AS IT HAPPENED: Van Breda murder trial postponed to 7 August

2017-06-13 09:38

The Van Breda murder trial continues at the Western Cape High Court for day 26 of the proceedings.

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13 Jun 14:50
Postponed to 7 August.

13 Jun 14:46
Brown is excused.

13 Jun 14:42
He said he didn't recognise that axe, he remembers one with a black head.

13 Jun 14:42

Desai asking about any other evidence besides Mr Reade-Jahn not recognising it.

Combrink says only Precious confrmed the axe in the house, Combrink says.

13 Jun 14:40

You went to the scene to process marks and damage? Yes, Brown says.

You then gave an opinion regarding the type of damage. Yes, she says.

13 Jun 14:39

Combrink says he doesn't know. There was possibly more than one axe.

You dont know the condition of this axe before this incident. No, Brown says.

13 Jun 14:38

Evidence by Mr Reade-Jahn saying he remembered a black axe.

Desai asks if he thinks there was a second axe.

13 Jun 14:32
Looking at house entrance. Insinuating that gurney caused the chip analysed yesterday.

13 Jun 14:26

Photos of the room being looked at.

You didn't go on your hands and knees to look for pieces? No, Brown says. She looked at the floors below the area she had looked at and the open area.

13 Jun 14:26

Court resumes

13 Jun 12:36
Court breaks for lunch. 

13 Jun 12:34

If on top, it would have had to be afterward and after it had dried, Combrink says.

You found the scene not as WO Hitchcock found it. Your deduction would have to be that that piece landed on a dry shoe print? 

if it was like this, yes.

13 Jun 12:32
Debris appears to be on the bloody footprint

13 Jun 12:28
What could have caused it? It looks like there is a scratch mark

13 Jun 12:26
Entrance wall chip - Two marks to the left of it. She considered it, saying it looked like smudges and impacts into the plastered painted area.

13 Jun 12:22

Defence expert Kobus Steyl has thrown it, 1.5m away.

Without spinning, it hit straight into the surface, Combrink says. 

13 Jun 12:21

It had a 25% chance of landing on its blade when it was thrown, Brown says. It's one in four, Combrink says.

Have you ever thrown this axe? Combrink asks.

Brown says it wasn't asked of her.

13 Jun 12:19

Do you see a quarter chance as highly unlikely? 

That's not a throwing axe.

13 Jun 12:15
No true assertion or opinion you can give? I said possible, but not likely.

13 Jun 12:13

Matthys says he consulted with an engineer. Different types of bricks, mortar.

Brown says there are building regulations.

13 Jun 12:10
If you want to rely on these laws, I have to fill in the mass velocity, etc to give it any meaning. Yes, Brown says.

13 Jun 12:09
Did you use any calculation? No. It's a thumbsuck? No. It was based on laws, Brown says. You didn't do any experiments? No, it wasn't asked of me. No calculations? No.????

13 Jun 12:05

Brown says she looked at the the mark in its entirety, the substrate, where it was, what the component of substrate was, and the length, width, depth, and impact in its entirety.

Certainty of direction, the force, the particles found to be vaporised, the plaster which was cut through to expose the brick, the course of the marks, beginning and end of markings.

13 Jun 12:02

Taking into account its a plastered surface, not homogeneous. There are pieces that will break out. Difference between controlled and uncontrolled - direction and force. 

Could axe have been thrown? She said it was highly unlikely. Why?

13 Jun 11:57
Damage broader than the axe. Yes, Brown says.

13 Jun 11:56
This is not a solid fit, Combrink insists.

13 Jun 11:54
Fitted the axe in the area, but Combrink says the top part touches wall while there is a space in the bottom part of the blade and the rest. Brown says it fits in the bottom as well.

13 Jun 11:47
When a blow is hard, it has spatter effect. Dust, but not fragments, it would indicate force. She didn't see any striation or indentation marks. 

13 Jun 11:44
Damage in the men's room, did you find a piece? No, but there was dust, not big enough to physically match. 

13 Jun 11:43
Refers to the landing.If you have all the damage parts, makes it easier to make a reconstruction? Had you had more pieces, you would be able to reconstruct it better? Yes, she says.

13 Jun 11:37
You didn't find pieces you could hold in your hand? No, Brown says.

13 Jun 11:36
Combrink refers to the dust on staircase. 6th step debris could fit into wall at staircase.

13 Jun 11:34
We're back!

13 Jun 11:13
Court breaks for tea.

13 Jun 11:12

Martin weighed 120kg. 4 people carried Marli down - girl of 74kg.

If they put down scoop while carrying Martin, could it have caused damage? It could have, Brown says. Any sharp edge could have caused it.

13 Jun 11:09
Bombrink says once the video is viewed, it will show the rubble was not lying there.

13 Jun 11:09
Whatever caused this damage occurred after the blood had dried, Combrink says.

13 Jun 11:09
Rubble lying on dry blood. It didn't fall on there when it was wet. Blood precedes the rubble. Brown agrees.

13 Jun 11:08
It is there in the first, but not as big as in the photos she took, Brown says.

13 Jun 11:08
Combrink refers to photo of a chip at the entrance. Chip in first an second photo not there on the last photo.

13 Jun 10:59
Brown says she could look at other possibilities of sharp edged features which might have caused it. There could be infinite possibilities.

13 Jun 10:58
F occurred between when the initial photos taken and when she took her own. Had she known that before, would she have dealt with it differently? No, she says.

13 Jun 10:57

We know the axe is not what caused the damage on the stairs, Combrink says.

Brown refuses to exclude it, saying she cant testify on someone else's photos.

13 Jun 10:54
Something as an objective scientists she should have checked, Combrink says. She doesn't agree.

13 Jun 10:54
It's not there at the time she normally arrives at the scene.

13 Jun 10:53
Combrink says she could have found something like this and compared it. Brown says it wasn't part of the crime scene.

13 Jun 10:52
He has handed up a photo of one. Its made of metal and has edges, Combrink points out. Top end has metal edges, then blades coming down. They are balanced on a hard surface.

13 Jun 10:52
Scoops used to stretcher people from an accident.

13 Jun 10:51

Combrink says says 'Vir iemand met 'n nuwe hammer, lyk alles soos 'n spuiker'.

Tells Brown the appropriate thing would have been to obtain medical scoop and to compare the edges

13 Jun 10:50

The tiles damaged, whether by gurney or axe, I processed everything. There were not sure if it was the gurney, that is why I processed everything.

No, you processed the axe, Combrink says.

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