AS IT HAPPENED: Oscar Pistorius trial, day 13

2014-03-19 09:00

Get the latest details from day 13 of the murder trial of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius. Get Tuesday's updates here.


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Get the latest details from day 13 of the murder trial of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius. Get Tuesday's updates here.

12:46 - Court adjourns for today. Court will resume on Monday 24 March at 09:30. Tune in LIVE the Nklandla Public Protector report briefing here.

12:45 - Judge Masipa has granted Nel's request.

12:41 - Nel will call 4-5 more witnesses and will hence close the state's case. He asks whether the court could resume next week Monday. The state needs to consult with witnesses before the long weekend. Roux raises no objections but asks the court to bare in mind that court time should be used fully because it is an expensive case.

12:40 - Nel addresses the judge and says that the state is in the process of concluding its case.

12:38 - You are not sure who accessed those websites Roux puts to MS...Silence in the further questions from Rouxas well as Nel.

12:38 - Court resumes

12:31 - "On the television screen here it appears to show Pistorius clicked on a Free porn site on the 13th of Feb at around 6:30pm," tweets Rahima Essopduring adjournment.

12:26 - Roux requests a 5min adjournment as he was not expecting this witness.

12:25 - Commonalities found betw web histories of two Ipads. Nel has no further questions.

12:24 - Court shown web history including car websites showing super cars.

12:22 - "Search terms include: "Youjizz, free mobile porn." Time stamps say 13/2/13, 4.30pm," tweets Aislinn Lang.

12:22 - Last access was... TBA?

12:20 - MS: I extracted the whole history from the Ipad. Bookmarks are revealed to court. No history retrieved for the period prior to 13 Feb. It must have been deleted by the owner.

12:16 - MS explaining what a web history is - all websites accessed. Web history shown on court screens.

12:14 - MS used an XRY forensic tool. Downloaded from Ipad. Focussed on web history and bookmarks on Op's Ipad....printed out

12:14 - Court back in session

12:12 - Next witness, Mike Sales, is a cellphone expert.

12:04 - As the third week of the Oscar Pistorius Trial nears its end, The Round Table Debate, hosted by David O’Sullivan, airs various opinions about the trial at 20:00 on Channel 199 -

12:03 - Nel requests an adjournment for 5min so that Colonel Michael Sales can link his lap-top to the court system...Granted by judge Masipa

12:01 - Roux asks VDN to read a statement. No more questions for VDN from both sides

12:00 - Roux asks VDN about cast-off...blood moves from the hands to other areas.

11:59 - Nel gives over to Roux.

11:57 - VDN: movement...dragging-lifting type of movement. The source of the blood was carried down the stairs to a position similar to which she was found.

11:55 - VDN explains interrelationships of wounds and illustrates with his own arm. Agrees with Mangena on reconstruction of scene.

11:54 - VDN: no blunt force was applied to any of the areas of blood trauma.

11:52 - Nel asks about footprints. VDN didn't observe any on the floor of the toilet.

11:51 - Graphic photo of the toilet seat with pols of blood on the floor is shown. VDN explain about patterning caused by the hair.

11:50 - Court shown broken pieces of hair and particulate matter. VDN: could be brain matter.

11:48 - VDN: the deceased sustained a wound to the head in the surrounds of the toilet area.

11:47 - Photo showing blood spattererd toilet bowl is shown to the court

11:45 - VDN shown photos and explains about the constant dripping of blood on the stairway.

11:43 - VDN: two of the wounds resulted in arterial to head and one to right arm.

11:42 - Nel: back to the three wounds. VDN: head, arm and hip wound. Gives medical names.

11:41 - Court back in session

11:33 - Watch what happened when Warrant Officer Barend van Staden took the stand on Day 12 of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial which is underway at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria -

11:31 - June Steenkamp stole glances at photographs of a bloodied crime scene as a police ballistics analyst revealed in the North Gauteng High Court today his version of the last moments of her daughter Reeva Steenkamp.

"She was in a defensive position," Christian Mangena testified, as Oscar Pistorius, who had been dating Steenkamp for a few months before he shot her, sat bent with his head in his hands.

