LIVE UPDATES: Day 27, Pistorius on trial

2014-05-06 09:05
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Oscar Pistorius in court - day 27

See pictures from the North Gauteng High Court where Oscar Pistorius's trial is in its 27th day.

Tuesday sees Oscar Pistorius's murder trial move into its 27th day.

13:43 - And that's it for updates. We'll be back tomorrow with more. Cheers. 

13:40 - "Pistorius was challenged by a Bloomberg journalist that he saw him speak to Myers. He shook his head and said: 'I've heard that one.' " - The UK Telegraph's Aislinn Laing tweets.

"Lawyer Brian Webb said the report was 'grossly untrue'. 'He never said anything of the sort.' Desi Myers told journos she was 'furious', " Laing further tweets.

12:58 - eNCA's Karyn Maughan says that the last witness's name is spelt Ricca Motshwane. If true, apologies for the misspelling earlier.

12:51 - "Desi Myers is 'furious' about the fact that Pistorius allegedly said "How do you sleep at night?" to her daughter Kim," tweets City Press's Charl du Plessis. "The incident happened in the last adjournment, when Pistorius was leaving the dock. Kim Myers was a close friend of Reeva's."

12:47 - OP "smiling as he talks into iPhone", tweets The Guardian's David Smith.

12:39 - Court adjourns until Thursday. Watch a full summary of day 27's court proceedings here:

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12:38 - And that's Rika Motshuane done. Roux jokes that Nel should ask a few more questions. Asks for adjournment until Thursday. No objection from Nel.

12:36 - RM says she has been following the trial on TV. Nel says he's "not blaming" witness for following trial on TV… "Relax" he advises.

12:35 - RM confirms she made statement when things were fresh in her memory. I didn't look at the time when I woke up (on morning of 14 February 2013), I said "about 03:20". 

12:35 - Roux done, Nel starts.

12:34 - I only heard a man crying very loudly. If I heard a woman screaming I would have said so in my statement, says RM.

12:33 - W/O Botha asked me to make a statement. I did so.

12:32 - RM says she called the security. They didn't pick up. Her husband later called. Security told him they were taking care of a situation.

12:31 - RM says they went back to bed but were too disturbed to sleep. She heard another car arrive then decided to ring secruity.

12:30 - Roux calls for photo that shows RM's home next to OP's - she points out window facing his house, toward street.

12:28 - Husband and I just sat on the bed, we couldn't move, we were just panicking, says RM. Then I heard a car in the street, says RM.

12:27 - Roux asks for another example of the scream/ cry RM heard. "The crying was like... (she pauses)" then wails out loud.  

12:26 - RM says the dogs were barking. She says the crying was loud and very close. It sounded as if it could have been in the house.

12:25 - RM's voice is light, sweet actually. She speaks about waking up to crying on 14 February 2013. She says it was a cry of pain. I woke my husband, he also heard this. 

12:23 - RM works for the department of labour.

12:22 - RM lives in Silver Woods estate. She says she met OP once when she moved to Silver Woods.

12:21 - Court is back in session. Witness sworn in. 

12:11 - The next witness is Rika Motshuane, another neighbour, who lives on the other side of Pistorius, right next door.

11:39 - Court adjourns. Will wait for next witness. About 30 minutes.

11:37 - Roux says they will end the defence's case by Tuesday next week.

11:37 - Witness concludes. Roux says there's a problem with the next witness...

11:34 - Nel refers to Dr Stipp's evidence and suggests the 'bang' she heard was the second set of noises. Roux objects, says NM's 03:16 security call suggests not so.

11:34 - Nel: You heard bangs, then screams of help help help and no other bangs? Mrs N: No my lady.

11:33 - Nel: When you heard "Help! Help! Help!" was your husband out of the room? EN: "Yes."

11:32 - Nel asks about the bang that EN heard and the "help, help, help".

11:31 - Court resumes. Nel continues with EN. 

11:28 - "I must say the anomalies between what the Pistorius neighbours all heard is very confusing. Yet again I do not envy Judge Masipa," tweets reporter Rebecca Davis.

11:13 - See photos from Day 27 here:

11:00 - Nel, embarrassed, asked for another five minute adjournment. Roux reckons it's best to take tea adjournment. Nel agrees. Judge too. 

11:00 - Nel: You never heard a woman scream? EN: No.

10:59 - Nel: you could make out the 'help' cries... could you make out any other words? EN: No.

