AS IT HAPPENED: Henri's statement inconsistent with blood stain evidence, says expert

2017-09-12 09:26

Henri van Breda's murder trial resumes in the Western Cape High Court for day 37 of the proceedings.

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12 Sep 15:30
Court adjourns for the day. Back tomorrow at 10am.

12 Sep 15:11

Could drops of Teresa Van Breda’s blood found at the scene have been made not the during incident, but when EMS handled scene, Botha asks.

Joubert concedes it’s an assumption.

12 Sep 15:00
Henri Van Breda says he regained consciousness on stairs where transfer pattern was seen. Could blood on shorts cause that? Yes, Joubert says.

12 Sep 14:57

12 Sep 14:47

12 Sep 14:47
Botha now discussing spatter vs non spatter stains

12 Sep 14:44

Botha asks if none of the stains on shorts or socks were presumptive tested for blood?

Joubert agrees that the socks and shorts were not tested for blood.

12 Sep 14:37
Botha asks if Captain Joubert agrees. Correct, he replies.

12 Sep 14:36
Botha explains that as expert witness, evidence must be unbiased. He is reading from a previous judgement.

12 Sep 14:34
State closes and Adv Botha starts cross examining Joubert. 

12 Sep 14:33

Desai asks why no blood from Marli? She had blows to head, neck area.

Joubert says that when she was attacked, there wasn't a lot of spatter, due to distribution of injuries over entire head.

12 Sep 14:32
Joubert is pointing out blood stains on grey shorts, marked in an exhibit photo album.

12 Sep 14:25

New live stream:

12 Sep 14:24
Galloway asks if is there anything in the plea explanation which would have a significant effect on the blood stain analysis? No, Joubert says.

12 Sep 14:23
We are back! 

12 Sep 13:45

12 Sep 13:34

12 Sep 12:24
Court adjourns until 14:15.

12 Sep 12:24
Adv Botha says if Galloway intends asking the witness about discrepancies of two statements (plea and police statement), that is something this court must decide.

12 Sep 12:21

Throwing of axe may have been to stage the scene, he says.

With regards to Rudi being moved or the knife under the bed, Joubert says he has no explanation.

12 Sep 12:19
The court is now looking through crime scene photographs while Joubert testifies.

12 Sep 12:18
In trail of blood below the hole in wall, there is hair left.

12 Sep 12:17
Henri's version was that he was in the bathroom, door slightly ajar. But there was no spatter on the door or either side of walls, says Joubert.

12 Sep 12:16

Throwing of axe: instrument in motion, it would release spatter from the axe.

Would have expected to find cast off patterns (elliptical shape) higher on the wall than what I observed, says Joubert.

12 Sep 12:13
Expected axe (after struggle) to have some sort of disturbance in stains on handle. He said he grabbed the attackers hand, could explain why it wasn't disturbed.

12 Sep 12:09
Mixture blood samples in shower indicate that blood was coming from an object (possibly the axe).

12 Sep 12:08
Joubert says Teresa Van Breda's blood wouldn't be able to travel from passage into bedroom where Henri stood. Believes she'd been in view.

12 Sep 12:05

Henri's positioning when Teresa was attacked (he said he was still in the bedroom): Joubert does not support his version.

Only spatter on shorts and socks. He said he was not in view and that she was in passageway. By no means would spatter travel that far, around bedroom wall and deposit on him.

12 Sep 12:03
He explains shower scene was a poor reaction. He didn't want to decrease the possibility of a DNA profile by continuing to spray it with Luminol.

12 Sep 12:01

Galloway asks what steps Joubert took to prevent contamination in shower. 

Joubert says to protect contamination of the shower floor from the rest of the blood in the bedroom he wore a new PPE.

12 Sep 12:00
Smaller droplets do not travel as far as bigger droplets, says Joubert, explaining sizing of the blood drops found.

12 Sep 11:58
I cannot rule out the possibility of staging, says Joubert. 

12 Sep 11:57
"It is my conclusion that the evidence does not support the actions/events described in Henri's statement." - Joubert

12 Sep 11:56
Events of fainting and falling downstairs by Henri is inconsistent with the flow patterns of blood on his upper body, says Joubert. 

12 Sep 11:56

12 Sep 11:51

Henri said he did not touch anyone in the house after the incident.

Joubert says that is inconsistent with blood evidence.

12 Sep 11:50
Henri's statement says he did not return to the bathroom after the incident.

12 Sep 11:49

12 Sep 11:49

Blood stains on the bathroom floor suggest that the blood of Rudi, Henri and Teresa was washed off in the shower, which is again inconsistent with Henri's statement. 

12 Sep 11:45
Blood stain evidence on knife does not support Henri Van Breda's version of events, Joubert says.

12 Sep 11:40

12 Sep 11:39
The position of Henri in his version is not consistent with the spatter on his grey shorts and white socks, says Joubert.

12 Sep 11:37

12 Sep 11:37
Joubert now dealing with his examination of the grey shorts.

12 Sep 11:34
We are back. 

12 Sep 11:28
Henri Van Breda's version is he stood in the slightly open bathroom doorway when he  heard blows. Spatter shows suspect was next to bed, Joubert says.

12 Sep 11:24

Live stream for the next session:

12 Sep 11:23

12 Sep 11:11
Court adjourns for tea.

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