AS IT HAPPENED: Oscar Pistorius trial, day 14

2014-03-24 09:01

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Nel's cross examination crux of case

2014-04-09 10:38

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel's cross examination of Oscar Pistorius is vital as he was the only witness to the event says criminal law expert William Booth. Watch.WATCH

Get the latest details from day 14 of the murder trial of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius. Watch a summary of what we know so far here.

Reeva Steenkamp's hurt messages to Oscar Pistorius were read out during day 14 of Pistorius's trial. Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath tells you everything you need to know. Watch a 3 minute summary of day 14's court proceedings here.

15:34 - We'' be back with updates tomorrow (Tuesday). Cheers for now. 

15:26 - Reeva Steenkamp was not just a model. Find out who the slain young woman really was in All About Reeva.

15:13 - Reeva said in a message to OP that when he was in a bad mood “I get snapped at and told my accent and voice is annoying. Stop chewing gum."

15:11 - "In fairness, very hard to judge the full picture of a relationship on isolated WhatsApps. Confident my WhatsApp record would send me to jail," says Rebecca Davis.

15:08 - Reeva also wrote to OP: "I can't be attacked by others for dating you and be attacked by you."

15:06 - Moller on messages between OP and Reeva: ""90% were normal and loving conversations."

15:04 - Reeva wrote to OP: "I regard myself as a lady but I didn't feel like one tonight after the way you treated me."

15:03 - "As we adjourn, Oscar Pistorius sits quietly in the dock, wipes a tear from his eye," tweets reporter Nastasya Tay.

14:58 - A screengrab of a long message from OP to Reeva:

14:58 - Reeva in message: I am scared of you sometimes and how you snap at me.

14:57 - OP replied to her long message saying he was sorry, he was tired, sick and hungry.

14:53 - OP to Reeva: I was standing tight behind me watching you touch his arm. But when I left, u just kept on chatting to him..

14:51 - Here's a screengrab of most of Reeva's message to OP:

14:51 - OP seems to be a bit emotional. Has taken a tissue to his nose. 

14:48 - Really long message from an upset Reeva to OP on 27 January. Reeva: "I'm scared of you sometimes and how you react to me."

14:46 - Reeva message to OP:" i wasn't a stripper or a ho."

14:46 - Reeva to OP: "Its like i see rabid things in your house and u take pix of them. I am thinking who u have that connection with."

14:45 - Reeva: "I'm sorry if it upset you. It wasn't my intention."OP : "I do appreciate it. Could never be with someone that was."

14:45 - OP to Reeva: "I know, it was just when u got back from Tropica, u made it sound like you'd only smoked weed once"

14:44 - Reeva replies: "I'm just very honest. I won't always think before I say something. Just appreciate I'm not a liar."

14:43 - Reeva: "Baba." OP replies: "Yes." She says: "There are a lot of things that could make both of us feel like shit."

14:42 - Next set of messages from 19 January 2013.This is less than a month before Reeva's death.

14:41 - Reeva's response to OP: "I have no idea what you talking about ;) But thank u for telling me I appreciate it". OP was referring to the Tasha's shooting. 

14:40 - The message starts with"Angel". In full: "Angel, please don't say a thing to any one. Darren told everyone it was his fault. I can't afford for that to come out."

14:39 - Another message reads: "… I can’t afford for that to come out. The guys promised not to say a thing."

14:38 - Page 53 of 343, Moller identifies message from OP to Reeva: "Please don't say a thing to anyone. Darren told everyone it was his fault."

14:37 - "There's no way I can tamper" with the information on iPhones, says Moller.

14:35 - Moller explains what the IMEI number is: it's the serial number of the device. Each cellphone has its own unique number.

14:33 - The court looks at a screen showing the application Moller used to extract the data.

14:31 - Moller looked at 343 pages includ chats saved on Reeva's phone which were messages between OP and Reeva. There are ten pages of messages which are relevant for the court. They've been handed to the court.

14:29 - Moller also got emails from the devices.

