OVERVIEW: Oakbay wanted ANC to put pressure on banks to open their accounts - Mantashe tells #StateCaptureInquiry

2018-11-27 09:41

ANC chairperson Gwede Mantashe has concluded his testimony at the judicial commission of inquiry into state capture.


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27 Nov 15:45
Zondo excuses Mantashe. The commission adjourns until Wednesday at 10:00.  

27 Nov 15:31

Mantashe insists that ABSA "conflates" the ANC and the state. He says there are no issues with the statements FNB and Nedbank made to the commission.

However, Mantashe disagrees with statements made by Absa and Standard Bank. 

27 Nov 15:26
Mantashe: "ABSA conflates the executive committee of the ANC with that of the state." 

27 Nov 15:23
Mantashe tells inquiry chair that in the last five years of his tenure as Secretary General, "we were in trouble". "Things began to fall apart when things of state capture began to manufacture. We are dealing with a complex issue," Mantashe says.

27 Nov 15:21
Mantashe: The issue of state capture is that…I must concede here...it was just comfortable - we were doing well. 

27 Nov 15:08

27 Nov 15:02

27 Nov 15:02

Many of our people felt Guptas were influencing the state

ANC cannot be totally exonerated from this.

Were you part of the meeting?

Yes, replies Mantashe.

Asks for specifics about meeting. 

27 Nov 14:58
The ANC was preoccupied with challenges of state capture, Mantashe says. We received reports from Oakbay, allegations of Gupta family influencing state - issue became the main issue.

27 Nov 14:54

Further engagement with the banks?

No. The banks gave us the clarity we needed. We didn't go back to the banks, they gave us an explanation, we were happy with the explanation. 

27 Nov 14:52
Very few people had an understanding of the legislation, Mantashe explains.

27 Nov 14:48

We couldn't discuss Oakbay accounts with the banks, says Mantashe.

27 Nov 14:42
Banks must comply with 120 pieces of legislation, this was explained during the meeting.

27 Nov 14:39

27 Nov 14:30

Mantashe reading the Oakbay letter requesting the meeting.

Confirms the letter was to request the first meeting.

Delegations led by Nazeem Howa on behalf on Oakbay.

27 Nov 14:24

Zondo asks about purpose of second meeting: (April 8)

Mining licences was an additional issue

Main issue: banking facilities, difficulty gaining access and problem in obtaining licences upon application.

27 Nov 14:21

27 Nov 14:21

Oakbay approached ANC about job loss matters. 

"The modus operandi of the ANC is that you can't do as you wish." -  Mantashe

27 Nov 14:17

Mantashe now talks about a meeting the ANC had with the banks. He says they met three banks except for FNB.

Mantashe confirms that the ANC met the banks: Standard Bank,Nedbank, Absa.

Mantashe confirms he had led all the delegations that met with the banks.

Says the ANC "didn't wake up one day and decide" to have a meeting, there was a build up of things.

Says there were 2 Oakbay meetings. 

27 Nov 14:11

Mantashe speaks of his involvement in ANC:

SG in 2007 until 2017

27 Nov 14:09
Zondo addresses theft of SABC equipment. Says it's unacceptable.

27 Nov 14:09

27 Nov 14:07

27 Nov 13:07
Manatashe concludes opening statement. Commission adjourns for lunch and will resume at 14:00.

27 Nov 13:07

He continues...

The ANC will make submissions in 4 parts (which will include):

The ANC will respond to evidence as to why they met with the banks.

Will, in future, respond to allegations made to the commission by (former public enterprises minister) Barbara Hogan, adding that Hogan should be given opportunity to withdraw allegations.

Jessie Duarte is willing to testify before commission concerning allegations about her involvement in state capture.

Mantashe calls on ANC members to come forward and give evidence on state capture.

27 Nov 13:01

Mantashe begins to read opening statement: When ANC met with the banks, I was secratary general of the leading party. 

I wish to put in context the work of the commission, and why South Africans should embrace the commission with open arms.

Since 1994, we have come to learn that there is no shortcut to nation fixes. We should not be dictated by fear. We should not shy away from our collective responsibility to protect our freedoms.

27 Nov 12:54

27 Nov 12:51

Mantashe, ANC requested to make an opening statement. 

Seeks guidance as legal team, Zondo says this is in order.  

27 Nov 12:49

Zondo informs Mantashe that he is not here in his capacity as minister, but as one of the leaders of the governing party.

Mantashe agrees.

27 Nov 12:46

Witness is sworn in. 

27 Nov 12:45

27 Nov 12:45
Evidence be led by Advocate Phillip Mokoena. 

27 Nov 12:42
Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe prepares to testify.

27 Nov 12:33

Zondo informs Manyi he may be asked further on to return, but for now he is excused. 

Short adjournment, resuming at 12:40.

27 Nov 12:30

27 Nov 12:27
Maleka concludes questioning. Informs Zondo about further investigation into Treasury issues raised by Manyi during testimony.

27 Nov 12:21

Confirmation: TNA did not use the ABC type of verification in order to prove the extent of it's circulation?

Correct, says Manyi.

27 Nov 12:12

27 Nov 12:00

27 Nov 11:55

Status of The New Age liquidation:

Manyi says it's being finalised, an auction will be held tomorrow.

Maleka asks Manyi knew that there was no way of saving the business. 

Manyi says " I came in with my eyes open", took it on with a view to turn it around.

27 Nov 11:46

Manyi asked to confirm that he is not an employment agent. 

Manyi: "I think that is totally a bankrupt question."

27 Nov 11:45

Maleka asks Manyi about email documents sent to Ashu Chawla saying “as discussed with Tony”.

What is the relevance of the question? - Manyi asks.


27 Nov 11:39
Manyi asked about CVs received, sent out.

27 Nov 11:36

Maleka questions Manyi on reappointment of Williams as head of bid adjudication committee if he regarded it as a mini VBS.

"[PAPAPHRASE] Nothing stops me from rearranging the committee if changes are in line with regulations."

27 Nov 11:27

27 Nov 11:26

Zondo says Manyi's explanation is acceptable. Says not too much time should be spent on the issue.

Maleka raises point that Zondo had asked legal team to lead evidence on this.

Zondo confirms this.

27 Nov 11:23

Maleka asks Manyi why he did not correct Williams when she made the first mistake about his starting date at the GCIS.

Manyi says he knew that he would be given a chance to testify.

27 Nov 11:21


#StateCaptureInquiry: Manyi tried to influence my testimony – Phumla Williams

Manyi sent a text message to acting CEO Phumla Williams while she was giving evidence.

Williams had implicated Manyi, telling the inquiry that he had irregularly changed the tender processes at the GCIS, placing all final decisions under him.

27 Nov 11:20
Manyi confirms receiving notice of Williams' testimony 13 days beforehand - it was sent to him. 

27 Nov 11:18

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