AS IT HAPPENED: Blood expert casts more doubt on Henri's version of events

2017-09-14 09:06

Henri van Breda's murder trial resumed in the Western Cape High Court for day 39 of the proceedings.

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14 Sep 12:53

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14 Sep 12:51

Joubert: looking at Rudi Van Breda's blood flow pattern, stains don't concur.

Court adjourns until Monday morning to continue cross-examination of Captain Joubert.

14 Sep 12:47
Botha: can you exclude the possibility Rudi Van Breda could still have been alive for 2h40 and capable of some physical activity?

14 Sep 12:42

14 Sep 12:36
Defence expert Reggie Perumal suggests that Rudi Van Breda may have been alive for up to 2h40m after attack. Henri had heard him gurgle.

14 Sep 12:35

Blood on face suggests Rudi Van Breda lying on pillow when bleeding started. Pool of blood also on floor.

Must still have been alive? Joubert: Yes

Joubert says at one stage Rudi Van Breda had also laid on his back on floor, resulting in gravity flow. Final position was on his stomach.

14 Sep 12:30

14 Sep 12:29

Adv Botha asks why Henri would have manipulated only Rudi Van Breda's position.

Joubert: There was a lot of anger towards Rudi.

14 Sep 12:27
If not dead, Rudi Van Breda could have caused marks caused by his bloody head himself? Yes, Joubert says.

14 Sep 12:27

Bloody fingerprints on bed base belong to Rudi Van Breda. If moved, either incapacitated or dead. If not, he could have made them himself?

Joubert: Yes

14 Sep 12:22
Asks how moving Rudi's body would corroborate Henri Van Breda's version. Joubert doesn't know. Botha says for him to move it is illogical.

14 Sep 12:21

Suggestion is that Henri Van Breda manipulated the crime scene.

He from day 1 said he saw his brother being attacked on bed, Adv Botha says.

14 Sep 12:20
Adv Botha refers to Capt Joubert's finding that Rudi Van Breda was dragged or moved from bed onto carpet and then moved to his final position.

14 Sep 12:18

Rudi Van Breda's body may have caused the transfer patterns on the duvet, Adv Botha tells Captain Joubert.

He concedes it's possible.

14 Sep 12:18
Steyl had also done experiments using his forearm to create some of the patterns. Rudi Van Breda's arms were bloody at time body was found.

14 Sep 12:16
Defence expert Cobus Steyl had done experiments to show transfer pattern of blood on blade could have been caused by fabric folds. 

14 Sep 12:13
Defence now shows a presentation on the knife.

14 Sep 12:06
Who moved knife and for what purpose? The time the knife was moved was not when it was processed, Adv Botha says. Joubert doesnt know.

14 Sep 12:02
Adv Botha refers to pic of knife with blood clot found under bed, then pic of knife moved from floor onto bed with clot missing.

14 Sep 11:57
Do you know where fleeing attacker was at the stage Henri Van Breda threw the axe? Points out it was a moving target. Capt Joubert says no.

14 Sep 11:54

New live stream:

14 Sep 11:53
Adv Botha says he never suggested Henri Van Breda was 1.5m away when threw the axe. He doesn't know where he was on stairs at the time.

14 Sep 11:29

14 Sep 11:24

14 Sep 11:09

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14 Sep 11:05

Botha says that is a false impression, that it is not 1.5m from where Joubert is measuring.

Desai says he will decide if its a false impression. Court breaks to source a measuring tape.

14 Sep 11:02

Joubert demonstrates how Henri would have been near enough to hit the intruder .

Joubert: Why would you throw an axe at someone when you can hit them directly with it? 

14 Sep 11:00

14 Sep 10:59
Joubert gets off the stand to demonstrate with the axe

14 Sep 10:55

Are you saying scenario is impossible, Adv Botha asks.

It's my opinion that that axe was not thrown, Captian Joubert says.

14 Sep 10:54

14 Sep 10:43
Adv Botha and Capt Joubert discussing centrifugal force relating to throwing of axe. Botha arguing its basic high school science.

14 Sep 10:38

Adv Botha: Cobus Steyl, ballistics expert for defence, threw axe from 1.5m, and impacted target without 1 rotation.

Joubert: Possible.

14 Sep 10:36


14 Sep 10:35

Adv Botha asks if Capt Joubert knew Henri Van Breda's position, how many rotations axe made, how hard thrown?

Joubert concedes he doesn't.

14 Sep 10:33
Capt Joubert expected a longer cast off blood stain against the wall from Henri Van Breda's claim of throwing axe, reaching as high as the ceiling.

14 Sep 10:26

Botha: Could the impact spatter stains at back of his socks be because he was facing away from the attacker?

Joubert: Possible.

14 Sep 10:22

Blood on Henri Van Breda limited to shorts and socks. Adv Botha asks possibility he cleaned himself?

It is a possibility, Capt Joubert says.

14 Sep 10:18

Adv Botha says severe struggle between Marli Van Breda and attacker, who hit, pulled back 8 times. Probable blood on person?

Joubert: possible.

14 Sep 10:14

14 Sep 10:00

Captain Marius Joubert, blood spatter expert, is back on the stand today for further cross-examination by the defence. (Photo by Gallo Images / Die Burger / Jaco Marais)

14 Sep 09:21

News24 journalist Tammy Petersen will be reporting live from court. Follow her here:

14 Sep 09:20

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14 Sep 09:15

Marli van Breda's blood absent from axe, Henri's clothes - expert

The absence of Marli Van Breda's blood on the axe used to hack her parents and brother to death appears to revive the defence's argument that two different axes may have been used in the De Zalze triple murders, the Western Cape High Court has heard.

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