Moller: When I extracted the information I identified two different accounts created in Reeva's name

14:27 - Printed Whatsapp messages applicable to this case, says Moller. His tone is light, friendly. 

14:26 - Moller says with iPhones you "jailbreak the device". "You remove the ability to only upload/install Apple regulated software." This means they could recover deleted information from the device...

14:25 - Moller: On Reeva's data - it would have resulted in 2 688 pages being printed out - not worth printing.

14:23 - Moller received detailed billing from Vodacom for Reeva Steenkamp's number and two of OP's phones. 

Moller explains you link cellphone to computer through cable, bluetooth or infra red - and can extract data saved on device.

14:22 - Moller: The SIM cards in the Blackberries had been SIM-swapped.

14:21 - Moller: BlackBerries hadn't been used for three months prior to incident. 

14:20 - Police need to obtain a warrant to get data, records off phones from service providers.

Moller - I received three sets of detailed billing from service provider - this rang alarm bells because had applied for 4 numbers

14:18 - Moller: At the time I was under the impression that this was the accused only phone.

14:17 - Moller explaining his procedure when it comes to investigating cellphones. Established Reeva's cell number by going through OP's last dialled numbers. Did the same with Reeva's phone.

14:16 - Moller received four cellphones (two iPhones, two Blackberries) and two iPads. Yes, says Moller, plus a Macbook computer.

14:15 - Nel goes through list of evidence items Moller received from Botha. This includes iPhones and iPads.

14:15 - Moller is the captain in SAPS working in tech support centre at head office. 

14:12 - Stipp excused. Captain Moller called. He's the Hawks cellphone analyst.

Annette Stipp grimaces comically as she leaves the stand, says reporter Rebecca Davis.

14:11 - Nel's tone is lighter, friendlier.

Stipp confirms her testimony that the lights were on when she first "shots" were heard. She says screaming was milliseconds later.

14:11 - If you lie there in bed, can you see OP's bathroom window, asks Nel. Stipp: Yes.

14:10 - Nel: In the album, exterior photo of your house, you can see bedside table and bed Stipp: That's correct...

14:09 - Oldwadge concludes with Stipp. Nel is back. 

14:08 - Oldwadge: "You said first and second volleys sounded the same...however, it's strange you called it 'plofgeluide', thuds..."

He questions Stipp's description of second sounds as "plof" noises. He says the word translates as "thud". She disagrees.

14:07 - Stipp: "I've done memory retraining with clients and I think memory is also emotion-related." Oldwadge: "Memory is fallible?"
"Some,"she says.

14:06 - "I dont recall holding the curtain open," Stipp says.

14:04 - And an odd request from Oldwage - he wants to see Stipp's watch bracelet. Now shows that it was her hand that was holding open the curtain in the bedroom when the photo was taken on 1 May 2013.

"This is yet again a mistake on your part..." - Oldwadge

14:03 - Stipp says she wasn't in the room when the photos of her bedroom were taken on 1 May 2013. She was in the house.

14:02 - Oldwadge is still cross-examining Stipp. He is asking about the timing of the written statement to police and the timing of the photo in bedroom.

14:01 - Court restarts. 

13:03 - Today marks the beginning of Week 4 of the Oscar Pistorius Trial. Keep up with what happens in court via daily highlights packages in the video gallery -

13:01 - State prosecutor Gerrie Nel's cross examination of Oscar Pistorius is vital as he was the only witness to the event says criminal law expert William Booth. All the other witnesses are only giving circumstantial evidence. Watch.

13:00 - Court adjourns for lunch

12:57 - Oldwadge now referring to Stipp's testimony and how she described the shots differently...Afrikaans 'slae'...which she understood to be gunshots...and plof geluide. Stipp says its a bit of semantics. Stipp didn't pay too much attention to the descriptive words. 

12:55 - Court shown the photo of the window looking out from Stipp's bedroom with the curtain tied back. Oldwadge suggests that the curtain would obscure opening in the door.

12:53 - Oldwadge again requests times in relation to sequence of events. Stipp maintains she cannot.