June Steenkamp quickly looked away after each glance at the screen next to her, as Mangena took the court through his grim findings. Read more

11:15 - Court adjourns for tea

11:14 - VDN: the deceased sustained gunshot wounds while in the toilet, wound could have resulted in severe bleeding. 

11:13 - VDN says blood soaked hair caused staining on railing

11:11 - VDN: distinctive staining patterns against the wall...stains have an s-shape which is typical of arterial spurt. The deceased had long long hair which was blood soaked and can hold a large volume of blood.

11:09 - VDN asked about blood spatter in lounge. says it s an arterial spurt from the upper landing.

11:06 - VDN: At the crime scene to investigate blunt force trauma, extensive straining, blood stained cricket bat.

11:02 - Nel briefly going through VDN's work experience. 20yrs experience at the forensic science lab. BSc with honours in biochemistry. Over 1300 investigations. Blood spatter expert.

11:01 - Court back in session. Colonel Ian van der Nest being sworn in.

10:56 - No more questions for CM. Colonel Van der Nest called to the stand. 5min adjournment to find photographs to be used in testimony.

10:54 - Roux back to question. Roux: Would the height of the hip be the same whether she was leaning forward, or standing? Mangena: I never said otherwise.

10:53 - Sequence of shots now discussed. Nel has no more questions

10:52 - Court shown pic of CM's tripod fitted with a laser.

10:50 - Nel requests that the court zoom into a pic showing the top of the toilet. CM says it could be wooden splints from the door

10:49 - Nel: we must find the bullet that hit her in the shoulder

10:47 - Nel back to question CM. CM: the deceased must have been facing the door. Bullet hole B is too high for the hip as well as C. There is some doubt around D

10:47 - Roux has no further questions

10:46 - CM sticks to his version and disagrees with Roux on what the experts will say.

10:43 - Roux explains that he will call up the defence's experts...speaks slowly and explains how they will testify. CM maintains that Reeva was in a standing position but does not rule out that she could have been leaning.

10:43 - Court back in session

10:42 - "Roux and Oldwage consulting with their hired ballistics expert - pointing at elbows and lifting of arms.Roux and Oldwage consulting with their hired ballistics expert - pointing at elbows and lifting of arms," tweets Barry Bateman.

10:37 - -    Subscribers to DStv Premium, Extra, Compact and Compact Plus can watch exclusive documentaries which give insight into the Oscar Pistorius Trial on Channel 199 -

10:35 - Roux asks judge for a 5min adjournment to discuss something with adv Oldwage.

10:34 - Roux asks if CM did tests on sound of cricket bat vs gunshot on maranti door.

10:32 - Roux shows with his hands and head what he means. CM: disagrees about bone fragments, explains about beveling. Roux wants to know if hand fragments will affect the wound.

10:30 - Roux asks about secondary injuries if the inside of the hand was towards the head wound. CM doesn't understand the question despite Roux repeating the question. 

10:27 - Roux asking about CM's work and happenings at a crime scene. Roux: at the bail application OP was standing 1.5m away? where did this come from? that he was standing on his prosthetics? CM: I don't know

10:27 - 

10:26 - CM: with primary residue tests it cannot be conclusive that OP had his back against the wall.

10:24 - Roux proposes shooting distance as anything betw 60-100cm. Roux: the accused was on his stumps.

10:22 - Roux asks CM to go back and do tests. CM: My lady I don't think I can do that now. Long pause of silence in court.

10:20 - Roux asks about whether CM did tests on the door splinters. CM: No, I've done many crime scenes and my experience. Roux: have you tested for the effect of wooden splinters and the proximity of the right arm from the door. CM: no

10:19 - Roux ask's about Reeva's head...suggests doubt about which shot hit first.

10:18 - Roux refuses to get into a long debate and refers to the defence's experts. CM firmly disagrees with Roux's propositions.

10:15 - CM: the bullet is still stable despite deflection. Roux refers to leaning. Roux: have you tested the wound at the back? CM: I saw striations. Roux: did you test the magazine rack?

10:14 - CM: I saw secondary wounds on the right side of the body. the bullet hit the door first...