10:57 - EN says she never left her bedroom. She says she didn't hear any gunshots only the bang she told the court about. Nel says its OP's version that he broke down the door with a cricket bat and that it's the defence's version that the bat could have sounded like a cricket bat.

10:56 - it's interesting, says Nel, because more people heard "help, help, help". Stipp heard this too but after the second of the shots he heard.

10:55 - Nel asks about first "bang". Only one? Yes. Then "help, help help?" Yes. Then a man cry? Yes, says EN.

10:55 - EN: I'm a housewife. I stay home watching the proceedings.

10:54 - Roux done. Nel gets going. "This was a terrible night..." Nel says. EN says yes.  

10:52 - EN says when her husband came back from OP's house, he just said that someone had died there. EN confirms that she gave a statement to Captain Van Aardt. She sat at the dining room table and gave her statement to Van Aardt.

10:51 - EN did not hear what her husband said to security over the phone... "I was shaken" she says.

10:50 - EN says her husband was looking out the window while she sat on the bed. He told her he saw the security parked outside.

10:47 - EN was frightened while the crying was going on, she says.

10:46 - It sounded like someone who needed urgent help, says EN. Roux asks if she can give an example of the screaming. EN makes a loud high-pitched wail in court as example.

10:45 - EN says she heard someone crying loudly and saying "help, help, help". She says it sounded like a man.

10:45 - EN: We were wondering where the voice was coming from... My husband got out of bed, went out of the bedroom.

10:42 - EN confirms the location of her house on an aerial photo of the estate. Says she was woken by a very loud sound on morning of 14 February 2013.

10:41 - EN says she knows OP as a neighbour. We greet but don't socialise. EN says she didn't know RS or meet her.

10:40 - EN confirms she is MN's wife and that they moved into Silver Woods in 2009. She is a housewife. 

10:39 - MN's wife is named Eontle Nhlengethwa (EN) and she will speak Tshwana through the interpreter. And also wants to stay off camera.

10:37 - Court resumes. Nel is done. No further questions for MN from either team. Roux moves onto next witness. MN's wife is the next witness.  

10:29 - Nel asks for five minute adjournment. Granted.

10:27 - MN says he didn't speak to OP on the day of the incident and they haven't spoken since. He says he did not discuss the incident with anyone at the scene.

10:26 - Nel takes us to record. quotes Pistorius "I don't think I've ever screamed like that". Roux objected to Nel saying that meant it was loud.

10:24 - MN says it's interesting to hear what other witness said.

10:24 - MN says he didn't hear a woman scream. Nel reminds court that Michelle Burger said she heard a woman's "bloodcurdling screams". MN says he didn't hear this.

10:23 - Nel chooses to move on for now. MN says he's reluctant to answer a question about what his wife heard.

10:22 - Nel says OP claimed he screamed as loud as he ever had in his life. Roux questions that. Nel looks up the quote…

Nel jokes with judge about struggle to find exact words in court record.

10:21 - MN corrects Nel, who suggests he'd heard a bang. MN confirms crying sounds came from close by but hard to be exact.

10:18 - Nel asks about faint lights in bedroom. Nel: you have lights on dimly in the house at night? MN: yes, for the sake of our baby son, also on ground floor.

10:17 - MN: I'm not sure how Mr Nel wants me to describe (crying). Nel says MN never in consultation mentioned 'screaming'. MN confirms this is so.

10:16 - Nel: we also asked you what you meant by 'crying'...I'm not blaming you, but to us you never distinguished between sad and other crying... MN reconfirms he felt it was the cries of 'someone who needed help'.

10:14- MN confirms he didn't hear any shots."Did you hear any sounds that could have been from the cricket bat?" Nel asks. MN says maybe it happened when he was running around the house but he didn't hear it. wife also didn't hear it.

10:12 - MN describes night of the killing as a "terrible time". MN immediately goes onto the defensive - says "I'm the closest neighbour to him and at the same time, the whole world is watching this case. There's no way I could turn a blind eye."

10:10 - MN describes earlier discussions with Nel regarding case. MN on his statement: I've said everything that I know.

10:10 - Roux takes a moment looking through some documents. Concludes with witness. Nel gets going. Says he and MN have also "consulted".

10:06 - Investigator Van Aardt was far more impressive MN says.I sat down with him and gave a statement. My wife gave a statement too. When I gave mine I was in the dining room while my wife was cooking in the kitchen. MN says he didn't want his family's names mentioned in the media.

10:04 - Later on 14 Feb 2013 two female officers approached me and asked to speak to me. But I didn't like their approach either so I told them to make an appointment. They never got back to me.

