As it happened: Amidst much ANC heckling, the DA's Msimanga becomes Tshwane mayor

2016-08-19 11:54

The new council of the City of Tshwane had an eventful first meeting. Solly Msimanga of the DA was elected mayor while the ANC got used to their place at the opposition table.


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19 Aug 15:53

They will now all pose for a group photo and then have lunch.

The meeting is concluded.

19 Aug 15:52
She moves on to future business.

19 Aug 15:51

The meeting is now reaching its conclusion.

The speaker thanks everybody for attending the meeting.

She is interrupted again.

19 Aug 15:48

DA member gets a chance.

"History will smile on this day," she says.

19 Aug 15:45
EFF member ends by saying they will teach the ANC to be the opposition and asks the Speaker to not be Baleka Mbete.

19 Aug 15:43

EFF member warns DA to make sure they set the example to ensure there is no more racism and white supremacy. 

"We supported you, but we are not part of you." 

19 Aug 15:42

It is the EFF's turn.

"Today is a beautiful day," the mayor says.

He congratulates the speaker and mayor.

Says he believes the people won't suffer anymore. The party will make sure services are delivered. 

People need land, he says.

ANC members heckle him.

People have suffered under the ANC, he says.

19 Aug 15:39

Cope is up.

The party is happy that the will of the people has happened, the member says.

He says Cope wishes for the city to move forward and wish the mayor all the best.

19 Aug 15:36

The ACDP is now at the podium.

Congratulates the mayor and speaker.

"We want to work as a multi-party team."

19 Aug 15:34

FF Plus is next.

Congratulates all councillors and wish all good health, wisdom and energy to serve the people.

Pray guidance from god for the new mayor.

19 Aug 15:33

PAC is next.

Congratulates the speaker and the executive mayor.

Also, congratulates everyone who was involved in the democratic process.

Sets out what the party would  like to see.

19 Aug 15:29

ANC member Mapiti refers to stolen land. Sounds very much like EFF.

His allotted three minutes are up.

19 Aug 15:27

ANC is first up. No words of congratulations.

Reminds the new mayor that the DA did not get an outright win in the metro.

19 Aug 15:26

Speech is done.

Parties in council now get to say their congratulations.

19 Aug 15:25
In closing, he says: The metro police in our city, get ready we are going to work. Gone are the days where we just leave offices. Let us ensure service delivery happens.

19 Aug 15:23

"We will give the city a new look at feel."

The residents of the city are it's VIP's, he says.

"When President Jacob Zuma comes in there won't be blue lights."

19 Aug 15:22
"We are calling on you the residents of our city to join hands with us and help to build this city."

19 Aug 15:21
"It's time we really break the backbone and legacy that was built by apartheid." the new mayor says. "No more will you suffer again. No more will we allow you to be skivvies of councillors and a certain political party."

19 Aug 15:20
We will speed up the formalising of services in the townships, he promises.

19 Aug 15:19

Msimanga says they are not naive of the challenges that lie ahead.

He says they know about the backlog of houses and the young people who have lost their jobs in the last 5 years.

19 Aug 15:18
"The days of electing friends and family are over," says Msimanga.

19 Aug 15:17

Msimanga says the ANC's heckling is proof of why the city has failed. 

He says they will make sure that there are no overnight millionaires. The city is almost bankrupt.

19 Aug 15:16

Speaker says she has councillors to be unruly so that the country can see what kind of people they are.

"I will not kick you out because I want you to hear what the executive mayor has to say."

19 Aug 15:13

The booing continues. 

Msimanga says: "We will ensure our people get the services they deserve."

"The people have decided which direction the city must take."

19 Aug 15:11

Msimanga restarts his speech but members keep shouting.

He warns the ANC members not to be sore losers and to be humble.


19 Aug 15:11

19 Aug 15:10
ANC member jumps us and says: Solly tell the truth because he did not win and he was assisted.

19 Aug 15:09
Speaker says if the members continue to be unruly then she will have to remove the members.

19 Aug 15:09

19 Aug 15:09

19 Aug 15:07

"We started this a year ago and when we did door to door," he says and then the ANC starts singing again.

The Speaker tries to restore order but they sing on.

EFF members say the ANC members must leave.

Someone says "no more tenders in Tshwane".

19 Aug 15:06
Msimanga starts his inaugural speech: "I had a prepared speech but I want to talk to the residents from my heart".

19 Aug 15:03
Msimanga is walking to the podium to deliver his speech.

19 Aug 15:03
Speaker struggling to restore order. 

19 Aug 15:01
ANC members now singing the struggle song "Oliver Tambo send me"

19 Aug 14:59

The speaker asks for other nominations for the position.

None received so Van Den Heever is elected unopposed as whip.

19 Aug 14:58

Christian Van Den Heever accepts the nomination.

19 Aug 14:57

Zweli Khumalo nominates Christian Van Der Heever (DA) for the position of chief whip.

The nomination was seconded.

The house becomes unruly again.

19 Aug 14:54
Chief whip will now be elected.

19 Aug 14:49

No other nominations received. 

Solly Msimanga (DA) is elected as the new executive mayor of Tshwane.

Council members chant "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" in reference to President Jacob Zuma saying the ANC will rule until Jesus comes.

Picture: City Press (File)

19 Aug 14:47
Msimanga accepts the nomination.

19 Aug 14:46

Nominations open for the position of mayor.

Solly Msimanga (DA) is nominated as mayor. People cheer and clap.

Nomination is seconded.

19 Aug 14:44
Mathebe says they are now going on to the election of the executive mayor of Tshwane.

19 Aug 14:43

Calm returns to the chamber.  Rachel Mathebe asks for order.

She thanks people for electing her to be the speaker.

19 Aug 14:40
Sing-off starts again between EFF and ANC as Rachel Katlego Mathebe, newly elected Speaker, prepares to take over proceedings.

19 Aug 14:35

Before handing over the meeting to the new speaker, Ngobeni announces that his employment ends at the end of the month and that he will hand in his resignation letter to the new mayor.

He wishes Tshwane well and calls the new speaker to take the podium.

19 Aug 14:35
Mathebe will now take over from Ngobeni to chair the meeting and oversee the election of the mayor and others.

19 Aug 14:32
No other nomination received, so Mathebe of the DA is the speaker of the Tshwane council. 

19 Aug 14:31

Rachel Mathebe (DA) has been nominated by her party as speaker. 

The nomination is seconded.

She accepts the nomination.

19 Aug 14:30

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