10:12 - CM disagrees with Roux's double tap theory of the succession of bullets. CM proposes one shot and three shots in succession. He gesticulates as he speaks.

10:11 - Roux called up to question CM. Roux asks about double tap. CM says he knows about it.

10:10 - CM: 9mm bullet travels at 80m/second

10:08 - The slide has to be closed to discharge ammunition. CM: firing a shot into the air is dangerous - in reference to OP's car shooting incident 

10:06 - CM discussing the glock OP used...the safety function - trigger safety.

10:04 - CM: most probable OP was not wearing prosthetic legs and from a distance greater than 60cm

10:03 - Nel: shooting with straight arms from the shoulder, shooting from the hip, and lying on the ground

10:00 - CM: I wanted the height of the accused...155cm with prothesis...123 without. CM showing height differences...CM: we looked at three possible positions...most probable, awkward, and impossible.

9:59 - Nel: let us deal with OP being on Prosthetics or stumps

9:57 - CM: with this type of ammunition you get maximum can hit multiple targets. CM shows images of how the bullet opens up when he test fired into a water tank. CM: when it hits bone it breaks into fragments.

9:55 - Mangena tested for deflection of bullets. Some tests showed no deflection. Others only 3 deg of deflection. Black talon used for tests. If it hits a moist target like human flesh it automatically opens up.

9:53 - CM: I took the same firearm, I used black talons. I fired shots and looked at the ejection of the cartridge was not consistent...some fell at 45 deg, some 90 deg, some behind. In some instances it can be misleading. Nel: no finding in those terms

9:52 - Nel: how far was the accused when fired bullet B? CM: he could have been anywhere between the passage wall or 60 cm away

9:50 - CM: with bullet B I could determine the trajectory using a laser. This bullet went through the door and hit the wall in the toilet. Other bullets not so clear.

9:49 - CM:after firing shots at 60cm propellant powder is found of the door. Shot was fired at a range of not less than 60cm from the door.

9:47 - CM: after the 4th bullet hit her head she dropped with her head hitting the toilet.

9:46 - "Fourth shot. Witness suggests Reeva had left hand on her head, and bullet went through it and into skull," tweets Andrew Harding.

9:45 - Her arms were covering her head when the 3rd bullet struck. CM illustrating with his own arms...Nel trying to describe in words.

9:43 - CM: 3rd and 4th shots can't say which sequence but she was in a defensive position.

9:40 - CM: Bullet be missed her and ricocheted off the wall and hit her on the back [fragments] causing bruises.

9:39 - CM: after the infliction of the wound of the hip she fell onto the magazine rack in a seated position. OP clutching his head during CM's testimony.

9:39 CM: bullet penetrated and broke the hip bone of the deceased

9:38 - CM illustrating measurements. She was standing in front of the door facing the door

9:36 - CM's opinion is that four shots were fired at the crime scene...he relates body wounds potential shots

9:35 - Adv Gerrie Nel reminds CM of yesterday's testimony

9:35 - Court resumes on day 13 of the Oscar Pistorius trial

9:30 - "Conference going on with OP and all five of his legal team. Roux, Oldwadge doing much of the talking in the huddle," tweets AP's Gerald Imray.

9:23 - Watch a summary of day 12's proceedings here:

9:21 - Ballistics expert Captain Christian Mangena has already taken his place in the witness stand...

9:09 - Aimee Pistorius passed a handwritten note to members of the ANCWL to give to June Steenkamp, OP was standing with her as she wrote, SAPA  tweets....June reads the note privately. According to Amalia Christoforou  June has a pic of Reeva pinned to her jacket.

9:05 - 

8:59 - Ballistic expert Captain Christian Mangena is expected to testify today whether Paralympian Oscar Pistorius was without his prosthetic legs when he fired shots that killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Taking the stand on Tuesday, Mangena told the High Court in Pretoria he had performed tests linking the holes in the toilet door through which the athlete fired his handgun with marks on the tiles, and the position of Steenkamp's fatal wounds. Read more

8:56 - "Reeva Steenkamp's mother June just entered court. She shakes the hands of 3 ANCWL members and takes her seat," tweets SAPA


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