him off guard that Ntlemeza questioned him about it.

03 May 11:21

Booysen says Ntlemeza asked him for his "equity profile" and Booysen says it "didn't make sense" that Ntlemeza tried to make him look at his equity profile on the 1st of January 2015, in the morning... Booysen says that was a "ruse to do something else".

Booysen: "The way he communicates, you can never figure out what he wants or what he doesn't want..."

03 May 11:12

03 May 11:11

September asks Booysen for his observations around the time that Berning Ntlemeza was appointed as acting national head of the Hawks (on 24 December 2014, according to September). 

Booysen: "For lack of a better word, when he was appointed all hell broke loose within the DPCI. I cannot describe it any other way." 

Booysen: "The very first thing he did, and that's what started to raise some red flags to me, the very first thing he did was, I received a call from him six days after his appointment, on New Year's Eve, in the afternoon... I received a call from him and he said to me that he would like to see me on the 1st of January..." 

Booysen: "Normally, your operational people work on the 1st of January, it's the first time in my police career of 40 years...that I'd been summoned to a meeting in the morning of a New Year's Day."

03 May 11:04

Going through the list of advocates whose names often come up, Booysen mentions Advocate Mrwebi, Advocate Jiba, Advocate Noko, Advocate Mosing, Advocate Pretorius, Advocate Matenjwa, Advocate Maema...

September: "The common names though, that appear through your observations in more than one matter, are thus Advocate Mrwebi, Advocate Noko, Advocate Mosing, and Advocate Jiba. Is that correct?" 

Booysen: "That's correct." 

03 May 10:51

03 May 10:44


03 May 10:42

03 May 10:35

September now shifts the focus of Booysen's evidence to the Cato Manor investigation.

Booysen says an inordinate amount of resources, investigators and prosecutors were assigned to the case, "camped out on the Durban beachfront".

03 May 10:33

September refers to a diagram on a slide which was first shown yesterday. 

On the slide, the four cases in question deal with the "Panday investigation", the "Amigos case", the "Looting of the Secret Service account" and the "Cato Manor" case, as well as some cases on the periphery.

Booysen yesterday said that inevitably, the same prosecutors are always involved in these cases. He also referenced the so-called SARS "Rogue Unit" case, as well as the attempts to prosecute him by the same people. 

03 May 10:28

With the procedural issues out of the way, September now shifts her focus to Booysen's evidence, who remains sworn in as he carries on with his testimony.

03 May 10:15

03 May 10:14

Evidence leader Advocate Veruschka September informs Zondo that there are legal representatives present who have yet to introduce themselves. Lawyers representing Minister Nathi Mthethwa follow and announce their interest in Johan Booysen's evidence. 

Advocate September now addresses Zondo on some procedural issues, regarding evidence bundles.

03 May 10:06

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo starts off proceedings by addressing concerns about Johan Booysen's testimony regarding Colonel Navin Madhoe, the bribery and corruption allegations against him, and the fact that nothing has been done about it and Madhoe is still on active duty.

Zondo says he would like to know if anything has been done, or is being done, by the SAPS, regarding the allegations against Madhoe.

03 May 10:02

03 May 09:45

03 May 09:45


State capture: Booysen claims Madhoe, Panday prosecution decision was "an attack on me' 

A memorandum that spelt out a decision that police officer, Colonel Navin Madhoe, and businessman Thoshan Panday should not be prosecuted was an "attack on me", a former Hawks boss claimed.

The former KwaZulu-Natal Hawks boss, General Johan Booysen was testifying at the state capture commission of inquiry on Thursday and the memo referred to was from then-Director of Public Prosecutions in KZN, advocate Moipone Noko.

"What concerns me the most about the memo is that it is an attack on me. It makes me look like the accused person. I would have at least expected her to give me an opportunity to state my case," Booysen added.

03 May 09:45


State capture inquiry: Mrwebi queried validity of cases former KZN Hawks boss probed 

Former KwaZulu-Natal Hawks boss Johan Booysen says suspended special director of public prosecutions Lawrence Mrwebi queried the legal validity of the corruption case of a policeman and a controversial KZN businessman.

Colonel Navin Madhoe and businessman Thoshan Panday had been charged with corruption for allegedly trying to bribe the Hawks boss who was investigating Panday for procurement contracts with the South African Police Service (SAPS) during the 2010 World Cup.

"Soon after both had been arrested and appeared in the commercial crimes court in Durban, the investigating officer alerted me that the prosecutor Bheki Manyathi had received communication from advocate Mrwebi."

"'Besides a scrap piece of paper, what other evidence is there against Madhoe?' he asked Manyathi," Booysen told the state capture commission of inquiry on Thursday.

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