AS IT HAPPENED: Are you asking for my recusal, asks judge in #VanBreda trial

2017-10-16 10:13

Defence witness Dr Antonel Olckers was being cross-examined when Henri van Breda raised his concern over the "irritation" and "impatience" displayed by Judge Siraj Desai.

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16 Oct 15:54

16 Oct 15:50
Court has adjourned for the day. It will start earlier than usual on Tuesday. The times are being finalised for the rest of the week.

16 Oct 15:37

16 Oct 15:35

16 Oct 15:32

16 Oct 15:32

16 Oct 15:30

16 Oct 15:27
Defence witness Dr Antonel Olckers is being cross-examined by senior state prosecutor Susan Galloway.

16 Oct 15:23

16 Oct 15:23

16 Oct 15:18

16 Oct 15:12

16 Oct 15:09

16 Oct 15:08

A look at DNA - Health24

Your DNA (or genes) is the foundational blueprint of who you are. Your DNA determines your hair colour, your height, the shape of your ears and even the size of your feet. DNA codes for what you can physically see, as well as what you cannot.

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16 Oct 15:03

16 Oct 15:00

16 Oct 15:00

16 Oct 14:55

16 Oct 14:53

16 Oct 14:52
Some comments coming through on the YouTube live stream of the trial.

16 Oct 14:50

16 Oct 14:47

16 Oct 14:43

16 Oct 14:42
Impatience is not a cardinal sin, says Desai. He notes Van Breda's concern and asks for the case to continue.

16 Oct 14:41

16 Oct 14:40

16 Oct 14:40
Botha says his client is concerned by the "irritation" of Judge Desai with the witness and his tone of voice, which displays "impatience".

16 Oct 14:39

16 Oct 14:32
Court has adjourned for a "few seconds" as Botha says he needs to take instruction from client. Accused Henri van Breda can be seen wearing a grey suit. 

16 Oct 14:29

16 Oct 14:29

16 Oct 14:25
And as court resumes, News24's Tammy Petersen observes that there is one lone member of the public in the gallery.

16 Oct 14:24

16 Oct 14:22
Back from lunch: The cross-examination of Dr Olckers is going ahead now.

16 Oct 12:59
DNAbiotec lists forensics as part of its skill set

16 Oct 12:48

16 Oct 12:47
Court takes a lunch adjournment as Olckers searches for a page to hand to the judge

16 Oct 12:46

16 Oct 12:46
Olckers takes a moment

16 Oct 12:45

16 Oct 12:44

16 Oct 12:43

16 Oct 12:42
Olckers says she has no experience with Luminol and related chemicals

16 Oct 12:42
The basic idea of luminol is to reveal these traces with a light-producing chemical reaction between several chemicals and haemoglobin, an oxygen-carrying protein in the blood.

16 Oct 12:41
Now we head to CSI territory as Galloway asks about Luminol

16 Oct 12:40

16 Oct 12:40

16 Oct 12:39

16 Oct 12:38

16 Oct 12:38
Olckers says her company DNAbiotec was intended to help professionals

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