AS IT HAPPENED: Recorded evidence from Van Breda crime scene under scrutiny

2017-06-07 10:03

The Van Breda murder trial continued at the Western Cape High Court for day 24 of the proceedings where crime scene investigator Warrant Officer Andre Hitchcock testified in court.

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07 Jun 15:06
Court adjourned

07 Jun 15:06

Galloway wants to submit an affidavit by Warrant Officer Lorraine Nel, Botha says she needs to be in court to testify so that she can be cross examined.

Botha says she examined some of these exhibits by means of a process requiring competence in biology.

Doesn't say what she did. Presumptive test, reliability and further questions around that.

Galloway says a DNA expert will also be called.

07 Jun 15:00
The state has further questions, which will be postponed until tomorrow.

07 Jun 14:59

Botha says on one of the digital photos, a golf cart was standing at the back door. The back door handle was also swabbed for touch DNA. From the back door, one can see the back of the garage. On the left hand side, there was another door on the cement in front of the door, they saw a mark which looked like blood.

Did you look there for blood? Hitchcock said they searched for everything they could find.????

07 Jun 14:52

White mop from washing line - white and grey t-shirt on washing line; white dishwashing cloth from washing line; white and pink check cloth; multicoloured dishwashing cloth; white sock from washing line.

Were they wet? Desai asks. No, they were dry, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 14:48

Botha now refers Hitchcock to his notes where he sepaks to red and white socks, a blue t-shirt and a grey towel. Presumable blood on towel; blue t-shirt also had blood on it.

The evidence numbers in his notes don't correspond with the exhibits. Hitchcock says he marked it incorrectly.

07 Jun 14:40
Hitchcock says he can't say.

07 Jun 14:39

Botha says this may affect the test. Hitchcock says it could.

Swabbed for blood - there is a number of droplets on the blade of the knife. Which one did you swab?

07 Jun 14:39

The knife was placed on the bed. Hitchcock said he did it himself. Then he swabbed it.

Botha asks what about the bed, would there not be any DNA? why not put it on a different surface?

07 Jun 14:38

Botha refers to knife sticking out under the bed.

07 Jun 14:38
Hitchcock explains touch DNA means when someone touches something, epithelial cells get transferred onto the product.          

07 Jun 14:37
Court resumes.

07 Jun 13:31

07 Jun 13:31

07 Jun 12:40
Court adjourned for lunch

07 Jun 12:39

Botha says if it moved, he definitely didn't move it?

Definitely not, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 12:37
Botha asks if Hitchcock can remember between when the video was recorded and the photos were taken, if the knife was moved by anyone.

07 Jun 12:35

Also taken from blunt side. Can't confirm where.

You can't say if you lifted more than one spatter?

That's correct, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 12:34

When you took the swab, did you run it over all of the blood? Hitchcock says he took a sample, but he can't say exactly how.

On the blade side, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 12:33

A lot of blood on the head of the axe at scene. So you only took a swab from one spot there?

Yes, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 12:33

Botha - so you took it somewhere there, but can't say where?

That's correct, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 12:32

On the wooden section there is a variety of spatters, not necessarily from one person. When you took the swab, did you only take of one drop ar a swab across that section?

Hitchcock can't say where specifically where he took the swab.

07 Jun 12:27
Sent to Worcester for fingerprints, and he also did the blood swabs.

07 Jun 12:26

Hitchcock says he sent the axe to the lab, but noted the touch DNA.

Was it tested? Botha asks. Hitchcock refers to pic 547 to 550. These are the swabs he took while at Worcester.

So you sent it to the lab, then to your roffice in Worcester for fingerprints? Yes, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 12:25
Botha says it looks like the axe appeared to be the weapon. Why not swab the blood?

07 Jun 12:21

He says in his letter to the lab he had written he had collected possible touch DNA.

Botha says it can be acceptaed that he had collected touch DNA, not blood. Yes, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 12:18
Botha refers Hitchcock to points he wrote out and noted. He had written that it was presumable blood on axe on floor.

07 Jun 12:14
He indicated he had tested for touch DNA. Not blood.????

07 Jun 12:14
Two photos of the axe. Tested for blood on the sharp end of the head, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 12:12

Botha says in the bathroom (en-suite) there were swabs taken.

Did you take any swabs in the other bathrooms in the house? No, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 12:08
You were confident that these were show prints? Yes, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 12:06

16 Febuary 2015 at 11:04 we arrived at the scene and Captain van der Westhuizen was among those with us.

He was there at the scene on the day of the murders. He was outside with the CSI van, outside the cordon.

07 Jun 12:05

He was at the scene when we had gone through everything, with the identifcation of the shoe prints.

07 Jun 12:05

Did Captain van der Westhuizem help you identify them?

He worked with it afterward.

07 Jun 12:04

Did anyone help you?

Officer Hanekom, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 12:04

S1 to S39 - refers to shoe prints. Who made the identification?

He did, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 12:02
Wrong address in one of his reports. 13 Goske Street - it should read 12 Goske Street. He wrote it incorrectly, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 11:52

Hitchcock says this could be a typing error. 

07 Jun 11:51
Evidence collection kit number was originally linked to exhibit 113, now on exhibit 117.

07 Jun 11:46

117 - you didnt take it. No photo was taken of the kit.

No photo taken of the seal bag. Change was made to the number of the kit. It wasn't sealed like all the rest.

That's correct, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 11:45

Botha says unsealed kits should be sent to the lab.

Hitchcock says under normal circumstances.

07 Jun 11:44

Asked where the middle seal is.

Hitchcock says it's not there.

Why? He says he can't give a reason for this, it could be his mistake.

07 Jun 11:44

Corner of shower floor photo discussed. Exhibit number changed.

He can't remember if he changed it.

07 Jun 11:40

Where is photo of evidence seal bag after they were put into their boxes?

No photos, but it's in his report, Hitchcock says.

07 Jun 11:39

Why didn't you follow usual procedure? Hitchcock says he can't give a specific reason for this.

Botha says all the other evidence was photographed.

Hitchcock confirms.

07 Jun 11:38

Botha asks for photos of evidence kits 113 to 117

Hitchcock says it appeared it wasn't taken.

07 Jun 11:38

Botha: You are aware that chemical can give a false positive? Hitchcock says he can't say.

Botha says it was later determined by officer Nel that the suspected blood in shower didn't test positive as blood.

07 Jun 11:37

Court resumes. 

Photos are in chronological order.

07 Jun 11:36

07 Jun 11:12
Court adjourned for tea break.

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