AS IT HAPPENED: Van Breda's neighbour heard 'loud voices having an argument'

2017-05-16 09:57

The Van Breda murder trial continues at the Western Cape High Court for day 12 of the proceedings.


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16 May 15:13
Court is adjourned until tomorrow 

16 May 15:08

16 May 15:06
Audio issues, as the recording can't be heard clearly.

16 May 15:05

16 May 15:05

Caller is always on the line.

Call came through at 7:12 that morning.

16 May 15:04
Recording will now be played. Seven clips - the recording stopped when call a different service provide; speaking with police then conferencing caller in, then same with ambulance. 

16 May 14:59

He offered to wait in a different street to where he stayed. That is somehting out of the norm for me. People would usually say I am not going to where you are telling me to go.

Normally (someone in that situation) drops the call/ not hold/ try to get through to another call centre/ ask someone to help.

16 May 14:58

I called the police, and he stayed on the line. He was helpful in giving alternative street names - he didn't get angry, wasn't pressuring, or getting agitated with me. He was just cool and calm, that was the weirdest ever for me.

16 May 14:56

Persistent in getting the person out here now; get the ambulance out here now. I waited for that to come through, but it didn't.

Call lasted longer thna any of my calls for home invasion or assault. Between 20 and 30 minutes.

I informed him I would phone police as they can trace where he is. Usually if a prank, person puts down. He didn't.

16 May 14:55

We struggled with that, and also to check if he was pranking the line, asked for landmarks and surrounding streets to check he was calling where he was calling from. 

How did you think it was a prank? The way he sounded, Philander says. A normal reaction to home invasion or assault, person usually frantic, shouting, screaming, can't recall contact numbers, confused.

16 May 14:53

At first my initial thought was it sounded like a prank.

Adults do prank the line.

I asked his name and contact details. He was quite calm and coopertive, gave me his details. We struggled a bit with the address. 

Our system picked up Milnerton.

16 May 14:52

On 27 January 2015, she was on morning duty.

I received a call form a caller identifying himself as Henri. He phoned in for an ambulance. When he phoned in he was hesitant. I heard a slight- what sounded to me as - a giggle.

16 May 14:50

107 emergency number.

112 from a cellphone.

16 May 14:47

Next witness is Janine Philander. 

She was employed at emergency call centre for the City of Cape Town in 2015.

16 May 14:46

16 May 14:42

Galloway: between argument and police arriving the next morning, did anyone come to your door for help? 

Op't Hof: No. It's strange that Henri didn't come to my door and come and ask me for help.

16 May 14:42

Op't Hof says no one would have expected that (the murders) would happen.

If someone screamed help, I would have reacted.

16 May 14:35

Op't Hof maintains what she heard form the house was not Star Trek. It was not a TV or a movie.                      

What I heard was voices. If it was a movie, I would have heard music and a soundtrack. I heard them clearly arguing.

16 May 14:31
Combrink - Between 10 and 11 there were security patrols by Mr Wyngaard and Africa. They  said they didn't notice anything suspicious. Lockes had open windows and and doors, didn't hear anything.

16 May 14:29
Cross examination of Stephanie Op't Hof by Adv Combrink continues.

16 May 13:05

16 May 12:57

Henri now speaking to Combrink.

Judge says calls for lunch break. Henri has a list of questions for witness. 

16 May 12:52

Why didn't you call security or police?

She says she got a fright, but didn't think they were going to kill each other. I didn't want to interfere.

16 May 12:47
Couldn't hear how many voices there were. At least two. She couldn't hear any female voices.

16 May 12:45

16 May 12:45
She couldn't hear the language they were speaking.

16 May 12:42
 She says she doesn't know why they didn't hear it. She can only say what she had heard.

16 May 12:41
Martin Locke in his statement said he heard nothing. Their domestic worker Dolores Van Wyk said she sometimes told them to quieten down when Mr Locke wanted to sleep due to loud music.

16 May 12:38
Op't Hof doesn't agree, says she knows Star Trek's theme. She says she heard no music.

16 May 12:37
He says if she heard anything, it was the film coming from the speakers.

16 May 12:37
Combrink says Henri, Rudi and his Dad watched Star Trek 2 - lots of action and people screaming at each other. They watched it because they got a new sound system and they got the film for free.

16 May 12:30
Op't Hof seems exceptionally sure. Not letting Combrink refute her story.

16 May 12:28

It makes sense when I look at the house that it came through the window, not through the walls or thick door.

The noise was coming from that house. I can't say which room, but from that house.

16 May 12:25
They sent audio specialists and tested it. Proved that it was coming from where I said it was.

16 May 12:24
The day I told the police - Col Benecke - I could see he wasn't sure if he believed me. I told him I have nothing to gain form this, and don't want to be involved.

16 May 12:23
Insists that she heard it coming from 12 Goske Street, saying that the extra details was just that - extra details.

16 May 12:22
In her statement to police, which is part of the evidence, she indicated that the people from the house on the right hadn't been home that year and those on the left were older people.

16 May 12:20
Combrink says she told police that she knew the Lockes - Martin Locke and his now wife - were older people and the other house was vacant.

16 May 12:19

Combrink asked how she could say with certainty that it came from Van Breda house? 

She says when she looked up and walked to the door, she could hear it was coming from in front of her. It came from the direction of the Van Breda house. Her brain registered that it came from there.

16 May 12:14
I don't think they were there. Haven't seen any car or signs of them being home.

16 May 12:14
She didn't know the other neighbours either, or the sound of their voices, Op't Hof says.

16 May 12:12
It was loud and aggressive. It had an aggressive undertone.

16 May 12:12
Her house was quiet. When she heard it she stopped what she was doing, surprised.

16 May 12:06
She stood up, and her table was near the door.

16 May 12:06

Combrink - we know the distance and that the window was closed.

Op't Hof says she didn't go out because it's not in her nature to put her nose in other people's business.

16 May 12:04

How would you differentiate if it comes from TV or two real people, Combrink says.

Op't Hof replies the TV voices wouldn't continue, and there would be other snippets and advertisements.

16 May 12:02
You know what hypothetical means, Combrink asks. She says she does.

16 May 12:01

Combrink alludes that it could have been a TV where loud voices were emanating from.

How to differentiate if it were people, or TV.

16 May 11:59
She says her TV wasn't on.

16 May 11:58
She says she couldn't hear what the men were saying to each other. Doesn't know how the family members' voices sounded.

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