12:53 - Court back in session

12:45 - Oldwadge asks for a 5 minute adjournment to consult with OP. Masipa grants his request.

12:44 - Oldwadge asking about the set-up in the court buildings during week 1 of court proceedings. Stipp says they were for witnesses with two NPA officials.

12:42 - Oldwadge now refers to the event in March this year...Stipp says it sounded like a male screaming at different pitches.

12:40 - Oldwadge says he is lost as Stipp explains how many shots were heard between her and her husband.

12:39 - Stipp did not discuss with her husband how many calls were made to was not of importance.

12:36 - According to Oldwadge Stipp and her husband made the same mistake in saying that the first call to security did not go through. Masipa interjects saying that Stipp is only quoting the mistake that she heard from her husband.

12:35 - Oldwadge sighing heavily and repeating earlier questions...

12:33 - Oldwadge: where were you when you heard the shots? Stipp repeats the sequence of events.

12:31 - Oldwadge questions Stipp on the succession of shots [or loud sounds]. Oldwadge puts it to Stipp whether she could reconcile the 'gunshots' with cricket bat shots. Stipp has a problem with the quick succession.

12:30 - 

12:26 - Oldwadge back to the lights in the small window. According to OP the lights were not working. Oldwadge asks Stipp if she is willing to make a reasonable concession considering her husband's testimony.

12:24 - Oldwadge asking about the domestic helper one Ms Mkhwanazi. Wants to know whether the state will call her to the stand.

12:22 - Oldwadge reading security guard Baba's testimony. Stipp's husband could not get through the first time.

12:18 - Oldwadge now questioning about when her husband made the phone call to security...the sequence of events to the balconies. Stipp cannot estimate time spans. OP looking at Stipp as Oldwage speaks.

12:16 - Roux sitting with his eyes closed and face raised to the ceiling in the defence counsel benches.

12:12  - At the last shot things became quiet. Stipp: shouts quietened down and stopped after the third shot. Oldwadge disagrees that it is factually incorrect. Masipa wants to know what about it is factually incorrect..."you can argue that at the end of your case," says Masipa.

12:11 - Stipp agrees that she may have had a lapse of memory.

12:10 - Masipa wants to know from Oldwage whether we are talking about dogs barking or what...Oldwage moves along.

12:08 - Oldwadge: this is not the first time that the witness's memory failed. Nel maintains his objection that dogs did not bark and that Oldwage's first assertion is not valid.

12:05 - Oldwadge puts to Stipp that it is the second time that her recollection is not that good. Nel objects that it is not the second time...Oldwadge says he believes that he has struck a nerve. Masipa says they should start again.

12:03 - Oldwadge now aggressive and raising his tone. The piece of evidence refers to Stipp saying that she saw a man walking across the room. Stipp says that the point had been discussed with the prosecution. Oldwadge drilling her on why she decided to sign the document.

12:01 - Oldwadge points out a part as false..."here we have something reduced to writing in the context of your observation we have now found not to be true".

12:00 - Oldwadge refers to something peculiar in the statement...something is scratched out with an initial. Oldwage suggests that something about that part of the statement was discussed.

11:56 - Oldwadge asks whose handwriting appears on the statement. Stipp: Capt. van Aardt.

11:55 - "I heard a woman screaming whereafter I went to the balcony"....

11:54 - Oldwadge reading from Stipp's statement in Afrikaans and then translating into English.

11:52 - Statement was taken prior to photographs taken from their bedroom window.

11:51 - Stipp admits that she signed the document with a factually incorrect point.

11:50 - Oldwadge emphasizes that it was done under oath. Oldwage seems to be setting Stipp up for something....

11:47 - Stipp made her statement in Afrikaans. Stipp was in possession of a copy of her statement. Oldwadge reading parts of the statement.

11:45 Stipp: last shot, last sound. Stipp only made one written statement to the police. Oldwadge hands her statement.

11:43 - Oldwadge would like to understand the time interval between the screaming and the sounds. Stipp: after initial shots I heard a female screaming then male and female prior to the second set of shots. Female screaming continued up until the second set of shots.

