OVERVIEW: ANC walks out of chambers and no confidence motion against Solly Msimanga collapses

2018-08-30 09:17

The attempted motion of no confidence against Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga has collapsed in a Tshwane council sitting.


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30 Aug 16:10

30 Aug 16:10

30 Aug 15:29

30 Aug 15:27

30 Aug 15:22

30 Aug 15:20

EFF walks out after its motion of no confidence in Msimanga is 'disallowed'

The EFF in Tshwane says it will no longer take take part in the Tshwane Council sitting, meaning that Mayor Solly Msimanga can not be axed through the ANC’s motion of no confidence.

30 Aug 15:11
Breaking: Despite saying they wouldn't the ANC have just staged a walkout. the motion lapses because the person who tabled it is not in chambers. There will be no motion of no confidence in Msimanga today. @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 15:09

30 Aug 15:08
#SollyMsimanga the Speaker says the chamber is now dealing with the second motion. This is the motion from the ANC @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 15:05
#SollyMsimanga ANC are now returning from caucus and are entering the Tshwane Council Chamber singing. @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 14:55
#SollyMsimanga We have returned from lunch to the Council chambers. The EFF, as they said are not here, but nor is the ANC. @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 14:25
The ANC’s Lesego Makhubela has just told media that they will continue with their motion of no confidence in #SollyMsimanga despite the EFF walkout @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 14:14

30 Aug 14:10
EFF tells ENCA the speaker was out of order for the "technicality" in their motion of no confidence in Solly Msimanga

30 Aug 14:07
EFF says it will reconsider if the DA brings a "credible candidate" as mayor

30 Aug 14:05
EFF tells SABC that it will go to court over motion of no confidence in Solly Msimanga

30 Aug 13:59
#SollyMsimanga Breaking: EFF have just announced that they will not be going back council after lunch. Whether the ANC motion goes forward or not, they will no longer have the power to axe Msimanga @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:55
#SollyMsimanga all parties are now in caucas and will return after lunch. Right now the EFF’s motion has been dismissed and now the EFF will have to vote on an ANC motion if they want to remove Msimanga @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:47
#SollyMsimanga, with the EFF storming out of council, the ANC does not have enough votes to remove Msimanga on their motion of no confidence. @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:47
EFF councillors are causing chaos interrupting the speaker and have now now left the chambers @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:43
#SollyMsimanga EFF refuse to listen to the the speaker's ruling, EFF councillor Benjamin Disoalane threatens the speaker with court. "You are out of order, we are going to take you to court, we are not going to play." @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:38
#SollyMsimanga Speaker Mathebe says her ruling is final and that the EFF knows what to do if they are unhappy with it. She is referring to taking it to the courts. EFF caucus are most displeased @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:37
#SollyMsimanga Breaking: The Tshwane Council speaker Mathebe has ruled that the EFF motion of no confidence against Msimanga did not comply with the rules and is disallowed @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:32
#SollyMsimanga A DA councillor Adv Prinsloo just said shit happens in politics referring to a so called demotion of an ANC member. ANC have asked her to withdraw @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:31
#SollyMsimanga Shouting back and forth in the chamber now, nothing coherent. @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:30
#SollyMsimanga ANC councillor Maluleke says the EFF's motion is in writing. "its been written, its not a WhatsApp voice note." @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:20
#SollyMsimanga A DA councillor is now saying that according to the rules a urgent motion must be accompanied by a written proposal and says the EFF has no motivation so it should not be heard. He concedes that the ANC motion followed the rules and can be heard @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:18

30 Aug 13:17
#SollyMsimanga The speaker is now detailing the motions received, both are urgent motions as a result the urgency of the motions will have to be argued first and a determination made by the speaker @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:14
#SollyMsimanga We are now moving onto the motions @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:10
#SollyMsimanga Both the EFF and ANC have tabled motions of no confidence in Msimanga, the EFF's motion will be heard first but only after the urgency is argued and approved. @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:10
#SollyMsimanga Tshwane Council is not breaking for lunch they are going to push through with all the items on the agenda @TeamNews24 @AlexMitchley

30 Aug 13:04

What is happening in metros is a result of failed coalitions - Mbalula

ANC head of elections Fikile Mbalula says events currently unfolding in the country's metros are not a result of the ANC's inability to govern, but a consequence of failed coalitions.

30 Aug 12:47

30 Aug 12:42

30 Aug 12:36

30 Aug 12:36
Msimanga addresses council.

30 Aug 12:33
The ANC's Tshwane Chairperson, Dr Kgosi Maepa, who will stand at the mayoral candidate for ANC if Msimanga is axed, has been allowed to attend the council meeting.

30 Aug 12:26
Solly Msimanga back in council chambers now, the continuation meeting has finished and now an ordinary council meeting will start, the motion of no confidence will be heard during this meeting

30 Aug 11:54

30 Aug 11:42

30 Aug 11:15

30 Aug 10:50

30 Aug 10:22
Council is in session now. There is a continuation meeting of the Tshwane council.  

30 Aug 10:15

30 Aug 09:51

Maimane also speaks about rejecting white people, says if whites are rejected today, tomorrow Xhosa and Zulus will be rejected and before you know it, it will be apartheid all over again.

Maimane says that the ANC is just trying to capture Tshwane not deliver services to the people.

30 Aug 09:50

30 Aug 09:45
Maimane praises their coalition. Mentions COPE, FF+ and ACDP. No mention of the EFF.

30 Aug 09:42

30 Aug 09:41
Solly Msimanga says they reject the ANC's motion, they reject the plans and will stand against corruption.

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