OVERVIEW: Van Tonder made copies of evidence he was instructed to destroy as protection, #StateCaptureInquiry hears

2019-01-31 13:00

The judicial commission of inquiry into state capture has moved on to the testimony of former Bosasa employee Leon van Tonder, who worked as an IT manager.

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Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo

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31 Jan 15:28

31 Jan 15:04

LVT completes testimony. 

No further witnesses for today.

Zondo adjourns commission, to resume tomorrow at 10:00.

31 Jan 15:01

LVT: I believe this is the right way to clear my name, by coming clean in public and telling the truth.

Andries van Tonder, former Bosasa CFO and another witness before the commission, is Leon's eldest brother. 

Parties implicated by Leon van Tonder were also not notified ahead of time they would be implicated. Zondo excuses Van Tonder, but indicates that he will no doubt be asked to return.

31 Jan 15:00

31 Jan 14:59
LVT: Eventually all the humiliation I had to endure for years became too much. The data deletion also hung over me like a sword. I wanted to get out, and clear my name. 

31 Jan 14:59

In early 2017, Leon van Tonder was systematically sidelined - no longer included in meetings, access to parts of office revoked etc. 

"I knew I was soon going to become redundant".

31 Jan 14:58

31 Jan 14:45

LVT says he copied two files related to the catering tender onto a hard drive as a way to protect himself against Watson. 

"I was not prepared to compromise myself." 

31 Jan 14:42

31 Jan 14:42

LVT was tasked to draw up statement to mislead SIU investigation. 

More employees were asked to do this, says LVT.

"I simply complied to Gavin Watson's instructions out of fear of my job and career."

31 Jan 14:38
LVT was instructed to delete data which related to tenders from 2004-2007, as well as files which contained keywords such as tender, DCS, fencing, catering etc. 

31 Jan 14:33
During SIU investigation, LVT was called into meetings with Bosasa lawyers. He was instructed by Watson to delete information related to Correctional Services in Bosasa's Data Server. 

31 Jan 14:31
LVT was instructed to always provide assist to Mti and Gillingham whenever they had computer related matters that needed to be attended to. 

31 Jan 14:28

BREAKING: Pretoria chief magistrate implicated in Bosasa scandal at state capture inquiry

Pretoria chief magistrate Desmond Nair, who presided over Oscar Pistorius's bail application, has been implicated in the fast growing Bosasa scandal unfolding at the state capture commission of inquiry.

Nair allegedly accepted the installation of R200 000 worth of security systems at his Pretoria home, including a full electric fence and CCTV and alarm systems.

31 Jan 14:22

LVT: No (none of us have ever taken Gavin Watson to labour court etc)

"Gavin Watson is untouchable".

31 Jan 14:21

31 Jan 14:20
Leon van Tonder: What I learned over the years is that when Gavin Watson gave an instruction, you had better comply or you will find yourself without a job. Watson made comments that no-one was irreplaceable. 

31 Jan 14:20
 "I am no longer working at Bosasa", says Leon van Tonder, previous IT manager of Bosasa.

31 Jan 14:17

LVT was introduced to Fred Vivier by Gavin Watson, who would be taking over all his responsilibities. When LVT questioned Watson on his demotion, he just brushed it off. 

31 Jan 14:12

We resume. Leon van Tonder has been sworn in. 

He speaks of the various roles he fulfilled during his employment at Bosasa which was until May 2018.

31 Jan 13:10

31 Jan 13:07

Proceedings adjourn for lunch. Back at 14:00.

31 Jan 13:07

Le Roux's evidence is concluded, but he is still available for cross-examination. 

Zondo "releases" Le Roux for now, but informs him that he may be asked to come back some time in the future. 

Zondo thanks Le Roux for assisting investigators and making himself available to the commission. 

Le Roux: "It's a helluva stress off my shoulders..." 

31 Jan 13:04

Le Roux says he has visited four properties around Gauteng with the investigators.

31 Jan 13:03

Le Roux elaborates again on just how intimidating Gavin Watson could be. Le Roux says you never questioned anything Watson told you. 

Le Roux: "Like I said earlier, Gavin Watson was a very intimidating person. What he said, goes. You couldn't question him, or judge him, you couldn't give your point of view through. What he said, goes, and nothing else." 

Le Roux: "I was always instructed not to disclose to anyone about the installations, and work done and Gavin Watson often said to me, 'Listen to me my mate, I'll make sure that you never get another job, as I am connected, and you being a white male at your age, no one will ever employ you, if any of this information ever comes out'." 

Le Roux: "So for me that's very threatening. I'm following instruction at the end of the day."

31 Jan 12:57

31 Jan 12:52

Le Roux explains the reasoning behind removing serial numbers on equipment used in special projects.

31 Jan 12:52

31 Jan 12:51

31 Jan 12:51

The work undertaken at Nair's property also estimated at around R200 000.

31 Jan 12:50

31 Jan 12:49

31 Jan 12:49

Next project/property up is one apparently belonging to Desmond Nair, a chief magistrate. 

31 Jan 12:45

Molefe asks Le Roux about "Project Bramley".

31 Jan 12:44

31 Jan 12:44

Molefe now directs the evidence to "Project PRASA", which referenced property belonging to Mbulelo Gingcana. 

31 Jan 12:42

31 Jan 12:42

31 Jan 12:41

31 Jan 12:41

Le Roux now makes mention of video footage that appeared on News24, in relation to the security installation at the property in question. 

Le Roux: "There was video footage that came out on News24, of the technicians removing the equipment at Vincent Smith's premises. 

Le Roux: "It was quite funny, because it was said on there that they were there to do mere... give mere advice of the equipment at the end of the day. But the funny thing about it is, if you look on that video, two of the technicians that are actually removing the equipment, were two technicians that worked on special projects." 

Le Roux: "The other gentleman that is standing at the back, he's the one that actually took over special projects when I left special projects." 

31 Jan 12:33

Le Roux estimates the value of this project at around R200 000.

31 Jan 12:31

31 Jan 12:31

Molefe and Zondo ask Le Roux for some clarification on what an "IP" security camera system is and how it works. 

31 Jan 12:29

31 Jan 12:28

The next project under examination is the earlier mentioned "Project Jones", dealing with property belonging to ANC MP Vincent Smith.

31 Jan 12:27

Le Roux confirms he met Richmond Mti at one of the properties. 

31 Jan 12:26

Le Roux says he interacted with Mti's brother while they were working on the properties.

31 Jan 12:25

31 Jan 12:25

Le Roux tells Zondo he remembers where the properties are situated and can show investigators where they are.

31 Jan 12:24

Le Roux says the one property was smaller than the other, and when they completed the work on one property, they met up with the team on the other property to assist with the job. 

The work took place over a period of three weeks.

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