AS IT HAPPENED: Expert witness explains why she 'felt uncomfortable' signing confidentiality document in #VanBreda trial

2017-10-17 09:38

The murder trial of Henri van Breda has continued in the Western Cape High Court as his expert witness faces sharp cross examination.

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17 Oct 15:41

17 Oct 15:17

17 Oct 14:46
Galloway: Creates impression you're willing to comply with SOPs as far as it suits you. Olckers says in future she will draft own.

17 Oct 14:44

17 Oct 14:41

17 Oct 14:36
Doc first given to her after meeting between her and members of FSL. They were only commissioners of oath. Wasn't comfortable asking. 

17 Oct 14:34

17 Oct 14:33
Agreement says she must keep confidential any information received from FSL (lab), info about FSL, reports and info gathered.

17 Oct 14:32

17 Oct 14:29
Refers to confidentiality, when SOPs handed over to Dr Olckers, she refused to sign the confidentiality agreement, as per SOPs.

17 Oct 14:28

17 Oct 14:25

17 Oct 14:25
Court resumes.

17 Oct 10:44
Court adjourns until 14:00

17 Oct 10:42
Galloway turns it up on Olckers

17 Oct 10:40

17 Oct 10:39

17 Oct 10:39
Olckers' voice breaks as she answers

17 Oct 10:39

17 Oct 10:38
Olckers says a DNA sample could be contaminated inadvertently or maliciously

17 Oct 10:37

17 Oct 10:35

17 Oct 10:34

17 Oct 10:33
Doll House: I'm? not a physicist and I find her arguments flawed - YouTube comment

17 Oct 10:32
Rebecca Barclay: Yeah she seems to not be sure? of what exactly she's talking about and the judge is becoming impatient with her waffling - YouTube comment

17 Oct 10:30
Olckers instructed to keep answers short

17 Oct 10:30

17 Oct 10:30

17 Oct 10:28
Galloway repeats a question slowly after Olckers asks for a repeat

17 Oct 10:27
Frantic discussions among the Van Breda defence team as Olckers testifies

17 Oct 10:22
Olckers says she could not recall on Monday, Judge Desai not impressed

17 Oct 10:22
Galloway reads the regulations

17 Oct 10:21

17 Oct 10:21
Olckers conceded on Monday she has never examined the SA Police Service Act

17 Oct 10:20

17 Oct 10:19

Olckers valiantly trying to make her case  

Then how come you weren't aware of the regulations? Galloway hits Olckers

17 Oct 10:17

17 Oct 10:16

17 Oct 10:16

17 Oct 10:15
Galloway now takes up questioning: SOPs has got nothing to do with the science of the DNA analysis

17 Oct 10:14

17 Oct 10:13

17 Oct 10:12
Olckers struggling with Judge Desai's questions

17 Oct 10:12
Desai: What you needed in 2000 is not the same as you need in 2017 to create scientific certainty

17 Oct 10:10
Judge Desai: "Why then the attack on the state's case?"

17 Oct 10:08
Suddenly going poorly again for Olckers as Desai questions her

17 Oct 10:06
Olckers maintains she requested SOPs, Galloway contradicts her with the judgment in the previous case

17 Oct 10:04

17 Oct 10:02
Galloway corners Olckers on whether she requested SOPs in a previous case

17 Oct 10:01
Galloway is stone-faced as Olckers testifies

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