10:04 - 

10:02 - MN says he was asked on 14 February 2013 to make a statement. Says officer didn't introduce himself properly. Said approach of police officer was too casual. MN was not willing to speak to him. Says officer asked him in Zulu what had happened. 

10:01 - Roux asks about blinds in MN's house. He says they're wooden blinds, not easy for light to get in when closed. Blinds are closed in bedroom when sleeping.

10:01 - I stayed for 5-10 minutes then saw there wasn't much for me to do so went back home.

9:59 - The situation was quite bad, the lady was still lying there (on the ground). Then the medics arrived, says MN.

OP's sister, Aimee Pistorius, is back in court.

9:58 - MN: I saw Oscar, he was leaning next to a lady, who was just lying down there. A blanket over her. He was just crying.It was quite a difficult moment...

9:57 -  Stander said OP was okay, but we should check on him. We went towards the house, says MN.

9:57 - MN: As I walking, I could hear the crying was still there. But the voice was a bit low. I saw Johan Stander and asked: "Is Oscar OK?"

9:56 - I switched on my ground floor lights. 

OP has just handed a note to his legal team. He looks stony-faced and calm.

9:53 - MN saw the security bakkie pull in to the Stipp’s driveway, before leaving a short while later. This made him realise that the emergency was not at Stipp's house. He was unsure.Then saw the bakkie go to OP's home and knew the emergency was there. Then I felt I had to go out, I got dressed and went to OP's home.

9:52 - MN says he then heard a car driving up to the house. As I checked through the blind I saw security's bakkie parked opposite.

9:51 - MN confirms he was the "Mike" that Carice Viljoen referred to yesterday.

9:49 - Roux asks about MN's calls to security. I spoke to guard at the gate. I told him who I was and what house number I lived at. I told him of the man who was crying and asked him to check on neighbours.

9:48 - (Words) I picked up from between crying was "No please no..." Wife urged me not to go out so I phoned security.

9:46 - Roux asks MN to explain the crying he heard. This was a desperate cry. It was very loud. MN says it was very high pitched. Unsure who was the person crying. Thought maybe it was a guard who was crying. 

9:44 - MN went straight to his daughter's room to check on her. Says she was still sleeping. Then checked the house, downstairs then back upstairs. Found nothing meaning the sound came from outside. Checked through the blinds, didn't see anything.Then we started hearing a man crying. We started panicking ourselves then.

9:43 - MN says he went to bed on 13 February 2013 at about22:30-23:00. He says he was woken in the early hours by his wife who says she heard a bang. She wasn't sure if the bang was inside or outside the house.

9:43 - MN estimates that his balcony is about 25m from OP's balcony.

9:42 - 

9:41 - MN points to an aerial photo of the estate where he points out his house - it’s directly next to OP’s house.

9:40 - The phone that sounded in court belonged to an ANC Women's League member, say reporters there.

MN shows Barry Roux on a photo shown in court where his house in.

9:38 - I said to Oscar, this one is for keeps, MN says. OP then told him of plans to move to Joburg. I said if it's for her then I think it's worth it, MN told OP.

9:35 - MN says he met Reeva (RS) once. When OP was driving a white BMW, MN commented on the car and OP then said he'd like MN to meet RS. "One thing that struck me about her... she just came and hugged me, she opened her arms. I could see the person that she was. That's why I'm so touched, that was the last time I saw Reeva."

Judge asks about disturbance in court, it's a cellphone. She asks phone's owner to leave court.

9:34 - MN says he did occasionally see OP around in the estate. Says OP wouldn't greet by simply waving but would get out of his car and talk to him. He says he and OP share a passion for cars.

9:34 - MN says relationship was that of "friendly neighbour" but didn't socialise together.

9:33 - MN says he met OP sometime before he moved into his Silver Woods home. Says OP is the first person to have welcomed him into the estate.

9:32 - MN says he moved into his house after OP moved into his.

9:30 - Court is in session. Another neighbour is on the stand - a Michael Nhlengethwa (MN). He is OP's closest neighbour, right next door to the runner.

9:29 - "(Barry) Roux entered the courtroom earlier with two people, showed them around. It appears they’re neighbours," tweets Eyewitness News's Barry Bateman.

9:28 - The ANC Women's League is footing the bill for June Steenkamp's travel and accommodation costs to enable her to attend the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, according to a report.Read more here.

9:09 - Pistorius (who'll be referred to later as OP) has just arrived at court, say reporters there. Proceedings are set to start at 09:30.

Watch a full summary of day 26's court proceedings here:

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