AS IT HAPPENED: Tim Noakes found not guilty of professional misconduct

2017-04-21 09:10

Professor Tim Noakes has been found not guilty of misconduct, a professional conduct committee found.


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21 Apr 13:18

21 Apr 12:42

Professor Tim Noakes has been found not guilty of misconduct, a professional conduct committee found on Friday.

The majority of the conduct committee found him not guilty.

21 Apr 12:34

21 Apr 12:32

21 Apr 12:30

21 Apr 12:27

21 Apr 12:20

21 Apr 12:19
The HPCSA has also not proven that Noakes was giving medical advice.

21 Apr 12:18
HPCSA has not proven Noakes gave unconventional advice or that the advice was not evidence based, Adams says.

21 Apr 12:12

21 Apr 12:10

21 Apr 12:08
Nothing to suggest that Noakes suggested that mother cease breastfeeding and go on LCHF diet.

21 Apr 12:08
Nothing in Tim Noakes' tweet suggests that he intended to dilute the breastfeeding message says Adv Joan Adams.

21 Apr 12:05
Not reasonable inference that he was undermining breastmilk. Nothing suggesting he advocated immediate cessation of breastfeeding.

21 Apr 12:02
Committee agrees Noakes never obtained background info on Ms Leenstra or her baby.

21 Apr 12:01

21 Apr 11:58
Can't assume Twitter users are ignorant and vulnerable and need to be protected from themselves, says Adams.

21 Apr 11:56

21 Apr 11:56

21 Apr 11:53
There's no way one can infer Leenstra was hoping for a free medical consultation, Adams says. Noakes was at best someone she'd heard of.

21 Apr 11:49
Noakes was happy for others to take part in discussion on his advice and express their opinions, Adams says, which they did.

21 Apr 11:48
Twitter account doesn’t say he is a registered doctor or acted as such. No evidence that she considered him her doctor, Adams says.

21 Apr 11:46
And baby winds - which Leenstra enquired about - is not an illness, Adams says. Giggles from audience.

21 Apr 11:45

21 Apr 11:44
She doesn’t address Noakes as 'dear professor or doctor', showing she did not regard him as her doctor. Could be due to character count.

21 Apr 11:38
Adv Joan Adams: At no stage did the respondents letter of reply say NO carbs for babies. He says low carbs, high fat.

21 Apr 11:36

21 Apr 11:33

21 Apr 11:32

21 Apr 11:30
Adv Joan Adams: The tweet is about breast feeding mothers. It is not babies that are tweeting. It is adult mothers.

21 Apr 11:27

21 Apr 11:25
Adv Joan Adams: This committee is bound by the HPCSA act. Its tasked with a unique set of facts involving social media

21 Apr 11:03
Final section of majority judgment to be delivered after a short break

21 Apr 10:49
The HPCSA committee is split over Tim Noakes. 4 of 5 members agree, 1 member holds a different view. The majority judgement being read now.

21 Apr 10:40

21 Apr 10:39
Dr Pienaar, a bioethics expert: Tim Noakes, although with good intent, did not act as a reasonable doctor when he gave advice on Twitter.

21 Apr 10:36

21 Apr 10:27
Pienaar said Noakes didn't act as a reasonable doctor. "Even if doctor acted in good faith, could have resulted in negative outcome."

21 Apr 10:27
Adv Joan Adams: An expert summary was submitted to the committee suggested "maybe it was a deed of good intent on his part"

21 Apr 10:25

21 Apr 10:12
HPCSA says Twitter is a 1-on-1 conversation, akin to doctor-patient relationship. Noakes is subject to ethical rules, good practice guidelines.

21 Apr 10:09

21 Apr 10:08
HPCSA said Noakes replying tweet is ambiguous to message of breastfeeding. Message to encourage this has been global initiative for years.

21 Apr 10:06
Noakes not an expert in infant nurtirtion, HPCSA said. Conventional is 6 months breastfeeding and up to two years and beyond.

21 Apr 10:05
Pro forma complainant, HPCSA, argued conventional advice is evidence based advice based on guidelines. Must be free of speculation.

21 Apr 10:04
Dietitians weighed in, challenging Noakes response. Former Association for Dietetics in SA chair Claire Julsing-Strydom lodged complaint.

21 Apr 09:59
Noakes response: "Baby doesn't eat the dairy and cauliflower. Just very healthy high-fat breast milk. Key is to ween [sic] baby onto LCHF."

21 Apr 09:59
Noakes has over 85 000 followers on Twitter, on which he regularly shares articles and research supporting the banting diet.

21 Apr 09:58
Tweet read, "@ProfTimNoakes @SalCreed is LCHF eating ok for breastfeeding mums? Worried about all the dairy+cauliflower = wind for babies??"

21 Apr 09:57
Unprofessional conduct is defined as acts deemed improper, dishonourable, disgraceful. Noakes was charged after a tweet to Pippa Leenstra.

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