11:42 - Stipp absolutely sure the loud screaming was that of a female. Pitch and voice Stipp confirms. 

11:40 - Court re-starts.

11:14 - See all the latest pictures from day 14 of Oscar Pistorius's trial here.
11:13 - Court adjourns for tea
11:12 - Oldwadge asks Judge Masipa for a tea adjournment.
11:10 - Oldwadge reading Mr Stipp's testimony and highlighting the discrepancy regarding whether a small left side window light was on. Oldwage says this is an important point.."this is critical".
11:09 - Oldwadge takes a moment to confer with lead counsel Barry Roux.
11:07 - Oldwadge focussing on a smaller left side window and referring to Stipp's husband's testimony re: the intensity of lights.
11:06 - Oldwadge questioning Stipp about open windows at OP's house. Court now viewing photographs.
11:06 - And we're back...
11:04 - Technical difficulties with live broadcast
10:59 - Stipp's husband could not get through to police. He left the house before 03:30. Came back at 04:20 and explained what happened.

10:56 - Oldwadge puts it to Stipp that in fact only four shots were fired. Stipp says she might have missed while she was talking to her husband. Oldwage making suggestions about her state of high alert. 
10:54 - Stipp stood on the balcony longer than her husband. Three further shots followed as she re-entered the house. Her husband told her to take cover because "those are also gunshots".
10:52 - 21 Feb 2014....what did you hear. Stipp: two voices arguing. Oldwadge questioning about sound tests...
10:49 - Oldwadge raising his voice to a crescendo about the possibility of hearing other sounds only to have Stipp respond that she did not have a dog at that time.
10:46 - Stipp only heard screaming from the initial three shots...from one person..a woman. Stipp says she is 100% absolutely convinced that it was a female. On the bigger balcony she heard continued female screams as well as a man scream. There were two definite differences in the pitches of the voices.
10:44 - Oldwadge raising his voice as he disputes Stipps version of time [that she spent time in the room before going to the balcony].
10:43 - Oldwadge asks Stipp not to interrupt him as he tests Stipp's version of times.
10:42 - Oldwadge puts to Stipp the importance of time and sequence of events. Stipp spent ten minutes on the balcony.
10:41 - Stipp's husband wanted to help in the event that it could have been a family murder.
10:39 - Oldwadge now asking about vantage points on the balconies. Stipp says the views are mostly the same and she's not exactly she where they stood.
10:37 - Stipp admits that she and her husband were traumatised by the events. Oldwadge asks if her emotions were at a state of high alertness. Stipp agrees.

10:35 - Stipp and Oldwadge debate at length about the times at which they moved balcony to balcony...moments? 3-4min? Stipp does not budge and does not commit a time saying "I was not wearing a watch".
10:33 - Stipp heard screams and went onto a smaller balcony after which she and her husband went to a bigger balcony to get a better view of the incident.
10:28  - Oldwadge asks about a bedside lamp...were they on or off? Stipp: off. Oldwage asks about street lighting and asks in an aggressive tone why somebody is holding the curtains back in the photo if there are tie backs. "Is it to get a better view of our client's home?"

10:25 - The court referred to a photograph of the Stipp bedroom looking to the outside. Oldwadge asking whether Stipp had a clear viewpoint to the windows. Stipp: I do....the whole second floor's lights were on.
10:23 - Oldwadge trying to establish which part of the bed Stipp was sitting before she got up. She says she sat closer to the top of the bed.
10:21 - Stipp then got out of bed to see what was happening. Oldwadge: at that stage you did not have the faintest clue about what was going on, but you say you saw lights on. Stipp: correct.

10:20 - Stipp: then the screaming of the female started...screaming was loud and was not muffled.
10:18 - Oldwadge stops Stipp mid-sentence...Stipp was lying down when she asked her husband what the sounds were. Her husband answered immediately.

