AS IT HAPPENED: Henri tells his version of the axe murders

2017-04-24 09:36

Murder-accused Henri van Breda has told the Western Cape High that one of the intruders who has attacked his family on the night of their death had laughed as he attacked his father.


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24 Apr 13:10

One of the intruders who attacked and killed the Van Breda family laughed as he went for the father, murder-accused Henri van Breda told the Western Cape High Court on Monday.

From what he could see, his father, Martin, tried to tackle the assailant, Van Breda said in his plea explanation which was read out in court.

24 Apr 13:08

24 Apr 12:45
Court adjourns. 

24 Apr 12:42
In loco inspection at the crime scene is expected for tomorrow.

24 Apr 12:39
An axe and a knife is being shown to Kleynhans - recognises the axe, but not the knife.

24 Apr 12:34
I opened the wallet, saw there was cash in the wallet, I think if it was a burglary, it would have been taken.

24 Apr 12:34
Paramedics asked me to check bag for medical aid cards, he says.

24 Apr 12:33
Kleynhans says there weren't visible signs of blood having being washed away - inferring crime scene not tampered with.

24 Apr 12:33
Kleynhans saw emergency numbers printed on a paper stuck on the fridge.

24 Apr 12:26
Looked like blood droplets on ground where paramedics had carried Marli.

24 Apr 12:25

On property was a black gate, with a key in it. Intruders would have left through there. The gate was closed.

Kleynhans says there were no scuff marks indicating someone may have jumped house's wall. 

24 Apr 12:22
Went out back door, found a golf cart and golf bag. White walls surround the house, about 1.3m high.

24 Apr 12:21
 Went back into the house, trying to find how access was gained. Found no sign of forced entry.

24 Apr 12:20
Kitchen door was open. Windows were slightly open, no sign of forced entry.

24 Apr 12:20
Thought something was strange. Found two cigarettes on the floor. If you open a packet of cigarettes, you wont tear it open. Smoked without an ashtray.

24 Apr 12:19
Court is now looking at photos of crime scene.

24 Apr 12:13
I took cellphone photos and moved the doorstep, saw a man laying on the bed and another toward the bathroom side of the room.

24 Apr 12:13
 Henri was sitting in the ambulance. That was the last time I saw him.

24 Apr 12:10
Paramedics couldn't touch or disturb scene. Took four photos of the scene so that they could move the one lady.

24 Apr 12:10
Paramedics arrived, scene cordoned off.

24 Apr 12:09
Upstairs, the lady laying on her stomach was moving her arm and leg. I could save a life, and contacted paramedics for help.

24 Apr 12:08

Didn't fit in with my experience of crime scene. There was a laptop on the table, plugged into wall, a handbag on the table.

TV was still there.

Usually a burglary would see whole house deurmekaar.

24 Apr 12:06
Frist thing I noticed, I couldn't see anything wrong. Only after I ascended the stairs. Downstairs looked fine.

24 Apr 12:05
I climbed over axe, went up. Saw person laying on back and on stomach. [Marli and her mother]

24 Apr 12:04
 He didn't say anything else to me. Entered the house, scanned and moved up steps, saw a bloody axe laying there.

24 Apr 12:03
I could hear in his voice he was emotional. There was no tears, like someone who was blowing off steam.

24 Apr 12:02
Checked if he was okay. I smelt alcohol on his breath. Suspect he drank a short while ago. I could smell is strongly.

24 Apr 12:01
Said no, his family was attacked with axe, were upstairs in the bedrooms.

24 Apr 12:01
I asked him if he needed medical help. Could see blood. Rubbed his head, asked him if he was there alone.

24 Apr 12:00
I asked him to move in my direction and do what I say. I asked him if he was okay. In Afrikaans, but communication wasn't so lekker, started speaking English.

24 Apr 11:59

The man was nervous, no crying. He was emotional, followed my instructions.

That person was Henri van Breda.

24 Apr 11:58
Kept the gun 45 degree angle. Man came out of house, I told him to come toward where I was standing. Told him to sit on the ground.

24 Apr 11:57
Got out of car, with my weapon. Possibility that the suspect/s could still be there.

24 Apr 11:56
12 Goske Street was in a cul-de-sac. At scene, I noticed that the front door was slightly open. Went to the door, and door opened. A man in grey shorts, white socks and blood on his body was there.

24 Apr 11:54
 It was easy to find with his help. The map was confusing, Kleynhans said.

24 Apr 11:50
 Asked an employee there to show me where the house was.

24 Apr 11:49
Moved to the other gate, asked security where Goske Street was. They gave me a map of De Zalze Estate.

24 Apr 11:48
Under no circumstances could I ever patrol there without estate management being informed.

24 Apr 11:47
Had one or two complaints of burglary and theft there in the past, got same treatment there in the past.

24 Apr 11:47
Despite being police, with uniform and marked vehicle, not allowed entry. Had to ask management for permission.

24 Apr 11:46
When we arrived, security stopped us, saying we need to go to a different gate.

24 Apr 11:46
Was told it was a serious charge. Established attack was with an axe.

24 Apr 11:44
Traffic was bad that time of the morning. It was a week day.

24 Apr 11:44
On R44, got call back complaint changed to Code 10 - serious assault.

24 Apr 11:44
Code 12 is not considered serious enough for blue lights and sirens. Got call at 7am that morning. Sergeant Jonkers and Kleynhans responded.

24 Apr 11:42
Kleynhans: We received a complaint; code 12 (fighting/assault)

24 Apr 11:39

24 Apr 11:37

24 Apr 11:16

24 Apr 11:04

Court adjourns for tea.

The media is asked to remove all camera equipment, as no recordings of witnesses is allowed.

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