10:15 - Oldwadge tells the court that it has been established that Stipp had discussed the number of shots in the initial set of shots. Stipp disagrees.
10:13 - No time period elapsed between Stipp asking what the sounds were and her husband answering. 
10:12 - Oldwadge asking about levels of alertness...Nel objects that Stipp has already answered.
10:11 - Stipp: prior to the gunshots I was fully awake. Stipp and Oldwadge having a spat about her clock's accuracy.
10:09 - Stipp asked her husband what the 'bang' sounds were...he said gunshots. Oldwadge would like to establish the exact sequence of Stipp's movements on the morning in question.
10:06 - Oldwadge asking about whether Stipp has heard other versions of the event. Oldwage confirms that Stipp has heard other versions. Oldwage very aggressive at this stage.
10:05 - Oldwadge asks whether Stipp discussed the case with her husband. Stipp: naturally, it was a traumatic event...I did not follow it religiously.
10:04 - Adv. Oldwadge called for cross examination of the witness.
10:03 - Nel asking whether Stipp knew other neighbours that have taken the witness stand. Stipp: no.
10:00 - Stipp did not know OP was involved with the shooting and only found out....her domestic worker also heard female screams at around 03:00 and thought it could have been a baby. Stipp discovered later that day that OP was involved. 
9:58 - Stipp says they heard arguing on 21 February this year again. Nel asks whether the screams were similar to the morning of 14 feb. Stipp: No
9:56 - 

9:55 - Stipp: lights were on and a window was open in the house

9:53 - The court sees photos of the Stipp residence balconies and what they could have open or not?
9:52 - Stipp: I also heard a male voice screaming. Nel: your husband said he saw a man walking past the window. Nel asks Stipp to describe the sequence of male-female screams.
9:51 - Security arrived at the Stipp house where they told security to go to the house where the lights were on.
9:50 At 03:17 we heard three more shots. Stipp's husband tried calling security. Judge Masipa asks Stipp to speak slower.
9:48 - Stipp: moments after the shots I heard a lady screaming..terrified, terrified screaming...the screaming didn't stop...I said to my husband it sounds like a family murder because why else would a woman be screaming.
9:47 - Some empty seats in court this morning...Nel referring Stipp to photographs...a photo taken from her bedroom from her side of the bed. Nel asks her to verify what she saw.
9:46 - 03:02 that morning she woke up because she was fluish...she heard what she thinks was gunshots.
9:44 - Stipp is an occupational therapist doing medico-legal work. She describes the evening of the shooting as normal and going to bed at 10pm
9:42 - Adv Roux presents an exhibit two to the court. Nel calls to the witness stand Anette Stipp to be sworn in.

9:41 - Adv Nel detailing mobile phones and iPads that have been ceased.
9:41 - Court resumes on Day 14 of the Oscar Pistorius trial
9:39 - Reporters have tweeted that Pistorius' neighbour and radiologist Dr Stipp and his wife are in court. Suggestions that she may be called to testify.
9:32 - eNCA's Karyn Maughn  has described a "very serious-looking conversation between Barry Roux and Gerrie Nel. Roux gesturing, looks cross".

9:13 - Oscar Pistorius trial - what we know so far:

Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath takes a look at the prosecution's case in the first two-and-a-half weeks of Oscar Pistorius's trial. Watch a summary of the case so far.

9:06 - "Oscar Pistorius just entered court. After his legal team arrived. He is chatting to his aunt as his lawyers get ready," tweets Sapa. Followed by "June Steenkamp, Reeva Steenkamp's mother just walked into the courtroom. She is seated next to members of the ANCWL".
8:58 - 

8:54 - "Reeva Steenkamp's friend Gina Myers and her mother just arrived at the High Court," tweets Sapa.
8:41 - Oscar Pistorius's Pretoria home will be sold  in a closed bid, starting at R5m. According to his lawyer, Brian Webber, the Paralympian needs to cover increasing legal costs after the trial's extension to mid-May. Read more

8:35 - Day 14 of the Oscar Pistorius trial kicks off today. EWN's Barry Bateman  has tweeted that cellphone analyst Capt. Moller is expected in the witness box - the court will delve into what was found on Oscar and Reeva's iPhones.

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